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Gear, Cores and Gems Update – Headless Horseman and Wendigo


Some new updates for you:


The Headless Horseman gear can be seen here.

The Wendigo Gear can be seen here

The updated list of Best Combat Gear is here.


The Wendigo and Headless Horseman cores have been added, check them out in the Best Cores and Pieces Tool here. Or see all Cores and Pieces here.


Three new additions have been added to the Gems page here. You can see the best Combat Gems here.


All the new materials are here.   And you can find gear to craft from the materials you have using this tool.


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  1. My game will not load how long is the game going to be down for?

  2. Profile photo of Troll

    yea, not believing the update screen…except if it is to update a crash…. jeebus…I am stunned each month when I check quicken to see what I spend on this damn game… I think I am at my limit on what I can waste on pixels….I could have bought a few nice guns or a down payment on a nice truck…shit I could have gone on one helluva vacation

  3. interesting article if others haven’t seen it:

    My thoughts –
    1) read about the translation technology before I started the game a year ago. New it was groundbreaking.

    2) Only 3% of players pay to play actively. Just thought it was an interesting stat

    3) $600M revenue in 2014, which means MZ is pulling in about $2M revenue a day. That’s a lot of packs. (not today if the game is down…)

    4) Another couple thought no one may care about than me – the comment in the article about game released in 2013 (I think). I do see how other onli8ne games have been released, but Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Game of war are still at the top. It does take a couple months (or year) for a game to gather momentum and grow, but still interesting no other newer games have rose to the top. And console game revenue is down. Are the days of paying 50.00 for a game and playing it forever over? That would suck, maybe we have to wait for virtual reality technology. This $100 per pack sucks, especially if you aren’t wealthy.

  4. MZ must be having a system crash. I don’t believe the game update screen – they have updated the game multiple times with no crash. Athena… give me a good gift – like a couple 30 day speeds.

    Btw – what have people seen as the best Athena gifts? Our Kingdom won a couple rounds in the Athena gift bracket. Got a 25M hero XP gift (with to other gifts too). That was a great tourney while we were winning. have seen 5 – 3 day speeds (I think that was 2-3 months ago), a 15 day speed (two weeks ago).

    The 10k gold is the highest gold, but 5-3day speeds or a 15 day speed are better.

  5. Is there a shot down? I’m trying to login since 5 am (it’s now 9h52am) and I still can’t login… I gave 3 accounts which shields will be down soon… can someone answer pleeeeeeease? ?????

  6. Same here, Ian. Game has been down since I checked it at 4:30am central standard time.

  7. Is the game down? I’ve tried to reload it from Apple but I’m getting a partial screen. what’s going on MZ need to get a little bit better at this. and inside of the game you should even have an article on this by now . game is down what’s going on to inform people

  8. Is the game down for everyone? It has been down over 2 hours for me.

  9. Sounds like you were a victim of a GB and they are not nice to traps.

  10. Iceman October 26, 2015 at 4:58 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I apologize in advance, this will be a rant that will be difficult to write. Not for a lack of words, but for the fact that I will be trying,my best, to exclude a string of expletives that describe my overall feelings towards MZ. To begin with, I got zeroed. Big deal, its happened before, and will probably happen again. Here is my issue. My account was being turned into a trap. The kvk was a tiered event, heavily favoring traps. My wife and I, sitting side by each, watching my SH, and hoping for somebody to come to attack. She was shielded on her account, and I was just waiting. We then noticed what appeared to be a march or two leaving my sh. They took a few paces, then disappeared. I asked her if she saw them, and she said she hasn’t, but she had released a hero. No worries then, I wasn’t on fire, screen wasn’t red. My power and kills hadn’t changed. To top it off I had no reports, so it must be a glitch. Suddenly I look, and I have 26 reports, still no worries, no fire, no red screen, kills power unchanged. I decided to look at the reports. I was attacked 16 times, scouted at least 6 times. All while I watched! My wife looked up from her tablet and said that there is nobody near us, and saw nothing. I still was not burning, nor had my kills or power changed. I nervously re loaded my game. Lo and behold, I am zeroed! Still no fires, but now my power dropped and kills went up. When I contacted mz to ask how this was possible they said basically oh well you must not be paying attention, and there is nothing we will do for you! NOT PAYING ATTENTION!! Excuse me. Two people watching on two different devices, and seeing nothing. Yeah OK. Mz refusing to make amends, or to even admit to anything was too much to take. We boycott, and the game got worse!! The only improvement I have seen is now they get right back to you, and say oops too bad you weren’t paying attention! Been buying an playing for over a year, with numerous accounts. Not another cent will be spent on this POS game. End rant thank you.

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