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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 1st March – Alliance City Wall Traps, VIP 18 and More



Week 24th Feb to 1st Mar 2016

24th February – Alliance City Wall Traps released

Alliance city combat has been hinted at for a long time, and this is the first real progress towards it released live. There are four different types of traps, and they require Trapmaster Tomes to research, which can be found in gold packs or in the Alliance Store. Trap capacity in the Alliance City seems to be quite large, so the traps may play a greater role than in normal stronghold versus stronghold.

IMG_0711 IMG_0712 IMG_0713


24th February – Donate All Resources Button for Alliance City Added

This is a somewhat practical addition that functions similar to the “Use All Resources” ability unlocked in the higher VIP Prestige levels. Main difference of course, is that you don’t get to keep the resources you wanted to avoid clicking out. But if you utilize an alliance bank, this could be a rather useful addition if you dump resources on a very regular basis anyway.


IMG_0714 IMG_0715


24th February – More Wonder Dungeon Abilities Released

The ability to research several new abilities have been added to the Explorer Dungeon. These include Wind Barrier, which reduces the damage from incoming monster attacks and boosts your own wind attacks, Piercing Shot, which deals wind damage and reduces the armor attribute of monsters, and Flurry, which temporarily increases your attack speed.


IMG_0716 IMG_0717

25th February – More Building Plots Unlocked

Another urban plot and two more rural plots have been unlocked,



25th February – Additional Research on the Hero Research Tree Released

The World Boss Mastery research has been unlocked, along with the Level 9 researches leading up to it in the Hero research Tree. They are somewhat expensive, and take a good bit of time. You can see more details about the new Hero Research here.



IMG_0719 IMG_0720 IMG_0721


25th February – Monster Dungeons Released

When one of the new World Bosses is killed, they leave a Monster Dungeon that can be entered using a special World Boss Dungeon Key instead of a gold tile or a resource tile. I have not seen anyone kill a World Boss yet, so if your kingdom has and can share some details in the comments, please do.

IMG_0722 IMG_0723

26th February – New Monster Released – Water Dragon

A new monster, called the Water Dragon has been released, along with some permanent gear that can be crafted in the Forge, as well as the usual new cores and pieces. The materials, cores, and pieces can be obtained through hitting/killing Water Dragons, by gathering from the Water Dragon’s Puddle they leave behind once killed, or in specially marked gold packs.

IMG_0724 IMG_0725 IMG_0726 IMG_0727

27th February – New Kingdom Announced

MZ announced the creation of a new kingdom, called Tyva. It will be Kingdom #829.

IMG_0728 IMG_0729

27th February – Monster Avatar Chests Released

Unique monster avatar chests (which contain monster avatars) are available in specially marked gold packs.


IMG_0732 IMG_0733

27th February – Bazaar Copper Limit Boost Available

A 30 day +100% Copper Limit Boost is available in specially marked gold packs. This will allow the Bazaar merchant to refresh to 300,000 Copper instead of the normal 150,000 Copper.

IMG_0734 IMG_0735


28th February – New Gems Available

The Leap Year gem and Leap Year Special gem are now available in specially marked gold packs. They are quite powerful, with 35% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff and 35% Troop Attack Bonus respectively.  Check out more details here.




28th February – VIP Prestige Level 18 Released

VIP 18 has been released, and it adds additional features beyond VIP 17. It includes free hero resurrection, autocomplete VIP quests, additional combat boosts/enemy debuffs on top of VIP 17 combat boosts/enemy debuffs, and additional quests. The VIP page has been updated to include the new data.

IMG_0738 IMG_0739


28th February – Special Hourly Athena’s Gifts

Special Athena’s gifts will be appearing hourly on February 29th in celebration of the Leap Year.


29th February – Kill Coliseum Announced

The Kill Coliseum was announced and set to begin 29th February at 6:00 PM PST/1st March 02:00 UTC, and will last approximately 22 hours. As with previous coliseum events, there will be other coliseums that have different focus. This round offers a training coliseum, a research and build coliseum, and a monster and gathering coliseum. Epic Teleports have not been offered for free or in Athena’s gifts in quite some time, so expect to have to purchase a gold pack to attend unless you still have some Epic Teleports saved.

IMG_0741 IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0744

29th February – “New” Monster Released – Calydonian Boar

A past monster is spawning again, but this time as the World Boss.



If you have something noteworthy that happened in your kingdom this week please document it / screenshot it and send it through to mhy@insidegameofwar.com and I’ll try to get it added into next week’s update.


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  1. If anyone is giving free accts away plz contact FireN3lite(in-game name).I’ll be more than happy to have them.

  2. Not sure i am in the correct thread here, but we really need an update on Alliance Cities, please!

  3. I love popping in to see the comments from you guys. After wasting more then 7K USD on the game it really makes me feel better to know that I wasn’t the only one that got suckered into thinking I was investing my money on an account that would be usable for more then a couple months before becoming totally useless (due to the release of new features designed to make it useless without spending more $). At least I am not alone. I am glad I got out when I did and feel so sorry for those still spending like mad trying to play.

    • I hope anyone thinking about making a purchase reads and understands this. MZ will be forced to adapt.

      • MZ had their chance to adapt when players started boycotting and quitting. Instead of helping players and keeping their customer base happy, MZ decided to go even further and cater to ONLY the whales and squeeze out every last cent from them and move onto their next game.

  4. Every player on every realm received a free dungeon key. I still don’t know if anyone has killed the boss yet. I saw 2 players hitting one on Bachus although after a few hours of only knocking off 0.03% of a hp per max attack they gave up.

    MZ said new world bosses very lucrative. Only person this is lucrative too is MZ with the 7,000 USD price tag to complete the research lol.

    For 7,000 USD I would of expected to be able to kill it in 100 hits max, not 50,000 hits.

  5. World boss killed on ashana we all got athena gift

  6. Apparently my kingdom 328 killed a World Boss since everyone got an Athena’s gift containing World Boss Dungeon Key. I suppose it had a 24 hour duration before it expired and I collected it when it was 19 hours left. Sad thing is I didn’t find the dungeon, maybe because I logged in too late.

  7. You call the new monster research somewhat expensive and takes a good bit if time. Um, 7100 years and 290bil silver lol. I’d hate to see what you consider very expensive and a long time. This site has good strategy and info but stop sugar coating MZ’s blatant and disgusting greed.

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