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Game of War

Where will you be when this world ends and the next Fire Age begins?
Will you have done whatever you could to become the sole Emperor of the Kingdom of Fire
when the Kingdom of Gods arrives?
There is only one way to find out. You must generate as many points as you can in Grand Finale
Series. It is your performance in the Grand Finale Series that will determine your place in the
next age. What must you do? Corral your allies and overcome the Super Wonder before it’s too
To the victors go the spoils. The winner in the Finale will receive eternal glory and these
incredible prizes:
 Massive Mythical Silver – 20T
 Early Access to the Special Holiday Kingdom of Radiance
 100 x 15-minute hemlock for each member of your Alliance
 Full Infinite Omega Divine Decimator Gear Set for each member of the Alliance
 Exclusive Special Emperor Adornment
 3 x 5 Minute hemlock
These prizes will provide an unparalleled advantage in the next age, the Kingdom of the Gods.
Will you be the winner?
Be Victorious with a Glorious Hero
As a warrior you must do whatever it takes to be victorious. To this end, you can customize
your battle strategy by recruiting a Glorious Hero with unique boosts and skills, the force of
which has yet to be seen.

In order to activate the Glorious Hero, you must accomplish these 5 tasks:
1. Ensure your stronghold is Level 15 or higher
2. Use the Unlock Hall of Heroes item to unlock the Hall of Heroes
3. Once inside the Hall, scroll through your Hero Profile and tap ‘Change Hero’
4. Activate the Legendary Hero Medals to recruit new heroes
5. Active your new hero and build their skill level through the specialized skill tree
If you complete of all these tasks you will be able to fight your battles with a Hero by your side!
However, in unlocking the tremendous power of Heroes you must learn how to treat them.

 The most important thing you must remember is that Hero Energy bars only regenerate
for ACTIVE Hero’s.
 Also, if your current hero is imprisoned you will be unable to choose another hero to
fight by your side.
Remember these rules when you unleash the tremendous power of the Hero – and good luck
to you in the battle of the ages.


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