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Game of War – Player Leaderboard

The Top Players in Game of War ranked by Power, Kills and Power Destroyed. Remember this leaderboards are by submissions, so if you know of anyone that fits in and isn’t listed. Please contact GowLeaderboards
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For submissions you can either comment below, Line ID: GowRecords, mail contact@gowleaderboards.com or mention @GowLeaderboards in your Instagram Pic.

  • Power 
  • Kills 
  • Alliance Kills
K#AlliancePlayerPower (Tril)
404[ONE ]XxCtessexXDN88.9
386[ SB ]0 GHOST 081.2
511[IKOA]DaAaA BaTmAn61.4
386[DB9]I Draco I52.0
386[ X7]X7feir51.1
[\\\V]GATOR 18734.1
474[FUN ]FreyaTheGr826.7
72[D:VK]Swe Anders25.7
765[dvF]Han Hoon24.8
761[ KwC]DON SPARTAK23.9
581[xPR]Pro MANBEAR23.4
765 [TURC]CrazyTURC22.5
K#AlliancePlayerKills (bil)
765[dvF ]Nawti Lola790,461
442[H\M]Mezo Stark697,461*
386[ SB ]Shadow V462,419
386[TIT]DEMA boost422,195
765[dvF ]Khanlala340,213
252[PzK]O IMI Z306,950
404[ONE ]XxCtessexXDN305,113
440[*E*]J  O  E  Y280,126
765[GOK]I FURIOUS I277,048
386[TIT]Revolt4.696T *
386[ SB ]The Shadow Brothers3.635T
440[PzK]Psychotic Kings3.337T

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Blacxicano ReportBlacxicano Badge

Blacxicano surprising us with a RECORD solo against 53B troops.


ILxRAVENxLI with the new Biggest Burnt Record!



  • Solo Records
  • Highest Troop Count Burnt
  • Biggest Power Burnt
  • Biggest Power Destroyed
Highest Troops Solo Burnt358[PzK] lBLOODMON3Yl58.7B Troops
Biggest Solo Burnt765[dvF ] Nawti Lola1.28T
Biggest Solo Destroyed358[PzK] LSavageArabL9.97B
358[PzK] lBLOODMON3Yl58,730B01/12/17
695[DOPE] Blacxicano53,882B01/02/17
765[dvF ] Nawti Lola1.28T12/17/16
440[PzK] LSavageArabL1.05T12/05/16
358[PzK] LSavageArabL9.97B01/04/17
358[PzK] LSavageArabL8.78B01/02/17
695[aoX] ILxRAVENxLI7.73B12/18/16
  • Rally Records
  • Biggest Burned
  • Biggest Rally hit
  • Highest Troops Burnt
Biggest Burnt695[aoX] ILxRAVENxLI3.32T
Biggest Rally Hit404[ONE ] XxCtessexXDN18.04B
Highest Troops Burnt386[ SB ] iBrij113B Troops
Biggest Nerf Hit386[GeW ] TROY 386162.4B
695[-] ILxRAVENxLI3.32T12/18/16
386[ SB ] iBrij2.96T12/08/16
765[~Ct] KissMyCores2.4T11/30/16
404[ONE ]XxCtessexXDN2.2T11/25/16
404[ONE ] XxCtessexXDN18.04B01/01/17
366[3R5] Macksi15.76B12/04/16
386[ SB ] iBrij113B12/18/16
386[REJ] McFkn Lovin105B12/06/16


  1. Where is The Legend27 and Beastmaster69?

  2. To be more accurate it’s in kingdom 521 and he is fro the alliance Pb3 he went from 1.148 trillion power and more than 30b troops to zero 😔

  3. MZ should correct the top zeroing player it was yesterday 1.148 t power

  4. I’m in , kingdom 769 at 213billion power I’m kinda small but can take a rally from any one there are some too players in my kingdom, fellas. This is a game play hard but remember it’s a game

  5. The nerds are out in force complaining about their imaginary kills on video games. Half which are actually paid for nerf hits

  6. Dont complain. Just send straight to prove your case.

  7. Didn’t you read what they said it’s a leader board and records based on submissions if someone has higher then I guess they should submit it

  8. Your list is outdated or just incorrect. 2.03T is definitely not the biggest burn. We still almost zeroed a 2.1T in K474 today and i am sure others even have a higher burn. Also Gator definitely has more kills than anyone listed in your records. You should try to do a comprehensive research before listing something has a record.

    47 (D:V)

  9. Profile photo of Packhead

    Can you mention the name instead please?

  10. In R1oT, kingdom 10:270:520 there is a 22T player and growing

  11. I heard he’s too good for the leaderboards ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Where is TheLegend27 ?

  13. The city of “JPDag1” Location-K:858 X:217 Y:397 850b zeroed

  14. Wooo go Jack 👊👊👊👊 Jll for life !

  15. Beasty in azreil..i did he is my mentor

  16. This list is nearly 2 years out of date. There are many players over 1000 billion now.

  17. so does anyone play along side Beast?

  18. lol check aksum k517 it has more than 20 player with 100+power and three are 200 bil + players

  19. i am spartcusss, the ruler of kingdom 210 i have over 100 billion power

  20. You Should put all them names above in some like Hall of Fame as Pioneers Of Gow. Cause their stats are irrelevant now !!!

  21. Please update your GOW leader-boards. I never see #452 on their. Harvcik33 is 91B and deserves recognition Octavia #452

  22. Profile photo of Demon Damian

    I think this needs to be updated. Last time I looked, they were much higher.

  23. this is a bs list of “leaders” look slike favorites to me ik many a people who should be on both power destoyed and overall power and this kills one

  24. ibrij from k110, the leader of GV, is missing from this list.

  25. Brij in K110 is over 60B. Sounds like a lot of players might be missing from this list. Just sayin’.

  26. Ctesse screened yesterday at 368B. Her second account is 250B. Going to be a big superwonder…….

  27. 707 Xyris EC Eminent King 60.3B Power

  28. School bus is a legend. 99% off his kills are thru KE’S only as 252 dies nit attack their own kingdom

  29. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Thanks everyone for your feedback – I will pass all of this onto safegow

  30. This is funny we have 10 players higher then some of these players in the #388. Update this. LOL

  31. EAMOM !!!!

  32. oleg in kingdom 10!!!!!!!!!!

  33. This list is not correct check k531 for a few players above 31B (including myself)

  34. In 424 (Bara), we have 2 player that belong on the power leaderboard. Both in the high 40’s. Tuna and Jade.

  35. GATOR 187 from Kingdom 218 has seemed to be skipped whenever his stats are above StayAlive77. Gator currently has 1,282,802,740 kills as opposed to StaysAlive77 current kill count of 1,210,415,443. This is the second consecutive month that after SW Gator 187 has been above in kills than our current Emperor and second month that he has been accidentally omitted from the standings. I am guessing your leaderboards are simple what SAFEgow posts–but it seems interesting that a frontrunner that will appear in another top list (power destroyed being the “leaderboard”) would not appear on the kills count. While the two don’t necessarily guarantee one another someone with a high power destroyed is very likely to have a high amount of kills.

    Dr Desu,
    R4 of GE, k218

  36. Support,

    My name is Gator 187 and I’m the King of Glucaus (Kingdom 218). Recently my team told me that your website releases a monthly list of players with the most kills, highest power, and most power destroyed. Currently i’ve got 1,282,802,740 Kills and 44,616,129,338 power and 29,059,206,692 Enemy Power destroyed, so going forward can you please take my war stats into account. My current location is 218:253:515 in case you want to verify my stats.
    Thanks, Gator 187 aka Raf

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