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Game Updates including Alliance City Traps – April 2015

Game of War Updates – April 2015

Machine Zone have been busy updating the game with some new features so I thought it would summarise all the latest ones here (as well as the new ones coming in Beta).

  • Alliance City Traps
  • Dungeon Mode
  • Defense Research Tree
  • Alliance City Events
  • Hero Presets
  • Boost Information
  • Referral Codes

New Features Soon to Be Released (Currently In Beta)

Alliance City Traps

Alliance City Traps are on their way which presumably means it will not be long before Alliance Cities will be able to be attacked. The research unlocks four different types of trap, increases trap capacity, upgrades the traps and reduces their build cost & time. It looks like the maximum trap capacity is 50,000:


Dungeon Mode

According to the blog should be going live very soon. It seems this has progressed quite a way since it first appeared in Beta. There is a new building on the city screen, a new Wall of Chests mode (hit a bomb and you lose) plus gold costs for Dark Energy have been announced. See the screenshots for more info:

wall-of-chests-1 wall-of-chests-2 dungeon-city-screen dark-energy dungeon-mode

Defense Research Tree

More details of the defense research tree have been announced including details of the Hospital Capacity research – (70,000 per hospital for level 10 of the research):


Alliance City Events

The firs screenshots of Alliance City Events have emerged showing prizes for refining. Prizes take the form of gifts for your whole alliance:

alliance-city-events alliance-city-events-2

New Features Just Launched

There are a number of fairly minor game updates that have been rolled-out over the last month:

Hero Presets:

You can preview the changes to boosts before activating a pre-set.  You can also add and remove gems in the presets.

Boost Information:

Boost information has been organised into categories to make it easier to view. This applies to equipments/gems as well as the boost screen in your profile.


Referral Codes:

Machine Zone has revamped the referrals system giving you a code to share with up to 50 friends. You get rewarded with gifts as your friends upgrade their stronghold.



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  1. Is there a chat room you can join on gow to find players with sh 5 or below for the referral gifts?

  2. so if alliance city can be attack will there be a peace shield for it?

  3. They can’t make it as expensive as the March tree. Most big players have to hospitals anyway. That portion only applies to people in the 40m – 900m power range which is not the BIG spenders who are going to drop tons of cash on a single research tree. They will have to price it reasonably for the target players (traps) to invest in it.

  4. How do you have a beta account please ?

    • MZ makes that selection. They randomly choose existing players and inquire to them if they would like to be a Beta tester. I asked if I could be one and they told me that have thousands of player in queue to be beta testers.

      Short answer, you don’t. haha

      • ok thanks !

      • I just randomly got an email to one of my farm accounts with the invite. Then it seems sketchy because you have to download this weird looking app that isn’t from the appstore that then downloads the beta program.

        I emailed MZ to make sure it was all legit and not some hacker sending me a phishing app.

  5. Hello,

    Do you have an exact date as to when the defense research tree will be coming out? Or just some time in April?

  6. I don’t know why but the Defensive research tree isnt showing up for my beta account. I’ve played with the dungeon and I think that it is pretty dumb. And the alliance cities are the biggest money pit MZ has come up with yet.

    I still don’t see what benefit they provide my personal city aside from one extra quest every 6 hours. Hardly the payoff that donating all that RSS and alliance city speed ups cost

    • Any info on how alliance city attacking will work. Are they freely attackable like normal cities? Is there a storehouse for rss?

      • You are still unable to attack other alliance cities. Currently the only difference I can tell between the beta and regular game alliance cities are the research for the traps.

      • Ok, Thanks. Wonder if it will be a KvK thing where only outlanders can attack cities. Or some other event. Other wise its going to be a daily/hourly wonder fight, and cities will never grow.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi, no info yet on that though I suspect the Resource Silo will double-up as a storehouse

      • I was thinking this as well, but I wonder if it will protect both normal rss and city rss. Great site you got here by the way.

  7. MZ will probably have to change the KE points system before enabling hospital capacity increases. Can’t have people with 2.3M hospital beds taking a full T4 rally and only giving up 1-2M points for hospitalised T2. Looks like it is time for Enemy Power Destroyed to become the new KE points system.

  8. dark energy? Another money suck no doubt. God forbid you can use the same energy gear that you already have. Mz needs to start you back to zero so they can bleed you dry again.

    But yeah, hospital capacity increase will make them useful again after a certain point.

  9. Profile photo of silverhair

    Fantastic. Loving the hospital capacity increase, although with that level 10 payout, I’m not looking forward to seeing how much power it puts on. May not be all that useful for solo march turtles, but may help some types of accounts that take rallies regularly.

    • It’ll help the sh18 turtles for sure

    • Knowing MZ the hospital bed increase will be at the bottom of the tree just like how Embassy Increase is at the bottom of the March tree

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even more ridiculous, cost-wise, than the march tree.

      • and hidden behind some more useless Map March research that everyone hates and never uses. What’s with MZ pushing those dam maps so much?

      • I agree marcus, it seems the new things such as VIP 12, Alliance city, March Tree are all more costly than trees or new release things in the past. Its unfortunate

      • Because they have us addicted and can do whatever they want now.

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