You are viewing info about the Game of War Gem: Counterattack

4th Gem Slot:No

Level: 1
Wild Troop Defense Bonus: 1.5%
Troop Defense Bonus: 1.5%
Strategic Troop Defense Bonus: 1.5%
Wild Troop Attack Bonus: 1.5%
Strategic Troop Attack Bonus: 1.5%
Troop Attack Bonus: 1.5%
Level: 2
Wild Troop Defense Bonus: 3%
Troop Defense Bonus: 3%
Strategic Troop Defense Bonus: 3%
Wild Troop Attack Bonus: 3%
Strategic Troop Attack Bonus: 3%
Troop Attack Bonus: 3%
Level: 3
Wild Troop Defense Bonus: 6%
Troop Defense Bonus: 6%
Strategic Troop Defense Bonus: 6%
Wild Troop Attack Bonus: 6%
Strategic Troop Attack Bonus: 6%
Troop Attack Bonus: 6%
Level: 4
Wild Troop Defense Bonus: 9%
Troop Defense Bonus: 9%
Strategic Troop Defense Bonus: 9%
Wild Troop Attack Bonus: 9%
Strategic Troop Attack Bonus: 9%
Troop Attack Bonus: 9%
Level: 5
Wild Troop Defense Bonus: 12.5%
Troop Defense Bonus: 12.5%
Strategic Troop Defense Bonus: 12.5%
Wild Troop Attack Bonus: 12.5%
Strategic Troop Attack Bonus: 12.5%
Troop Attack Bonus: 12.5%
Level: 6
Wild Troop Defense Bonus: 17.5%
Troop Defense Bonus: 17.5%
Strategic Troop Defense Bonus: 17.5%
Wild Troop Attack Bonus: 17.5%
Strategic Troop Attack Bonus: 17.5%
Troop Attack Bonus: 17.5%


    I no you can use a map to find it , dose anyone know which one ?

  2. Where can I get Hades gems?

  3. Other than prospector gem which gives you the rss shield per gem used…. I use Golem, Gem of Flight, and Winter Gem…If going solo on Behemoth lair with Hero I substitute the prospector gems with Lucky Charm Gem.

  4. If you are using Shaman on a tile you want Frozen Health Gem set of you are using it for your SH and have over 2 bill troops go with defense gem set. Hope this helps.

  5. Really need an answer to this one too!

  6. Slaggy
    What is the gem set for prospectors please. There is so much confusion. Brave

  7. Hi, which gems are the best for shaman gear trap? Ty

  8. Have the same question

  9. Is there a new prospectors gem? It says I need a higher level prospectors gem for bohemeth rss tiles

  10. Where do I find the hero brawn gem?

  11. Where to get a Aegis gem?

  12. Where can I find elusive gems ?

  13. Where can I find the fire gem?

  14. Where can I find the silver gems?

  15. Jesters gems can be found in Super Spring chests. I’ve confirmed this. Still not sure where I can hydra gems though.

  16. ok I think the info on this gem is wrong or am I see things, it say on the game its the wisdom gem and its use for research speed and training speed so am I wrong or is this info out of date

  17. Where can I find the troop boost gem? Only in packs?

  18. pretty sure only from hyrda monsters when they spawn. not from any chests

  19. I need to know where to get hydra gems

  20. Which chests can I find elite defense gems?

  21. March speed or anything else w troop load, also good idea to use defense gems on tiles w hero

  22. What gems for prospectors gear other than prospectors gem and golem gem??

  23. Where can I get leap year gem now?

  24. Prophecy gem in 4th slot allows 2 of same level gems in the same piece.

  25. Last I checked, you cannot use two of the same gems in a gear piece.

  26. The following gems are missing:

    The following gems need clarification:
    Gem of Annihilation
    Gem of Protection

    The following gem boosts are incorrect:
    Winter Gem level 1 is not 25%
    Levels 2-6 are completely missing

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    FYI…..the defense gem disappeared from you list

  28. Wich chest have Jester gems? Can anyone tell me pls 😊

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      The jester Gems are usually an added “thank you” when you purchase packs in gold store and there is the white bannered extra gold special up the top (usually on weekends) other than there, they do pop up in infernos from time to time but i don’t believe them to be in a pack as such.

  29. Gem of Annihilation and Gem of Protection have no information included.

  30. Guys, can someone tell me what are the best 4 gems to stack on monster gear?? And best way to skill it?? I’m fully researched snd hitting world bosses at streak 40 and getting 0.55% per hit while others in same gear getting 0.68% per hit. Plz let me know

  31. Anyone use Gem of Protection or done any testing with it?

    • Only use it to debuff rally leaders rally attack research or skill tree. Unless they are running gem of annialation. Use minimally if at all

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