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Game of War Prepares for All Things Halloween

Many of our warriors celebrated the tradition of All Hallowed Eve’s over the weekend. But Game of War still have many themed events in store before the most haunted day of the year is upon us.

Game of War offers you both Halloween Avatars and a haunted team event to help keep your celebrations going through the week.

Halloween 2017 Avatars

In celebration of Halloween, Game of War is pleased to bestow new Halloween Avatars upon our warriors.

No tricks required, these Halloween Avatars are the perfect costume for chatting. But these are more than a façade, choosing these customized avatars also provides warriors exclusive boosts including:

  • 5BT% Type Defence
  • 2MTTT% Type Attack
  • 120TT% Unstoppable Attack

Join in the Next Team Event

Missed out on the last few team events? Maybe you’re ready to lead another team to victory – this time as part of a haunted legion.

The Haunted Legion Team Event is waiting for you. Join in by re-starting your game and securing a Haunted Legion Team Select Emblem.

Your team – either Athena, Colossus, or Centurion – will be waiting for you. All you need to do is choose one.

Because it is a team event, you’ll need to work together with your team to create an epic strategy.

Don’t forget to include Haunted Legion Event Tokens in your strategy. The team with the most tokens is the one most likely to cross the finish line.

As always, there are many prizes to be won, including bonus prizes. Indeed, your team is waiting for your help to collect the ultimate prize.

Happy Halloween, Warriors

Game of War wishes you a happy haunted season. Want to take part in these events? Simply re-start your game and head to Sales.

Stay up-to-date on all the latest news and events by tuning into the in-game blog.


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