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Guide to Our Equipment Reviews

Inside Game of War Gear Reviews

There is an awful lot of equipment in Game of War and it can be very difficult to choose which ones to build. Our review system is designed to help you decide which ones are worth your hard earned materials. In addition to this overview, please also read our beginner’s guide to choosing gear.

And see here for our full list of Reviews

Here is a brief summary of review criteria.

Inside Game of War Equipment Review Criteria:


This describes what the equipment will be used for. There main uses are:

  • Combat – Attacking: The item has combat boosts with a focus on one troop type. When attacking, it is generally better to attack with just one troop type.
  • Combat – Defensive: This item has combat boosts with a focus on multiple troop types as generally you always defend with multiple troop types.
  • Combat – Rally Leading: This item has combat boosts with a focus on leading rallies. This primary means it has boosts useful for attacking very large targets.
  • Siege: An item that boosts your siege attack for the purpose of destroying traps.
  • Economy: Gear that is good for your economy, normally with a focus on Research or Construction.
  • Farming: Boosts for resource production or gathering. Often useful for farm heros.
  • Monster Killing: Gear that will be used for killing monster


Very simple, the higher the boosts better. We compare it to other similar items and give each boost an overall ranking .

For combat gear we also look at the total of all combat boosts added together to allow it to be compared to other combat equipment. For example an item with +100% cavalry attack and +100% troop health will have a total combat boost of +200%.


This looks at how well the boosts go together. For example having resource production boosts on the same item as combat boosts is a waste. Ideally you want all boosts to support the purpose of the gear mentioned above.

Also, some boosts just aren’t very useful. For example Trap Defense just isn’t as useful as Trap Attack on combat gear.


This looks at how expensive it is (silver) as well how easy the materials are to find. The easiest items to build are ones that use all standard materials. The hardest are the ones that need rare special event materials from multiple events.

The silver costs are categorised as follows:

5 Star: 0-10m

4 Star: 10-25m

3 Star 3: 25-75m

2 Star: 75-150m

1 Star: 150m


And materials :

5 Star: All standard materials

4 Star: Mix of standard and seasonal materials

3 Star: All seasonal or mix of all three

2 Star: Mix of rare and seasonal

1 Star: All rare materials

See our guide to finding materials for more info.


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