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Guide to Solo Defense Turtles – Game of War – Introduction (Part 1)

How to Build the Ultimate Solo Defense Turtle / Trap Account in Game of War

This is the first part in our 13-part series of articles on building turtle or trap accounts (from now on we will just call these turtle accounts) that are designed as solo defense against solo attack marches.  This guide is all about setting up your stronghold for highly effective defense, and it is not really about going out and attacking other accounts.

Turtle accounts are an incredibly fun and effective way to play Game of War. They let you score lots of point and rack up lots of kill without requiring you to spend lots of money. This series will cover everything you need to know including:

  • What is a Turtle Account
  • Different Types of Turtles
  • Choosing Research
  • Setting Up your City buildings
  • Keeping Your Power Low
  • Which type and how many troops to train
  • How to equip your hero to take big hits

It really is one of the most exciting areas of Game of War, hope you enjoy!

What is a turtle account?

A Game of War turtle is a defensively focused account which is designed to take solo march hits from big players for lots of points in Kingdom vs Kingdom Kill Events.  The basic principle is to keep your power as low as possible, optimising your defenses, whilst simultaneously packing a huge punch using your defensive elements to attack and kill the troops they throw at you. Low power makes you appear weak and encourages attacks. The success of turtle accounts relies upon the two most important defensive asymmetries that exist in Game of War.

1) Your attacker has a limited attack size with a maximum allowed march size of 375k (using a 50% march size boost), whilst you can have an unlimited number of troops that can defend your stronghold.

2) You have hospitals, and the attacker doesn’t.  Their troops die, yours don’t have to!

There are of course several other asymmetries that work in your favour, and we will make use of them, but they are not as critical as the first 2 above.  You have traps, your attacker doesn’t, and finally, your hero can be at home for every attack, even if they send 8 sequential fast marches at you, but they can only send one of those 8 fast attacks with a hero.

The terminology being used here for this account type is Turtle.  But other players may refer to them as trap accounts or landmines or anvils.  The core principles of being a defensive build are the same, they just use different names.

If you build a turtle correctly, you can take multiple T3-4 hits without losing a single troop.  And get massive points for your alliance, whilst not giving up many (or in some cases ANY points) to the other kingdom.


Lower Tier Troops Are Very Effective in KvKs

As we discussed here, Tier 4 troops are very expensive and give away lots of points in KvKs.

Simple equation:  If you kill 100k Tier 4 troops, you gain 10M points, as each T4 troop is worth 100 KE points each under the original Kill Event points scheme.  If they kill no troops and hospitalize only Tier 1 troops, you give up 0 points.  If they kill no troops and only hospitalize 200k T2s, then you only give up 200k points.  Under the new Kill Event points scheme, that same equation gives you 3.6M points (100k T4 at 36 power each), and gives them 2 points for each T1 they hospitalise or kill.  So if they hospitalise 300k T1, then you give up 600k points to the 3.6M points you gained.

Turtles come in all shapes and sizes, from Sh14 with a truckload of  T1 troops, all the way up to Sh21 with maxed research, lots of T3s and a full embassy of 1M T4s.  And they can be anything in between.

But designing a turtle has to take a number of things into consideration, including a consideration of the sustainability of your build, and where you see yourself ending up.  Designing an account appropriately has to take into consideration a variety of tradeoffs, decisions that must be made along the way, rather than just following the well-worn path that MZ has set out for you with their build sequence, reward systems and research tiers.

You Need to Make Some Decisions

The most important decision that has to be made is: are you an attacker or defender?  If you are an attacker, then a turtle is not really for you.  If you are a defender, your preferred targets are mid-sized or big players, but you have to love the idea of taking whatever they can throw at you.  It is quite a different mindset, and I strongly suggest you think deeply about how you like to play.

A related question is: Is this account going to be a T4 account or not?  The vast majority of people playing aspire to reaching a T4 account, with little understanding of the tradeoffs and headaches that come with running a T4 account.  The pressure to climb the Mount Everest that is unlocking T4 troops, keeps getting more and more intense. Every time you think you are getting close, the summit is still just as far away, shrouded in clouds.  And the pressure to spend to reach that summit gets more and more. It is very hard to have the psychological strength to resist the urge to spend to reach that summit.  But T4 troops are NOT required to be a strong defensive player, and they are definitely not required to be a solo march turtle.  It is quite possible to turn a turtle account into a T4 attacking account, but it is almost impossible to turn a T4 attacking account into a defensively minded turtle account.

You don’t have to make that decision yet, but you have to keep it in the back of your mind.  If you are going to consider it, it is strongly recommended that you take the time to estimate the requirements to achieve T4 from where you currently sit in your account.  Go and visit our Time to T4 calculator, and input your specific account details in full into the Advanced tab.  That will give you the most complete and accurate view of your requirements to achieve Tier 4 troops.

Until that point where you decide to commit to unlocking T4 troops, this guide assumes that you are planning on staying at academy 20 or lower, and should give you an outline of the kind of things you need to keep in mind if you want to build a sustainable account that you can grow into over many months or a year, and you can have a lot of fun with.

Trust me, there is a huge amount of satisfaction in taking a hit from a 1-5 Billion power player, killing a large chunk of their T3-4 troops, and only have them wounding your T1-3 troops.  And killing them where it counts, on the KvK Kill Event scoreboard. Don’t be surprised if you see people who have sped all the way through to T4, grown their account to 500M or more, and then decide to develop one of their secondary accounts into a turtle, because they missed how much fun it was baiting and taking hits. It can be a much more fun way to play, and a lot less stressful if you follow the build guidance here.

Principles of Turtle Accounts

The guiding principles that we are looking to adhere to in this guide:

1) Exploit the asymmetries available to city defense (unlimited troops, presence of hospitals etc)

2) Be efficient in our build, maximizing strength of our city defenses for the least possible power gain

3) Design a sustainable build that fits with our preferred play style, and can grow from turtle into something larger in the future.

4) Be strategic in what we do and what we decide not to do.

 “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do” – Michael Porter

MZ lays down a clearly defined path to build, and encourages several behaviours in their Athena walk-through guide, which may or may not be the best path to follow when building a turtle.  We will encourage you to consciously focus on the tradeoffs in the decisions that face you as you build your account. There are quite a few important decisions to be made as you go through, and this guide will endeavour to provide a comprehensive set of the considerations that you need to take into account when faced with choosing whether to stop at stronghold level 18 or push all the way through to level 21, whether to take your combat researches to level 8,9 or 10, whether to train tier 1, 2 or tier 3 troops, and whether those troops should be regular or strategic.

Who This Guide is For

This guide is intended for people just starting out building their Game of War account as well as those looking to start a second account.  We hope that it also has some insights for those who are already well into their build, because it is never too late to think critically about the pros and cons of your particular account build.

This article was just a short introduction to the concept of a turtle, and the principles that we will follow in subsequent parts of this guide.  In part 2, we will dive into a top-level outline of a couple of different turtle variants and explore the fundamental core of any turtle account:  COMBAT RESEARCH.

Get ready, because we are going to comprehensively examine how best to build a lean mean turtle fighting machine.  This will be a multi-part series, with each one being a substantive chunk of writing, ideally backed up with a fair chuck of evidence in the form of battle reports.  As of present, it is an 11 part series, with 2 more final parts expected shortly.  The final part of the series will include some very short sharp guidance on what to do, as a summary of all the detail and evidence presented in the next 11 parts.


But just to re-orient yourself, this is where we want to get to: a turtle that can eat massive chunks out of T3-4 marches without giving up many kill event points.  And maybe one day, eat whole T4 marches and catch big heroes in our prison.


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  1. I have a 2.6 bill account with t4 open can that be made into a trap account?

  2. The information in this guide is outdated. The maximum attack march is no longer 350K after boosts. I was recently attacked by a level 60 hero who used an army of 1,125,000 in a single march!

  3. What are the new troop numbers needed to eat solo marches and rallies? I believe max marches are now 600k solo and 3 million rally.

  4. I use 14.99 million t1 or you can go 10/5 depends…I’m a rally trap with only 2 million t4 and eat whole rallies I prefer to go with 15 million t3 and 14.99 million t1 works best for me

    • How is the solo trap working with the new March size increase. I heard with boost its going to be 750k March size. Any comments

  5. What is your breakdown between t1 and t2?

  6. The nerf is 14.99 million t1/t2 not 5 million

  7. I’m reading all this and all I keep thinking is…Cores changed everything.

  8. If a turtle account is so effective, why would anyone bother to make an attacking account?

    • I’m a turtle . 126m power 2.5 million t3 . All t3traps … no strategic traps or troops … I eat whole marches from 1.5b – 3b . With none of mine killed . I got 175m points for last kvk . This weekend which was a monster and power only kvk I got 99 m points … we are effective

  9. What is Nerf?

  10. How has this changed with the new points/power system?

  11. What’s the best way to score points with a trap account with the new point system. Destroying power? Now outlanders get points for destroying traps and hospitalizing troops, also the points for killing t4 went way down how are traps going to compete with t4 accounts now? They are not effective in kvk KE anymore.

  12. Hey silver hair I’m in k442 and we are doing our first ke today, im a turtle acct: with 300k beds but only 150k troops mainly t3 I can hold 1 mil reinforcements. My cords are 442:258:252 should I stay shielded through this ke and wait for more troops or try to help my team? Thanks for your input

  13. Hi! So i’m building my turtle with t2/t3. I have about 350k t3 and 35k t2 at the moment with 9 lev 15 hospitals. My question is that do I need to fake rally my troops as my alliance keeps telling to do so? Thanks!

    • 9 hospitals at level 15 will house about 162k troops. so if attacked by full t4 march, you will have 262k killed and 162k hospitalised….. you would also likely lose your hero. So yes fake rally or shiled is necessary for you just now. You should fake rally the 262k troops that are over your hospital capacity along with your hero and leave the 162k that you hospital can accomodate out to get kills. Taht way you will get kill, however you will not lose any troops or your hero.

  14. And one more thing…m going with balanced troops…or I have to work on one or two kinds of troops and traps??

  15. Hi. silver hair…I saw many 35million power players trap…they earn 500million points in one KVK KE…?? SH21…can you please tell the ratio of troops.?? I need that kinda trap..

  16. Profile photo of Blank

    Meant to reply to someone….epic fail >:P

  17. Profile photo of Blank

    NERF takes place at approx 5-6m t1/2 troops in total, not 5m t1 & 5m t2.

    • Really? Can you prove it? Please watch for a future update which systematically tests it.

      • Profile photo of Blank

        I’m certain that the 5m t2 limit is the limit for a t2 only account. As for t1, I wasn’t saying the limit for t1 was 5m…I can see my mistake there.

  18. Thanx silver…
    Got your mail…..m going for 2million t1s and 1.5 t2s. ……hope they will not Nerf…and also building t3 wall traps….need that I will train few t3s troops…just want to keep my power under 40million…..will it work brother…I need full support…so I can get better chances in KVK.

  19. Hi friends…I made a trap account…but m going with strategic troops and wall traps..
    Troops research 8level. …wall attack 8level..no need for wall defense because m using t1s and t2s troops as a shield….I know MZ nerfed t1s and t2s…,.but still there’s a limit. …Right?? M going with 600k plus t1s and 300k t2s….still m training them both…will it work Silver…I want to know about it…invested lots of time to built it….thanx

    • Profile photo of silverhair

      Yes, MZ NERFed MASS ARMY of T1-2 troops. They did not NERF the troops themselves. And the NERF limits are much higher than 600k T1 and 300k T2.
      The 5th part of this series will discuss options for composition of your army. Right now, I don’t think your account has the ability to safely handle a full 375k T3-4 attack with a strong hero. Great work on the research Rishie, although I still recommend doing trap defense research unless you have significantly more than 1M troops. Keep training, Rishie.

      • Bro…as you said keep going training t1s and t2s..and m going with balanced troops….and can you tell me I have to work on particular troop or let I go with balanced. Strategic troops…need the ratio of t1s. .t2s and t3s. Now got 1.2million t1s and t2s in totat..power 13million. ..

      • I didn’t nt get any reply from you hair…still waiting bro for troop ratios …my line ID is rik010….if you guys help me there…it will be good.so I can ask you frequent questions

      • Expectations always hurt. Please read part 5 and form your own opinion.

  20. Silverhair, so what troop lay out do you suggest? 50% T-1 25% T-2 25% T-3 or something more balanced 90% of one tier and the rest mixed? Great set of articles!

  21. I have many effective trap acct ranging from 100mil t1 on a sh5 to a sh15 with 120 mil power and I love it when people think its a glitch and hit regardless of power because all they saw was SH level

  22. Glad you’re doing a series on this! Everything so far is spot on! I’ve built multiple type of turtle accounts since I started playing last summer. The one I enjoy playing with the most is my 55m power, 760k bed space T3 account. I only take single hits with it and it almost costs no money to maintain. I’ll usually get around 200m-300m points per ke. I’ll buy a pack every couple months to restock up on rss chips…..Great site btw, our alliance is on here quite a bit.

  23. i just found a great way to hide power. Don’t open your empire quests. Ever. Especially after you have lvl 50 hero. I currently am a rally trap. 180m power. I have 70m research power. All of that power could have been hidden if I would have never opened up the associated empire quest. I would be 110m right now with the same exact rally eating ability. I just burned 4 lvl 21 farms to hide more power, but all I really needed to do was never open the empire quest in the first place. Absolutely don’t open the empire quest for your lvl 7 treasury. that is a 9.5m bloat to your power.

    • (k404) CyberNetwork

      No, the build itself is what gives 9.5mil power. The quests themselves don’t give much power. Could you PM me in game? I need all the help I can get on rally trapping 😀
      Name is same as here (CyberNetwork)

      • Yeah I was a little optimistic. Haha. Still i have 8m quest power. After you get hero lvl 50, never open an empire quest

      • Not opening your empire quests is a great way to stay low power. I’ve done it with my second “turtle” account. It has “low” power, and gets gold by taking 3 hits in KVK kill events.

        Looks beatable (the key to getting hit), rarely burns, and never loses on points.

  24. i want your opinions about how much needed to eat alive full t4 rally of 2375K t4 without any loss? It will be a perfect turtle.
    My guess is around 8m t4 and 2m t3 with gears matching opponent gears.

    • Yes eating one wave t4 is cool enough, but they will learn from that mistakes, and they will face you with full rally next time. So we need perfect turtle!!!! around 400m power i guess. Enuff to kick ass for days

    • a rally trap account is not economically profitable to maintain. you need at least 3 mill T1 as meatshield to absorb damage, and stock of core relics.
      BUUUTTT think about the rss and timer you will need to re-train those meatshield after the war is over, sometimes the prize you win don’t really cover the cost of retrain.
      if you want to kill a full 2.3 mill rally of T4, build an 8 bill account LMAO!

      so IMO, a good trap account must able to:
      – Kill a full march of T4 (just from solo hits)
      – giving zero points to enemy (bcause enemy can only wound his T1)
      – contribute hundred mill kill points for his alliance during KE
      – preserving the gold prize he wins from leaderboard (no need to retrain troops after KE)
      – protect his rss (very few rss required to heal 500k T1 with zero timer, just 1 single tap).
      – thus keep on getting rich while increasing his gold, rss, kill counts and pissed off the huge billion players….

      so a trap account between SH14-18 who can profit in terms of million of kill every KE and preserving his gold and rss, are the perfect ones 🙂

    • Profile photo of silverhair

      Once we finish the guide on solo march turtles, which will include some consideration of evolution in account to larger account sizes, we will try and tackle the subject of rally traps / turtles. Not surprisingly, there are tough decisions that need to be made, and as I see it, two paths to go down depending upon your view of sustainability of your account.

  25. (k404) CyberNetwork

    A guide on rally traps would be amazing too! 😉

  26. Best trap player in the game, k48 Juggernaut 39 mil power 87 mil kills. Has made killing t4 a science. Often a puff of smoke. Just bad ass.

    • more info one where to find how to accomplish this?

    • Profile photo of silverhair

      Thanks, there are quite a few legendary turtle / trap players out there. As always, the ones who continue to get kills week in week out despite KDRs of >10 or more than 10M kills, are the clear masters of this particular account type. They know how to fight, and would probably succeed no matter what account they were driving.

      • Silver hair..I think I came late here…lol,
        I have done strategic troops research and also done strategic wall research…8level
        Nothing in combat research. .just researched to unlock t3 in there. ..didn’t research strategic trap defense because using t1s and t2s troops…building t3 wall traps….now just want to know my t1s and t2s will work or not..???having 600k plus t1s and 300k plus t2s…..no t3s yet…will train some after getting t1s and t2s to min..1.5 million each…..this is my tactics and having SH 18…please reply and help me out…still having time to get it right….my power is 11.4million only..

  27. and some informations, about what gear we need for trap account, are welcomeI have managed to get gold Xena crown with 77,5% troops health (with gems ofc), and purple Razor Ribbon Wand with 60% helth bonus
    Need some suggestions about feet/armor and accessories, should I focus on troops health only or also something else?

  28. I hope part 2 will be released soon.
    I have SH21 and have T4 normal troop unlocked. T3 normal and strat unlocked. I wanna be trap account, but I heard from other players, that I need to have alot of hospitals. Right now I have 12 villas on level 21 to produce me 500k silver per hours + I get 300% training speed boost from all those villas.
    If I destroy them and build hospitals at this point, I will need 3x more time to train troops :O
    Also where will I get my silver then for researches etc.

    I hope there will be alot of usefull tips and guides for trap acount soon 🙂

  29. I’m running SH18 trap account. At 83 mill power. And i am able to kill a full march of 375k T4. I’m seling the account now! Anyone interested?…

  30. Still writing next part? Any fast tips to get started on turtle?

  31. Grrr…teasers. lol.

  32. You said at the bottom the next article is going to go into the different variations of turtles….would you want some screenshots of an incomplete sh 14? I still have to get my troop count up…but I think it would be good enough to share.

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