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Game of War is Temporarily Down – Update – Its Back Up!


Update – Game is back up!


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  1. This game has gotten worse since these updates have come along.Gotten worse by FREEZING when im icrafting a core.Freezing when Im in a chatroom.Kicking me on a regular basis.Ive been playing a year and spending that long also.NO MORE ! ! I wont spend a nickel until this bullshit is fixed.I hear the same old story about getting zeroed when they get kicked.MZ is being a bunch of real greedy capitalistic pigs by NOT making this problem right. Boycott-no more money spent on GOW ! ! !

  2. MZ are at it agian…dropping out…..just when I’m in an inferno challenge….. I suppose you get that on the big jobs??

    • Whatever MZ’s new scheme for filling their pockets is will definitely not benefit the non spender. You can take that to the bank! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. I apologize in advance, this will be a rant that will be difficult to write. Not for a lack of words, but for the fact that I will be trying,my best, to exclude a string of expletives that describe my overall feelings towards MZ. To begin with, I got zeroed. Big deal, its happened before, and will probably happen again. Here is my issue. My account was being turned into a trap. The kvk was a tiered event, heavily favoring traps. My wife and I, sitting side by each, watching my SH, and hoping for somebody to come to attack. She was shielded on her account, and I was just waiting. I then noticed what appeared to be a march or two leaving my sh. They took a few paces, then disappeared. I asked her if she saw them, and she said she hasn’t, but she had released a hero. No worries then, I wasn’t on fire, screen wasn’t red. My power and kills hadn’t changed. To top it off I had no reports, so it must be a glitch. Suddenly I look, and I have 26 reports, still no worries, no fire, no red screen, kills power unchanged. I decided to look at the reports. I was attacked 16 times, scouted at least 6 times. All while I watched! My wife looked up from her tablet and said that there is nobody near us, and saw nothing. I still was not burning, nor had my kills or power changed. I nervously re loaded my game. Lo and behold, I am zeroed! Still no fires, but now my power dropped and kills went up. When I contacted mz to ask how this was possible they said basically oh well you must not be paying attention, and there is nothing we will do for you! NOT PAYING ATTENTION!! Excuse me. Two people watching on two different devices, and seeing nothing. Yeah OK. Mz refusing to make amends, or to even admit to anything was too much to take. We boycott, and the game got worse!! The only improvement I have seen is now they get right back to you, and say oops too bad you weren’t paying attention! Been buying an playing for over a year, with numerous accounts. Not another cent will be spent on this POS game. End rant thank you.

    • This is EXACTLY what happened to me – watching all the time and notice 20+ messages – multi scouts and attacks – SH red, no fires and no power loss – reboot and just like you – zeroed – is this a new hack / bug ?

    • This happened to me but with a rally. I put my shield up and seen the blue around my city and then watched the rally come toward my city. I figured “Oh I have a shield up this won’t do anything” but come to find out it actually did damage even though I was shielded. BS right? MZ tells me that this is not their fault and is completely mine even though my whole alliance seen me shielded apparently it’s still my fault? Its BS

      • yup, saw the same thing. Shield up, everything seems good. Luckily, i heard the horror stories and logged out and back in again just to make sure , and lo and behold, no shield. If i wasn’t paranoid, I would have been zeroed too.

      • Batsoul, did you keep the reports of the shield activation and the rally hitting you? That hasn’t happened to me (thankfully) but I’ve heard stories of shields dropping unexpectedly -especially during kes- so I always keep the latest shield activation report.

    • I had a similar situation, however didn’t get zeroed, I’m glad. Start of kvk, I was sitting in my alliance’s hive holding a hero to gain little attention. 2 or 3 outlanders ported in and attacked few smaller ones. In alliance chat they were talking about more people porting in, but I didn’t see them. No reports, no red screen, no burning, still got the hero. So whatever!? But then someone in chat wrote “now they’re going after you”. I still didn’t see anything but in this case figured out I better put up a shield (asked that the captured hero will be released, I said yes). Then restarted the game. Suddenly there were reports of me getting scouted and the attack that liberated the hero. If I hadn’t shielded from seeing nothing I’d have been zeroed as well.

  4. Have to say if they implement shield busters most players who don’t have loads of money and play for fun and spend occasionally will leave, and again just be left with billion players that don’t need to shield and be back to the same with no one to hit.

  5. It seems monsters can now capture Hero’s ,Your alliance can free it and who ever deals the hit to free it earns xp points.

  6. I’m hoping its the materials trading system. I’m sitting on way too many mats that I have no need for and not enough of the last few mats that I need.

  7. The new feature is shield buster core

  8. Lmao!!!! This stuff Kills me!!!! Hackers erasing data and giving back refunds, OKAY! Does a person seriously think MZ has an underfunded poorly managed IT department? Funding isn’t an issue I’m sure. If anything they probably need equipment upgrades since the game is expanding constantly. (As with any server). Also did I seriously read someone blaming user terms and conditions as the reason behind the game being offline and causes all these bugs. LMAOOOOOO…. This game is turning into game of cry babies and people wanting hand outs for everything. If the game is to expensive, quit. If you don’t like the customer support, quit. If you don’t like it crashing or your device being laggy, quit. Stop begging for everything to be reformed to meet your needs.. Sounds like a bunch of dang democrats wanting everything given with no effort put out. If it’s out of your realm to comprehend and play the game then go play clash of clans. Yes it’s out of your realm if your making stupid comments such as those listed all over this website recently

    • People are paying damn good money and have every right to have customer service (there is ZERO), and not be lied to when the game crashes, 4 hours later claiming its upgrade maintenance (its not – nothing was upgraded), and they couldnt even fake their sorry message that 90 percent couldnt see on their screens – because it was overpixelated and was horizontally formatted. This games vertical. Somethine major happened they werent expected and the CEO just slept right through it, while the money earned its interest. Its getting to class action level stuff when there is that much money being poured into a game, and saying people can just quit is dumb. People are invested in this and have every right to be upset, like you have a right to be ignorant of it.

      • James is butthurt

        im sure the ceo slept through an almost 12 hour maintenance period. Let me know how your lawsuit goes against over pixelated pictures that should be vertically oriented and not horizontal ????I expect millions of $$$$$ being paid out. Talk about ignorant.

    • I just laugh when I read rocket scientist comments like the ones posted above:

      Quote: “This game is turning into game of cry babies and people wanting hand outs for everything. If the game is to expensive, quit. If you don’t like the customer support, quit. If you don’t like it crashing or your device being laggy, quit. Stop begging for everything to be reformed to meet your needs.. Sounds like a bunch of dang democrats wanting everything given with no effort put out.” End Quote.

      This screams of an MZ apologist and fool that easily parts with his money which is someone who has more interest in being a keyboard tough guy warrior than a game of war player. My kingdom of 527 is full of them… people too stupid to realize there are many chat programs out there that don’t require $100+ pack purchases to give you creditability (power) and influence – just good sound contribution to whatever it is you’re involved in. These types are in AC and KC all the time, mostly trolling for sexual related conversations, but are the first to cry there aren’t enough people online to push the help button or participate in a kvk ke or fill a rally, but yet are too stupid to realize the game maker and their complete lack of attention and dedication to their paying customers and source of revenue (outside of foolish venture capitalist) is the primary cause… and the comments above sounds awfully like a republican congressman when they complain about the various nonsensical things they do and have for years. The first to espouse support for big business entitlement and protection, but never want to recognize the people giving that business money do have a right to receive something reliable for that money.

      The fact is most people have left the game or are on way out… its nothing like it used to be, and its not because of the overpriced pack prices, its because the game has become so unreliable no one wants to pay the high price of making reasonable progress only to have it destroyed in one game glitch the game maker seems incapable of adequately addressing through investment in their technology. it doesn’t take an economist out of some ivory league university to realize the pack gold amounts and contents have exploded in recent months and this is only to continue to lure the remaining fools with weak minds and money and like kind views of the one above.

      This game is certified (by listing of system requirements) to run on a variety of devices on the Android and iOS platforms. Go look at those system requirements and anyone with a slight bit of knowledge will realize they are outright lies. This game has become playable on very few devices meeting those system requirements. The game reviews on the distributions sites are filled with like kind complaints, and it is highly likely the vast majority of positive reviews are planted by MZ insiders to meet metrics of some sort…. MZ can not be trusted and they have demonstrated that in so many ways…. nobody is asking for freebees… but they do deserve to get what they pay for. If you or anyone bought a $100 iTunes card and downloaded 100 songs and only 50% of them were playable on your device it would be no different. Same applies with this game.

      Take those comments back to your MZ masters… its long been rumored MZ plants moderators and accounts in all the kingdoms… I suspect you be one of them.

      • Needs give Jeff a new pamper

        Definitely not an MZ guy….You’re the first person who has said anything worth of thought…you are the only person who has said anything that wasn’t already posted on another article or in some dumb in game chatroom made by someone with 30 million power. good job for that.
        However I would challenge some key points. Have packs exploded with gold and materials as a lure or is it because people complained not enough items where in packs? Not valuable enough for $100 bucks. In return of that, prices for everything else go up. I.e: cost to make gear, do research upgrade dungeon. Simple inflation is what it is…happens in america…people cry about minimum wage and gov’t raises it. Price of goods go up in every store. Just a business strategy that continues to work as its proven time and time again.
        Further more I wouldn’t say the game is unreliable anymore then it used to be, my lag is actually a lot Better..Also I don’t get booted anywhere close to what I used to. I guess I have a certified device. Must be an apple thing. Although Apple users experience issues as well, 99% of the problem you hear are android and kindles. Well no joke! They suck…Apps flood your phone with bull crap scripts that stay there even after you delete..open source software written by some kid in moms basement using an Galaxy s4. Then it’s loaded onto 100 devices with no testing. Of course it’s full of bugs glitches, inadequate software writing that sucks at everything…From sending emails to the phone itself crashing. Add on to that all the porn, stupid stolen movies and everything else. It’s amazing you can even make a phone call or open an email app.
        I love when you got to a point of no real value you had to result to a psychological profile of me though. However everything you said was 100% wrong. Sorry to make ur tampon moist boo.

        (See what I did there)

      • “I guess I have a certified device. Must be an apple thing. Although Apple users experience issues as well, 99% of the problem you hear are android and kindles. Well no joke! They suck…”

        Interesting… I am an Apple iOS user… have 2 devices, and both are much more advanced than the purported minimum system requirement of iOS 6… they run iOS 8.4 and are capable of running the new iOS 9 – and they both run his app like shit… utter shit. Crashing within minutes of being in map view. Coincidently, the only stable way I can play is via bluestacks… and Android emulator of all things.

        You have no credibility. Go back to the MZ excuse desk and fill out a few fictitious profiles on the game sites to reach your metrics for positive review postings… you can get your Amazon gift cards as reward. Oh, and it happens aright.. its amazing the things google will pull up.

      • Just want to say
        “Se venden pastelitos de Guayaba”

  9. The game is back up.

    The blog text claims that the #1 most requested feature has been implemented. Did you guess VIP 40? You might be right, but it could also be SH22, unlimited march sizes, or actual non-worthless content for the alliance city. Guess we will find out…

  10. Aaaaaaaand the ridiculousness has been restored!! meh

  11. Glad I shielded before starting troop training. Even at 11 billion power, a tagless account might invite mischief if without shield and with hero in non-combat gear.

    • Nyra! You don’t have to worry about your shield dropping. You like your skirt too much and that invisible chastity belt of yours!

  12. Well what about the silver i will lose if i don’t transfer king title/r5 back from my alt to my main before tax? Thats at least 600m silver :/

  13. ???? they suppose tell ass advice, the game will be shot down on the moment. Please prepare yourself ???

  14. I can’t wait! Throw some more money in the fireplace, almost the same thing. LOL

  15. LOL, Athena better drop me a nice big FAT gold prize when I login!

  16. This is ridiculous, I understand regular maintenance bc I work with computers on a daily basis. Ever since the NEW TERMS and Conditions have been rolled out and forcibly implemented this game base has been shaky at best. Lag times, blank maps, Hero’s not being present when they actually are (especially during KE) getting kicked while in rallies and losing items and cores from regular updates. This is just a few of the things that everyone is complaining about. Everyone who plays GOW spends money in some sence, will this take another BOYCOTT to fix all the problems once and for all? It seems like all MZ has tried to do since the BOYCOTT is find a bigger better IRONCLAD Terms and Conditions to Ram down the players throat. MZ really needs to get there money hungry obsession under control before they lose ever player they have.

    • Has anyone noticed that lately other people will have the wrong alliance tags or that heroes that have escaped have your own alliance tags?

      I have watched heroes in other alliances going after monsters with my tag. Then others in my alliance will confirm the incorrect tag.

    • This wasnt routine maintenance. They are LIARS. Did anyone notice when the game came back up NOTHING NEW was there? and they say on the blog it was to PREPARE for something later this week? The truth is the site starting massively glitching about 12:00 midnight Pacific, then froze, and nobody could CONNECT. There was no mention of maintenance before, or even for the next 4 hrs. it was locked in the CONNECT screen. There was no message, It crashed. 4 hours later a weird image appears that 90% of people cant read, because they had to hae someone NOT with MZ create it – how do we konw? the game is VERITCALLY ORIENTED. This was created as HORIZONTAL message that said “Thanks in ADVANCE for your patience, new features coming” Guess what… THERE WAS NO ADVANCE, the message was 4 hours after crash. And the SORRY screen was sized wrong for mobile devices and formatted horizontally, which means MZ to cover ths asses – redirected the log in to an offsite webpage with the image, and 90 percent of peole with mobile got a black screen or large blown up portions of a map. Talk about damage control? But not a word from them on their twitter, facebook, or emails, or anything – NOTHING. Then it comes back up like nothing happened, and there was NO UPDATES DONE. NONE. NOT A GOD DAMN ONE OF THEM.

  17. Its been down since 8am uk time its a joke

  18. It went down on me @1:30 am Arizona time ? I am trying to be patient and failing miserably

  19. cuando sabremos si el juego esta disponible.

  20. Blablabla I want to play! ! !

  21. Shooty1 k366: this has been down since 2 am pacific standard, its 1030 wtf, im in the war in a few hours. How am i sapposed to prepare. I just lost 500 mil frome the time before last kvk from the stupid log in lag and have written mz twice a day since. I got 3 generic auto emails blaming google and my phone Samsung gal s5, then have not had a reply. Been weeks. Still writing. Their lack of funding IT department is their choice. But for their game to go down and not reimburse people for their lose is ridiculous. Now i the games.down and no news or excuses from mz. We are treated worse as paying customers than any customers anywhere.

  22. Any way look on the bright side when it comes back on line Athena will offer us as valued customers as a way of Appology for our inconvenience and as a Thankyou for our patience another amazing sale deal for £80 well suck my stump how amazingly genourous

  23. Profile photo of Troll

    MZ’s testing motto…. “We don’t test often, but when we do…WE TEST IN PRODUCTION”

    Seriously, I am praying they were hacked, memory corrupted and wiped…not like a “Hillary ass wipe” but a full on data purge….A small refund would be acceptable (50%) and I would happily give up the burden of checking my shields and watching my 2 billion power account slide in to irrelevance.

  24. Blablabla i want to play!!!

  25. Why???? My troops are not shield.???

  26. Thx for shields.

    Grtz VagrantSs

  27. I’m not worried about the shields and stuff… I have 500mil of food and don’t remember when my 50%upkeep reduction ends ? oh and btw, for those who don’t know, the semifinal of terror tournament (multiway ke in Coliseum) is supposed to start in less than 6 hours. I seriously doubt mz would do such a major update as they are claiming at such a poor timing. Something’s fishy ?

  28. There really appears to be a software/hardware upgrade problem here, and their IT people are probably running around in panic mode. Not uncommon for poorly managed or underfunded IT development departments of many companies during a failed customer-facing IT upgrade.

    The last time Machine Zone did a larger version upgrade, there were so many problems leading to frequent user device crashes (I.e, Kindle tablet constantly crashed until a fix was quietly added), it leads one to question whether MZ even conducts UAT or load testing in a parallel environment, prior to installing a new upgrade, to ascertain unforeseen coding problems…so the customer experience is never compromised!

    Or, do they just change versions “on the fly” (“Agile” IT management) and deal with the fallout…as many poorly managed IT functions do?

    As far as the hacker angle, they have got to store point-in-time backup copies in a parallel environment, which they could revert back to, if needed. Otherwise, their entire business model (and investors) hinges on a very basic operational risk.

    • They just take unnecessary risks. They have shielded behind lawyers and marketing consultants. And give a damn about customer care. I am still waiting for a simple email explaining what is going wrong (the truth) and when it is going to be fixed up.

    • they learned how to fix it later and release it now from Microsoft remember windows first version after dos… full of bugs

  29. So…. Hacked?
    When it will go back online? Any ideas?

  30. The game has had the fun sucked out of it anyway it should be called game of research the lag and crashes took all my t4 troops and lost me 150 million power and about £200 or so monetary and when you complain they respond with a auto reply basically blaming myself. Bollox if you ask me it’s done on purpose these guys are crooks and shutting them down is the best thing to happen to them .customer service sucks and all you guys striving for t4 your pissing in the wind you’ll need to spend money like fuck to get there and even more after just for research and to keep up with rescources .all the packs are rigged useless gear some have no silver or shite levels of food . All the speed ups you burn through as you find many researches are like 8 days so you use 3 x3 day speed ups wasting 24 hours scenarios like that there are never any like 12 day researches so you use four x3 days it’s always 14 days or similar you think your getting something but your not . Step back look at it a little guys we are getting screwed and it’s going down like a shit sandwich

  31. Someone on Facebook game of war group said its been down since 2 o’clock this morning that’s 11 hours ago that the hell

  32. Google is awesome!! They sent my 99.99 $ back. I want all of them back. Mmm It’s arround 2700 $ damn me!

  33. Dont tell me there is gonna be more buildings like SH22 or research……… bs!

  34. They finally posted something about it going down

  35. Well, I don’t think customer service can reply with saying it is your internet provider. btw – I am a firm believer the game plays much better on Android than apple. I play on an android phone and don’t see many glitches. Kicked out on the apple ipad constantly. (especially on the map)

  36. Quite possible that they got hacked or something very wrong happened.. otherwise they would have announced it ahead of time..

  37. We are just GOW junkies. Sorry for Them who was practice in KvK. MZ, just say that sorry for Them, and nothing Will happens

  38. This website is barely functioning too.

  39. yall killin me with all these thoughts.. I’m freakin out man

  40. I thought it was IOS 9.1 update that happened this morning, until I saw this post. This game is something else. The addiction, the frustration, the cost, the crashes…

  41. I sent the mail to Google to take my all money back. Waiting for you mail..

  42. This is now 9 hours since the game crashed. Still no official information from MZ. This is unacceptable customers treatment. Lack of respect! This is surely not caused by any updates. Are they afraid to admit that they’ve got hacked?

  43. What happens if your not shielded

  44. For all conspiracy theorists out there, how about this one: is this really a coincidence happening shortly after they released new T&C’s thinking that could stop people suing them? They knew this was going to happen and thought they could cover their asses from the people who’ve spent thousands of $ on the game. They can’t and if it is the end of GOW, MZ are In serious trouble!

  45. Chinese have hacked the system

  46. I would be perfectly happy with a credit to buy all new packs and a fresh city to build. With all I have learned since I started, I would have double the power I’m sure of it. =) Well, whatever they are doing, they should hurry up. I’m about to hard crash into withdrawal!

  47. I was on when it happen too. I was collecting the Athens gift on my accounts and all of a sudden the command buttons did not work but could go outside but could not start gathering boost or shields or anything else on the list. Chat went down first ,so I exited game and tried to get back on and it would not connect. This went on for for hours or so and like James said all that followed with a message that new features were coming and it has been almost nine hours now. It would not take nine hours to update new features. Why not just tell us the truth. It was hacked or it crashed because of all the glitches it has been having for months.

  48. I am so addicted to this game it just isn’t funny…but I’m pissed as hell cause I do believe the game crashed and that MZ is doing a massive cover up!!!!!!

  49. o servidor foi apagado durante atualização, estão tentando recuperar, devido a ataque hacker, todos os dados foram perdidos e contas zeradas, independente de reino ou poder.
    torcendo que recuperem os dados.

    I hope these CROOKS will never come back online.
    This, I hope, should save the miserable lives of their players.
    Their CON ain’t over yet, they are trying to raise $500 millions from unsuspecting investors.
    I hope they will soon be criminally investigated.

  51. Maybe they should’ve spent money on technical upgrades instead of lawyers and marketing. I agree with Troll. The best outcome is that we are all zeroed and can get back to real life.

  52. I wonder if this is what they meant when they told us they were improving “customer service”?

  53. seriously?

  54. Agree with Troll. Everyone getting zeroed would be the best result so we can stop feeding the MZ cash machine once and for all. Upgrading features? LOL. I’ll bet they add another useless monster set just to cover their tracks.

  55. 007 James Bond told everything here. Awesome jobe James!

    I think the game hacked by a group. This is not about new features for sure!

    In my opinion this hacker group and MZ are negotiating right now. I believe that they want money for that. Just an idea. If MZ don’t give the money to them, bye bye to all accounts!

  56. This isn’t about new features. They may cover it up with that releasing their Halloween features, but here is what really happened as it went down. About 12:40 pacific time game gets sluggish, buttons stopped working, game glitches get worse. About 12:50 pacific game goes dark. No message about upgraded features. The game stalls in loading screen – for over 4 hours. No word at all during this time from mz. Then a mysterious image starts to appear 4 hrs in. It’s black screen for some, blown up map for others. Only on tablets can you see what it is. An incorrectly (horizontal not game of war oriented vertical image) created message that says thanks “in advance” for your patience new features coming. This horizontally incorrectly sized for mobile screen resolutions was thrown up in a panic and is apparently only visible to about 10 percent of all game users. They may be adding new features but that is not what started this with no advance warning. The game hard crashed people. And it’s taken over 7 plus hours to this point and still no fix.

  57. I just hope it is back soon.

  58. Profile photo of Troll

    maybe everyone will be zeroed and we can all stop this madness

    • Don’t worry, april 2014 this happened several times. There is just a datamismatch on the several servers, so they have to synchronise the databases, and that takes some hours. After you will get some excuse bonuses and at least a 24h shield protection, after that your account is shielded untill first login. (sorry for my swinglish, native swiss)

      Sonnenstudio kingdom shadowland “144

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