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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 8th March – New Items, Wild Troops at Super Wonder


Week 2nd March to 8th March 2016

Forgot to add these into last week’s update –

It is now possible to buy an item for the large amount of chests now offered in packs but for those without an “Open All Chests” VIP level. You are now able to purchase “Open 100, 200, 300, 400 & 500 Chests” vouchers from the store . Unfortunately, there is no option to select which one you are using. If you purchase one of each and then select the chests you want to open, it only gives you one selection to open all – at no point do you get to choose which open all voucher you want to use.  So you could use an “Open 500 Chests” voucher on 100 chests and waste some of its capability.

IMG_0757 IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0760

Another small feature that was added was the ability to buy and add VIP Points in a 50k denomination.

The highest available before this was 5,000 from the store (any higher levels than this were purchased as part of gold packs or won in events).

The release of VIP 18 made it more sensible (even more so than before, and it made sense long ago) to add a higher denomination for purchase to the store.

But why stop there, why not 75k, 100k or a slider that allows you to add as much as you want? As long as there is a confirmation click, or multiple confirmation clicks for very large denominations, this would be a useful feature.


2nd Mar 2016 – New Kingdom #831

GOW is still expanding. Kingdom #831 Bessera has now been added to the kingdom map as a protected kingdom.

IMG_0762 IMG_0763

2nd Mar 2016 – Hero Tree Level 10s Unlocked.

Level 10 research from the new hero tree research is now unlocked and able to be completed.

IMG_0764 IMG_0765


5th Mar 2016 – Crystal Dragon

A new monster has been released into our kingdoms. The Crystal Dragon brings along new standard gear, cores, pieces, and maps that can be obtained through hitting / killing the Crystal Dragon, farming the Crystal nest that it leaves behind once killed, or in certain gold packs.

IMG_0766 IMG_0767 IMG_0768 IMG_0769 IMG_0770 IMG_0771 IMG_0772

6th Mar 2016 – New Kingdom #835

Kingdom #835 Jura has now been added to the kingdom map as a protected kingdom.

IMG_0773 IMG_0774

7th Mar 2016 – Kill Coliseum

The next kill coliseum was announced for this coming Saturday.

The kingdom who holds the coliseum the longest will get an additional 2 floors in the rewards wonder dungeon. This seems rather difficult to be excited about as most kingdoms have not experienced the rewards dungeon.

IMG_0775 IMG_0776 IMG_0777 IMG_0778

7th Mar 2016 – Wild Troop Wonder Combat is almost here. 

Although Wild troops have been out for a considerable amount of time, they have been not been able to be used at any of the wonders as of yet. Once the ability to use Wild Troops at the wonder is available, we will start to see a shift in how players strategically use their troops and in what proportion, as it will no longer strictly be about who has the best cores and can replace reinforcements properly in the wonders the fastest. A part of winning will now be troop selection, and this will be a major tactical nuance given Wild troops’ combat characteristics.


If you have something noteworthy that happened in your kingdom this week please document it / screenshot it and send it through to mhy@insidegameofwar.com and I’ll try to get it added into next week’s update.


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  1. 2 days in a row my merchants copper has not refreshed. I’ve submitted a ticket to MZ to have this fixed and have 0 confidence thier group of idiots and robots they call customer support team will fix it. I’m ready to call it quits with this stupid money sucking bull$hit game. /end rant.

  2. so slaggy dose read the post here ., nice,! hello slaggy ., keep doing what you do ., and remember if you don’t have haters your not doing your job., thanks for the web site and info It brings ., ppl will always complain hell I do it to ., lol its human nature ., lol game is fun to play but yes everything is expensive . but that is just life,! its the same everywhere not just this game ., I do wish mz made it to where none spenders and low level players can stay and play but o well ., lol

  3. Really. The one of the few that call machine zone out on their bullsh1t n tries to prevent others from being conned out of their money and you ban him SLAGGY. how much mz pay you to silence him. You n your site has become a joke the way you sponsor n make machine zone look like they are so innocent in all this garbage.

    • Too many Minions on here…

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Minion, Jeff would love to think that he got banned for speaking the ‘truth’ and that there was some master conspiracy to silence him but the unfortunate truth for him is that he got banned for straight-up trolling. He had plenty of warnings to cut out the abuse and nonsense but he chose to ignore them. Lest we forget, I think it’s worth reminding ourselves of one of the many wise ‘truths’ he condoned:

      ‘Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has been subliminally inserted for fractions of a second in place of Athena on EU versions of GoW along with the text commands, “Obey Merkel” and “Merkel is always right.”’

  4. all I would like to know is why do infornos and kvk ke and kingdom events don’t pay out
    there not worth doing, I have not tried for one in a long time ., if im going to spend 10k days in speeds and billions in silver why do I only get 15x 5 mill silver at best and 1 30 day at best
    when everything in the game takes billions in ress to even do .,
    lag is better but only becuz a lot od ppl quite ., lol

    • Even before i quit, i reached that conclusion a long time ago. A successful KvK will cost your kingdom a lot of troops and speeds, ports, etc. At best you get a small amount of gold, a 30 day speed and then you get to risk collecting gold chests for about 10k more gold if you are lucky. Seriously not worth it for the winners of a Kvk. Im surprised they are so popular with such crappy rewards

      • I never viewed infernos as something other than a means to defray the costs of building. In the 300-500m power range and especially in the defense tree, you can actually come out ahead. Back in the day with overlapping solo events, you could really stretch a dollar.
        Kvks on the other hand a purely about winning and teamwork.Nothing wrong with that

  5. I’m out, had enough of this inflated BS.

    No, you can’t have my stuff, going to offer my accounts to my alliance.

    I’ll miss some of the funny posts on here, and to Slaggy good luck with the sites.

  6. Fantastic update! Direct pay to open chests now, but you cant choose which one to use? Getting close…come on MZ we need pay per click!!!! That will certainly help performance and your bottom line! More research?? Finally, I think most people were really tired of the limited research available and their bank accounts growing!, keep it up….and a new Kingdom? WOW, going all out this week huh? can’t wait for a merge with the new guys!


    • Oh, it doesn’t stop there… and it wasn’t mentioned in this blog update, but now it seems rewards for winning things like KVK KE’s are tied to the wonder dungeon, where you have to ultimately do research behind the speedup paywall (or wait 10 life times) to reap those rewards. All they do is give you a key to enter… But it gets better… the dungeon is so unstable many crash upon entering… like me on an iOS device. So there is no way for me to actually get any reward. I sent my hero; first time ever and no research whatsoever has been done, as it’s just a mini game within the game and has no relevance to the hero in combat… so once hero was in dungeon, it crashed… I tried 3-4 times and restarting app after each bomb out to home screen… but it was same thing each try. Finally when I recalled hero the report said I completed 2 floors… no loot. Funny, I didn’t do a thing other than send the hero and click on the wonder to enter the thing. They are forcing this dungeon thing down peoples throats because it’s essentially been rejected by most players…very few I know have done the research or do anything with it, but some high priced genius told them it was something (called bloat) they needed.

      I was thinking I would send tech support feedback, but then remembered why I don’t do that anymore… because I will just be told by a key word auto reply how to restart the app.

      This game has increasingly become nothing more than a huge bait and switch con gimmick… and it’s bait and switch in just about every aspect of the game… from the algorithm derived nerf’s or drops from chests, the gear, the troops/types, the combat bonuses, and the research & buildings/plots… but leave it to the apologists, who call it evolving…

      • If you hate it so much, why do you still play/login? Just quit and then you wont have to stress over anything mz does

      • [Comment Removed]

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        You made your point and then finished it off with abuse. That’s it Jeff, you’ve had your warnings and you’ve now outstayed your welcome.

      • thanks god slaggy

      • Jeff B I read your tripe here all the time. It just gets boring.

        The KE payout was reduced but the winning kingdom of the 6 or 8 way got kingdom access to the reward dungeon. The reward dungeon payout is definitely better if you can carry more stuff so research helps, but it was nothing short of awesome. Between my main traps and farms easily 3 maybe 4 mil in gold, lots of speeds, full core sets. One of my farms won 100 mil XP. So before you continue talking about what you don’t know, try winning a kill event where access to the rewards dungeon is the prize.

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