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Game of War Invites Skilled Warriors to Partake in Weather Warriors Event

Game of War Weather Warriors Event is set to begin. Join a team of skilled warriors and collect Weather Warriors Event Tokens for amazing prices. All you have to do is grab a Weather Warriors Team Emblem and activate it under your Treasures Tab. Join forces with Team Tornado, Team Tsunami, or Team Earthquake!


You’ll want to consider your choice very carefully. Once you’ve chosen a team, you will not be able to switch.


How it Works


  • First, you’ll have to obtain a Weather Warriors Team Emblem. Once you choose you won’t be able to choose another. There are three teams: Team Tornado, Team Tsunami, and Team Earthquake.
  • Second, you will want to coordinate with your team to take as many Weather Warriors Event Tokens as possible.
  • Keep track of your tokens! Win magnificent prizes from the Weather Warriors Team Event!
  • Claim bonus prizes by reaching the finish line in this challenge!


For more information, check out Game of War’s events page .


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