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Guide to Combat Boosts – Coming Tomorrow

I have nearly finished a head to head comparison of all 6 combat boosts in Game of War. It should be ready tomorrow. combat boosts

It will hopefully be  a big step towards us having an objective way of comparing boosts and better informing our equipment choices.

I will also be launching the Battle Forum – a place to discuss all things combat related where hopefully we can all work together to crack the Game of War combat Math once and for all. I think we’re pretty close!

This is now live – check it out here



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    I have noticed in the boosts that there is troop boost and say cav boost. does this mean that you get an overall boost + cav boost? I was noticing it in the accessories o fire age gear. They all have troop and strategic troop boost plus a specific boost. I am probably answering my own question but oh well, never hurts to clarify hey?

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