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Gear and Core Update: Colossus Cavalry, Ravenous Harpy, Guardian Sphinx, Vindicator Dungeon


A massive new update – 4 new sets of gear, cores, pieces and gems have just gone up plus a new set bonus.


Also check out the updated Best Combat Gear


The Ravenous Harpy and Guardian Sphinx cores have been added, check them out in the Best Cores and Pieces Tool here. Or see all Cores and Pieces here.

New Set Bonuses:

There is a new Set Bonus for the Colossus Dragoon (Cavalry) set – it is great for Troop Defense and all kinds of Attack.


There are three new gems you can see on the gem page and also check out the best gems for combat.


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  1. How long does mz take to answer emails? Over a week with now result. Almost a month and no help in retrieving my friends account. They are only after the almighty dollar. Has anyone else have a problem getting a quick response from mz?

  2. Has anyone have a problem with their account t being stolen and MZ not responding in a timely manner. One of my friends account that is over 140 billion was stolen two weeks ago and after numerous emails and proof that it is her account MZ hasn’t responded. It is now day four of sending the information that is necessary to register the account to her original email address. Still no response. Mz keeps sending out more and more cores, buildings and VIP levels and when an account that big you would think it would be a priority. It’s not. Can you help me and my friend to get this rectified quickly by not buying more packs. If we have a united front on this maybe it won’t happen again.

  3. Just as you get this done, they add two new sets lol…..

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    Hello, you should add a gear simulator to see the overall stats you get with different gear and their levels.

    Salute, Uli

  5. 150m to be exact

  6. Is there a t2 nerf need response quickly about to train 3 packs worth

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