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Grant Gifts to Your Allies

Hail, warriors,

Even the most gifted in battle does not win every fight alone. Chances are that in your many wars,
you’ve come to make many new friends that you trust. Now, empower those who fight alongside you
with Giftable and Jackpot chests. Any items with the designation of “Giftable” can be sent to whoever
you choose from your Alliance.

How do you share the wealth? Start by getting Giftable items from specially marked Sales Packs, Event
Prizes, and occasionally from Athena Gifts! Use the item from My Items, select your Alliance member
from Select Gift Recipient, and you are ready to send things over. Include a custom message to
congratulate them or give them words of counsel for the next battle! Both recipient and sender will get
in-game Mail-in Reports to confirm the delivery.

Your friends have gotten you out of many a scary situation, not it’s time to return the favor with an
added boost of strength and supplies! In addition, many special events will allow you to earn points to
help give and receive some of those rare and valuable Giftable items.


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