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Game of War News and Updates

There are a number of updates to announce, warriors!


All New: Guileful Troops, Legendary Hero Level 80, and Stronghold 500.


You can now train Guileful Troops. Gain 3x the unique and powerful by completing Gallant Combat Research and training T29 Troops. Level up your Stronghold and Legendary Hero to serve real damage!


Get bonuses to your


  • MAX March Size
  • Mythical Creature attack and defense
  • Super Combat attack, defense, and debuff
  • Combat attack, defense, debuff, and health


Athena’s Winter Giveaway


Athena’s winter giveaway is 11 days in! Participate in the event and receive a free gift from Athena herself. Participating in the event will earn you some fetch Winter Wonderland Tokens that will help you in Winter Wonderland Gift Collection Challenge.


The more tokens you collect each day, the more you can collection Special Boosts, Extra Items, and unlock Special Events loaded with prizes AND you’ll qualify for the Ultimate Grand Prize that will be announced soon.


But that’s not all… BIGGER and BETTER MEGA PRIZES will be given away each day as the event advances. Don’t miss out!


Scout Mythical Creatures at the Super Wonder with New VIP Levels


Turn the battle in your favor, Warrior. Claim Athena’s favor in battle when you unlock MAX VIP and gain total control of the strategy when you unlock by scouting mythical creatures at the Super Wonder.


New VIP Ability: Wonder Mythic Creature Scouting


If you’ve got VIP Level 977 you can unlock the ability to use Wonder Mythic Scouting. You’ll get a number of attack, defense, and health boosts. Use these awesome boosts as you weave your path to destruction in the upcoming Super Wonder!


Kingdom of Champions: Athena’s Winter Tempest Results are IN

Congratulations to these top Warriors!


  1. Mr Obsolete (#ILL) from Teos
  2. BORN2BKING (GOFF) from Khaerion
  3. xxX Tiny Xxx (A.A) from Ferdi
  4. Rogue XXL (DarK) from Animax
  5. Xmas Demon (~Fak) from Ferdi
  6. RIxNA (WENS) from Petra
  7. Shii04yy (DR8z) from Sogdianna
  8. Drp13 Ctesse (ONE) from ONE Heart
  9. P1nk Floyd (Oink) from Bravida

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  1. You update so slow, 90% of the content on this site blows. Sell the domain so someone who actually plays can update this. You take blog posts 2 days later add a few words and call it news. Calculators all old, gear sets all old, potions all old, blah blah you suck!

    • I agree… I’m y trying to locate the new core I just bought, which i think its old core beefed up, but I can’t find it really, and I’m lost..lol.. thought this site would help

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