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Gear Update – Colossus, Hermes and Generals Gear


We have just added three new sets of equipment to the site: Colossus, Hermes and Generals Gear

Make sure you check out the updates to the Best Combat Gear List as the new Colossus Gear blows everything else out of the water for attacking.


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  1. Profile photo of Stephen

    Is green colossus set any good for a rally trap? Heard that it doesn’t stand up all that good and crafted a set for that purpose…

  2. what core set will i need to bang this gear?

  3. What is these other fireballs for they aren’t for anything in colossus gear is there another set expected?

  4. Slaggy, I have been watching the ‘best ‘ defense hero gear portion of your website. I think the colosus gear (in total) is probably the best defense gear set. vs. indivdiual. Many of the gear concentrates on attack, some of the priceces are troop specfic too. But in total I think the gear has over 500% troop attack and 500% enemy attack debuff. Which I think would make this the best combat gear as a set. Your thoughts?

  5. I have a request, though I dont know how or if youll be able to accomplish it. Can you post the stats from the Emperor gear that is won each time the Kingdom of Fire opens? In addition, could you post the stats, if any, on the tournament items that players from certain kingdoms win when their kingdom wins an MZ tournament (such as the Spring TOurnament Cup or whatever)

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