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  1. Profile photo of WarriorSid

    can someone help me with getting higher troop training que. I have 6 lvl 375 barrack but have 1.23 kttt max que. All other are getting around 5mttt.

  2. Profile photo of THEALLBLACKS

    What I am also concerned about is why should we pay to be a premium member. I don’t know about you guys but I have spent well over what I should of spent and spending more on info that should be available to all sux.

  3. Profile photo of Jermagicstick

    Please SHARE NOTE BELOW in your alliance and KC!

    Please Join the Fight Back!

    We will be having a “30 day shields up, no buying packs”, FIGHT BACK against M Z from May 21st – June 19th. The next month we will be mobilizing to get as many alliances and kingdoms backing this fight back! If you are tired of raising prices, false advertisements, glitches and not working with their players, please JOIN US and Spread the word!! We need everyones help to mobilize, contact me if interested. Also find me on line app, we have a group that is growing everyday. 72 Kingdoms have joined so far!

    HOTH Diplomat
    Kingdom: Yvesier 886
    Lineapp: peaceplace11

  4. Profile photo of Marc Moses

    the alliance szme needs to be removed from the game of war server they are OP, sexual, and offensively discriminate players

  5. Loky i spent 40$ in total and i am 1.8 trillion power only because i got zeroed twice….

  6. Profile photo of icelord

    Warning read before spending money in the game. MZ mad major changes to my account make the value of it go down and they refuse to fix it and give a refund. Here is the response they sent me when I asked about changes made to my account.

    Terms of Service for Game of War, and more specifically your account, were changed without notice. First and foremost the Terms of Service are located here:


    It does not specifically address changes to your individual account nor specific in-game features such as the Banner of Questing. It’s important to keep in mind that the game will change and evolve over time, and nowhere in the Terms of Service does it guarantee that the functionality of features such as the Banner of Questing will remain static. When and if changes to the game are necessary to balance gameplay we do our best to inform all players of the change, but are not obligated to do so, as “MZ services are provided ‘as is'” per Section 12 of our Terms of Service.


  7. Profile photo of bloodybaron9

    why is it that nothing is loading for me like recipes or anything really

  8. When i load my game it will not load ful screen and i am not able to log in i have a screen shot just need to know where to send the SS to. Thatnks for helping

  9. Profile photo of jipsie

    surprisingly enough as soon as i posted my previous issue it was fixed by the time i got back to the builder lol nice thanx

  10. Profile photo of jipsie

    still haveing issues with the core builder, has adjusted so you can actually choose pieces now but once you do the items chart takes up the whole screen and you can only choose the top 6 pieces and can not scroll through the rest of the items, been about 3 weeks since i have been able to properly use the core builder so can we possibly get a fix on this asap please and much appreciated 😉

  11. Profile photo of kalegongamer

    the core builder tool seems to be malfunctioning. it wont let me choose a core . anyone else having this? I can load pieces just fine.

  12. Profile photo of Mblier

    Trying to properly set up the hero skill presets, is there a link somewhere that has information to help?

  13. Members of my alliance are always talking about attack, defense, def debuff and other stats? How do they come up with those numbers. When i look at my gear or cores i don’t even come close to what they get. I’m sure it depends on research as most stuff does. Just wondering how they come up those numbers.

  14. What happened to the boost finder tool? 404 error

  15. Profile photo of Glitch

    You guys keep track of leading stats . What’s the record for troops hospitalized? I have an account that just broke a billion. It’s under 200 mill power too. Just curious if I’m close plz let me know if you have this category

  16. Who is the biggest player unspent? I m 7.8 bill


    My packs purchased and really had shit to grow up lol

    LOKY 328-SOLON

  17. Profile photo of mwtexan13@icloud.com

    MZ posted a great, or so we thought, sale the day before memorial day weekend. It was for up to 10 offers, each one with a bonus getting bigger each time. The offer stated that if you buy 4 packs, the next pack will be 90% off. In addition you get bonuses including 3 million gold, 10k rss and 10 k speed ups on first buy and more, going up each time you buy a sale. We were all very excited in our kingdom. Many of us partook of this seemingly wonderful opportunity that we had never seen before. I bought my first 4, got my 5th @ 90% off, bought my next 4 but did not get the offer nor the bonuses. I started writing mz. They finally responded with the fact that I did get my first offer, but neglected to say anything about the bonuses. Refused to acknowledge the second 90% deal as well. Well, after many mails back and forth, including the one where they acknowledged that I did get the first offer, finally came back today and said it was for the weekend before. I went back and read carefully that it indeed was. I should have read more carefully. But why read more carefully when you get the blog right before memorial day when you expect a big sale, that you have never seen before? I have pointed this out to them and have even replied today with their acknowledgement that I did receive the first offer. I doubt they will do anything else. They have just turned into a greedy corporation. I regret ever giving them one cent. Buyer beware, I guess they will screw everyone of us until they have no more players as I see my friends leave every day. I also put in this mail that I have sent straight through to mz and through the game, that 10 packs, while seemingly give you more, really do not amount to what one pack did a year ago. one research costing 15 billion of each rss for example, and as here in this website there is an article that it is extremely hard these days to build gear, specifically the new monster or dungeon this site has written about, can’t remember which.
    I would like to say that this site is amazing. I have written and they always write back with suggestions, or laughing along with me in the situations that arise.
    But like I said, mz is ripping us off more and more each day, they are not even taking care of the promises that were made last year after the conquerer of the kingdom for, if I remember right, 2 years, organized a strike. I don’t get replies for up to two months now. They claim they are still working on one issue after a month has passed but I have not heard back from them. A;l of this after hiring so many new associates to help with ALL these problems. I guess these new associates, the new buildings, the new servers, were actually meant to create new items every other week that can kill all previous gear, and impossible researches unless you spend thousands of dollars.
    So, I offer again, buyer beware when dealing with mz, they have quit caring about what they do in this game a long time ago and don’t seem to have any plans to make things better in the future.
    Madman Fury

    • I know the feeling. I got zeroed by a few low life’s that wouldn’t hit me while i was online. Instead they waited for me to go offline, snake their way into r5. Then they passed leadership to me after soloing the wonder to make my shield drop. One of them is the same person that’s said absolute horrible things to my friends such as “he’d rape their 6 yr old little girl” or continously call me a n*gger and tell me I should be strung up. Still he goes on playing and after a dozen different times reporting him and lord knows how many other people in the kingdom, nothing has been done. They’ve got a product that they could run for years. Killing the trap game in a sense. Unbelievable how many packs you have to buy now to unlock gear and yet people continue to spend and then complain. Guess the only way to get mz’s attention is hit what means the most to them. Outside of making friends and meeting some really great people, I wish I’d never downloaded this game. Million dollars a day and the lag still can’t be fixed? Lol

  18. Leighton aspinall

    I got report of a 142bil being zeroed

  19. You should publish an article on “special” ancient kingdoms. “Special” ancient kingdoms are ancient kingdoms that MZ does not allow anyone to port to.

  20. Slaggy, recently there was testing that “definitively” showed the nerf ratios as 6.99:1 for t2:t3. My concern as a small solo trapper is that when I read the testing parameters the testing was done on a SH21 with t4 unlocked. As a small trapper it has always concerned me that no one publishes testing on small solo traps (SH 15-18). Me and my buddies in my alliance decided to test once and for all the 6.99:1 nerf ratio. I think this testing is valuable for every small solo trap in the game today. It confirms that the 6.99:1 ratio is valid regardless of t4 being unlocked. I can provide ss of battle reports of you would be interested in publishing. I hope you will publish his info for all of us small trappers trying to survive in this evolving game of war.

  21. Think you could do an article on the updated research for the explorer dungeon? I would like to see how much research power you get from the trees. Thank you in advance.

  22. Please update your GOW leader-boards. I never see #452 on their. Harvcik33 is 91B and deserves recognition Octavia #452

  23. Anyone sorted the issue with VM and the black screen

  24. If anyone uses VirtualBox Android, have they managed to get Game of War working again, mine won’t work, goes to blank screen

    • Hi Run. Two of my GoW friends and I are also having this issue. One thinks it has to do with the new standby feature in the newest update. I have another friend who is a computer tech guy looking into it, but no success as of now. Hope one of us can find an answer for all of us. Oh, by the way, I also read somewhere on the internet that maybe MZ has stopped allowing the game to work with emulators. MZ knows which device being used is an emulator. Good luck.

  25. Research info on Base Set (5) Core Accessory level 7-8. 1059d 19hrs 18 min. Wood: 37812760. Ore: 29381870. Silver: 44303180. Stone: 36727340. Food: 25359140. Power: 3,164,500

  26. Research info on Base Set (5) Core Foot. 1054d 8hr 10 sec. Wood: 36766430. Ore: 29943930. Silver: 43650040. Stone: 36190250. Food: 22977380. Power:3,117,900

  27. DILPOMAT K /Rafael

    Its all in Englisch , make Germany side

  28. The research calculator is very useful. Thank you

  29. Profile photo of Jimmy Hoffa

    Just got here after many people told me about it. Love it!

  30. There are several companies that provide you with a link to post. When one of your visitors clicks on the link, you get a small sum of money in return. This could be a good addition to your site and give those that like the site a way to help support you.

  31. Mz just increased the cost of a pack in Canada by $20. The greed shines through and I for one am boycotting this game I love so much. I’ve been asking for a cheaper pack for months and now that slap me an every other Canadian by increasing it. Smh

    • MZ didn’t increase prices in Canada. I am from Canada and I can tell you that apple Canada increased the prices. If you want the same price packs use android. Apple increased prices for in-app purchases on most items some times surmounting 50%. Bottom line is MZ should not be blamed for increasing prices in Canada. If you are not a fan of increased prices the simple alternative is using android

  32. http://andyroid.net/

    Is the emulator I use to play GoW on my PC.

    Slaggy I am wanting to help compile information. Should I email you?

  33. Most people are playing from an ipad, or iphone, and the screens aren’t very large. perhaps have a blog about how to connect it to your screen on your personal PC. Just a thought.

    Pike4 Lepreum

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