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Guide to Gems

Game of War Gem GuideGems

With around 40 gems to choose from, knowing how best to use gems can be a daunting task. Each piece of equipment can hold 3/4 gems, and once they are inserted, they are difficult to remove. It is important to make the right decision first time around.  This guide should hopefully tell you everything you need to know about gems. We will start with some basic rules:

Basic Rules of Gems:

  • Use lvl 6 gems
  • Put gems into lvl 6 gear
  • Combat gems go into combat gear, farming gems go into farming gear, etc

 And then go on to some specifics:

  • Which Gems are Best
  • Using Gems in Core/Relic Gear
  • 4th Gem Slot
  • Where to Find Gems
  • Exceptions and Additional Tips

Basic Rules of Using Gems

Use lvl. 6 gems
It is very tempting to start filling your newly crafted gear with gems. Resist the temptation. You will accumulate gems at about the same rate that you accumulate materials for your gear, so in theory you should have about the right number of lvl 6 gems to fill your lvl 6 equipment. You can use gem savers to replace your gems but these are rather expensive. If you want some nice combat boost in the meantime, build some core or relic gear (more on this later). That said, there are a few exceptions as we will see later.

Put gems into lvl. 6 gear.
As we talked about in our guide to choosing gear, combat gear should only really be built at legendary (lvl 6) level. It is important to remember that any gear below lvl 6 will almost certainly be replaced at some point which either means wasted gems, or lots of gold spent on gem savers. Again, use core/relic gear in the meantime.

Combat gems go into combat gear
It is important to match gem boosts to the items boosts. Imagine you have a silver boosting helmet with a combat gem in it and a combat helmet with a silver boosting gem in it. You can’t wear both at the same time. Hopefully you can see the dilemma. Have an all-out combat helmet for combat and all-out farming helmet for farming.

Gem Specifics

Which Gems Are the Best?

Combat Gems:
Hallows GemThis might be stating the obvious, but the best gems are the ones with the best boosts. If you have a look at our guide to combat boosts you will see that combat boosts can be divided into four tiers:

  • Tier 1 Boosts: Troop Attack, Enemy Attack Debuff
  • Tier 2 Boosts: Troop Health, Enemy Health Debuff
  • Tier 3 Boosts: Troop Defense, Enemy Defense Debuff
  • Tier 4 Boosts: Trap Boosts, Siege Boosts

So use these guideline for choosing your gems. It is worth noting that Troop Health and Troop Defense gem go up to 25%, where as Troop Attack gem only goes up to 8% boost. This makes it harder to build troop attack. If you want to add 25% total troop attack then you need one each of Infantry, Cavalry and Ranged gems.
A good solid recommendation for standard gems is to have 1 Health Gem, 1 Defense Gem, and 1 Cavalry gem (or whichever troop type you prefer). The Health Gem is generally the best standard gem. Feel free to swap the defense gem for a second troop attack gem or for one of the gems below.

There are a few other combat gems that offer a mixture of boosts:

It is worth noting that except for the Hallow’s Gem (currently the best combat gem), none of them offer notable boost levels above the standard gems. They can be used to tweak and tailor your boost preferences but you won’t get higher overall boosts by using them.
Farming and Hero Gems
winter gemThere are a number of other gems to choose from, you can see a full list here. These tend to offer some combination of the following boosts:


  • Troop Load
  • Gathering Speed
  • March Speed
  • Resource Production
  • Maximum Hero Energy
  • Hero Energy Recovery Speed
  • Hero Attack Boost

But bear in mind that you should rarely farm with your hero as it is not worth the risk of getting captured/executed. This really reduces the usefulness of Troop Load boosts and Gathering Speed Boosts. Also resource boost gems are very rare.

Using Gems in Core/Relic Gear

This is a very powerful and underutilised part of the game. When a core or relic item is used up, the Gems fall out and are returned to you. This can make cores and relics incredibly powerful even at very low levels. For example take a look at this lvl 1 Core:


Lvl 1 cores with gems are easily a match for many level 6 items.

Considering how about abundant low level cores are, this is a very powerful tactic that should be utilised whilst you are waiting for a full set of combat gear. You can, for example, easily craft two complete sets of lvl 1-3 core gear before every KvK  or KE filled with gems for a fuge boost to your combat stats. There really is no reason not to.

4th Slot Gems

By default, all equipment can hold 3 gems. However, by completing some (rather lengthy) research in the crafting tree, you can unlock a 4th gem slot. The only gems that can go into this slot are the star shaped gems. Here is a quick overview of the current Gems for the 4th Gem Slot:

4th slot gems let you achieve higher total boosts with your gear as well having more control over your boost selection (e.g. you can focus on troop health by having a troop health gem and a candy cane gem). They are however quite rare and the research to unlock the 4th gem slot is lengthy. Whilst the Hades Gem and Prophecy Gem are interesting ideas, in practice you would nearly always just prefer the extra boosts from one of the other gems.

Where to Find Gems

The good news is that you don’t have to spend money to get hold of standard gems. Acquiring them early on is slow going but things speed up dramatically as your alliance increases in power. The two best bits of advice are probably a) spend as much loyalty as possible on daily chances – they are the most cost effective way of getting gems and b) get yourself into as good as alliance as possible. The alliance you are in makes a huge difference based on a) the quantity and level of monsters they are killing (they higher the better!) and b) gift level. Once your alliance reaches around Gift Level 16 the quality and quantity of gems really ramps up.  Other than that, Gems come from essentially the same places as materials. The standard gems are relatively easy to get a hold of, the seasonal gems less so and the monster gems can be very tricky to acquire. I would recommend reading the guide to finding materials for more info.

Exceptions and Additional Tips

As with all rules, there are always exceptions – here are some of them:

gem saverGem Savers

Simple gem savers can rescue a level 1-2 gem from a piece of equipment. They only cost 60,000 loyalty each. This makes it very easy to reuse low level gems and is a good reason to full your equipment with level 1-2 gems whilst you are saving for your level 6s. The boosts will be small at this level so consider it optional but it is worth bearing in mind. Saving  a level 3-4 gem is substantially more expensive at 2kg gold each and a level 5-6 gem costs 4k gold each.

Combining Gems

Don’t rush into combining all of your gems at once. If you are building core and relic gear you will want enough gems to fill all your gem slots. 3 x lvl 5 gems offers much higher boosts than 1 x lvl 6 gem.

Using Lvl.5 and lower gems

As with most things in Game of War there are no hard and fast rules. If you craft a lvl. 5 Hell Vent Helm it’s hard to argue there is anything wrong with sticking lvl 6 gems in there. Similarly if you have managed to get hold of a rare lvl. 5 gem that you aren’t going to be able to upgrade anytime soon then better to put them to use than let them sit unused in your inventory. Same goes to those of you that don’t mind spending 2-4k gold on a gem saver. Rules are there to broken!

MZ are adding new gems all the time which will continue to increase the range of options available to you. In general though, as long as you are putting gems with decent boosts into decent equipment (of a similar boost type) you can’t go too far wrong!


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  6. Are the gem of protection (rally attack debuff) useful for defending? Or are they generally designed for use in wonder battles?

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      I use a couple of them on my rally trap. I haven’t tested them specifically in controlled conditions but I think they work quite well.

    • It will work, but you should consider embedding with bulwark, defense, trickster, honor, shadow, minotaur, hallows or gem of courage before, as all those gems are better than protection. In addition, protection gem only applies when you are rallied, not when you are soloed.

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    Hello, great site it has been invaluable to me. I am curious if there are any opinions on which type of gem chest is the best one to purchase in large quantities. The common gem chest, uncommon gem chest, rare gem chest, or the epic gem chest?

    • Profile photo of concettalaplante@yahoo.com

      I have bought all the above and really don’t see much difference in the gems you get. It seems to me you would be better off spending those loyalty points on daily chances as you get gems, materials and resources there rather than just gems.

    • Profile photo of Lubears

      Use copper in the bazaar on the epic gem chests that are offered several days a week. easy way to build up gems over time.

  9. when making cores. if defense is low should i add defence gems such as elite and reg defense or just concentrate on attack and heath…. secondly would it be ideal to only use attack and health gems on defensive gear or should debuff gems such as shadow gems be used..

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  11. I really can’t agree on the Hallows gem for attack gear. Generallly you are attacking with one troop type at the highest levels. Having a level 6 Cav gem, level 6 Health Gem, level 6 Gem of Torment and a level 6 Dragonfire would be the ultimate set up for attacking with Cav. Beats the crap out of using the gem set up you suggest on the top attack gems page. Not bashing just saying the consideration for the one troop type would differ based on the gem and the troop type.

  12. what kind of gems go in monster gear

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Using Jester’s Gem, Fire Gem, Cyclops Gem or Hydra Gem you will give you the benefits to complement the gear. The special gem is personal preference however some player fill that slot with a falling star gem.

  13. Anyone ever have a problem embedding gems. One of our guys is getting a message saying ‘no gems’ when he tried to embed….he has loads! Thanks

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    Gems for Combat Gear very helpful. Would you consider doing same for research, monster, and troop training? Thanks

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  18. Hallows Gems are the best attack gems in the game? Half of its bonus in Defense? I’d take Rose (Attack, Heath) and Father Time (Attack, Heath Debuff) before them.

  19. does anyone know where to find figure of courage?

  20. Hi Thomas, I’m not expert but if you plan on leading an attack on a wonder then having a pre-set for attacking cores and another for defending cores might be useful. As this website suggests, it’s better to attack with one troop type with all the gear/gems set up for that troop type than using a mixture so I have created a preset for ranged/cavalry/infantry too. If you are flush with pre-sets from your alliance store (they cost 1K gold otherwise) then perhaps have a set for monsters hunting, one for research/building and another for training troops/traps. Just my thoughts. Twigglet.

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    As always great site!!

  26. a L4 troop boost gem also outclasses most reg L6 gems in overall boosts

  27. also, I believe a L5 hallows or spring is better than any normal L6 gem

  28. you stated that the 4th gem slots are diamond shaped gems and they are they are actually star shaped gems that can only be inserted there.

  29. Hello, how do you use the gem saver. As a new player I rushed ahead and filled them up. I have five low level gem savers.

    • if you have low lvl gem, probably gears are low lvl too 🙂 So no need to use gem picker. What said here is more related to lvl50 gears i think. Yeah, and lvl6 gems is not so easy to come by, lvl5 is good enough

  30. MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

    I would suggest a slight edit. Currently the article starts out stating you should ONLY use Level 6 gems,then farther down lists multiple exceptions which can lead to confusion,and looks contradictory to the untrained eye. 1st suggestion would be to change the wording to MOSTLY Level 6 Gems,which naturally transitions into the exceptions section. 2nd suggestion would be,if choosing to keep the original ONLY wording, to explicitly state that advice is for PERMANENT Gear,as it currently only implies it,which is less helpful to newer players,as they are less likely to figure that out on their own based on context. Although i still think ONLY is the wrong modifier,its like using Always/Never ,which is rarely the case.

    Keep up the great work, Slaggy. Your articles are well written and highly useful.keep them coming. I only wish you placed well in Google Results I wouldnt have had to wait until a friend told me about this site,to find it! A simple Blog ,could be as simple as merely announcing new articles/ coming articles, should help you place much higher,and get a broader audience . This is my go-to site now,used to Be RealTips, but the author is switching to paid format ( influenced by MZ? Lol)

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, thanks for the feedback and I agree with your comments – I’ll update the article. And yes – Google ranking takes time but seem to be heading in the right direction. Have been on the first page temporarily but then a major news site writes a new article and I get bumped down again!

  31. For a lesser spender or a player in a new kingdom, the advice to only use lvl 6 gems is off. 4 level 5 health gems will give you 80% health boost while 1 level 6 health gem will give you 25% health boost. There is an economics factor to conisder while combining. You will find your self in a similar situation with pieces after you unlock 6th piece slot. If you want to be able to craft many many cores with 6 pieces, I can’t suggest combing past level 4 unless you plan on spending just to sustain your pieces. Thousands of core and piece chests can hardly sustain using all level 6 pieces on 6 piece cores. Reading this article, lesser infromed members may find themselves with 1 or 2 level 6 health gems when they could have 8 level 5 health gems and much more health!

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, I have just updated the Where to Find Gems section based on this. Of course 3 x lvl 5 gems offers higher boosts than 1 x lvl 6 but this doesn’t necessarily mean you should put them in your equipment and then have to spend 12k gold down the line to remove them. It’s one of the reasons why using core gear in the interim is such a strong tactic – you get to put all your gems to use without needing any gem savers. I do take your point about the economics of it, but in theory if a player is not crafting combat gear until hero level 50 then they ‘should’ have a reasonable number of gems by then.

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