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    First of all I would like to thanked Mr slaggy as owner of this informative website.
    I am still new to this game and haven’t figure what should i do to attack.
    I am Level 19 stronghold inprogress to Level 20
    My troops is bellow 200k mix T1 10% T2 30% T3 60%

    Here is my question :
    If I attack a city should I send all troops at once or send it partially?
    Since my troops so little I can send all at once

    Next question if target city has more troops than traps what is the best way to compose my attack? to minimize my lost Like should I send siege first follow by infantry, range, etc

    Last question, which power matter when we attack and defense? (Building, troops, quest, boost, research)?

    Thank you for giving time to answer me.

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    1) Yes, definitely attack with all your troops – there is a small safety in numbers effect in the game.

    2) Attack with all your troops. Although don’t send siege if their traps don’t pose a threat.

    3) It depends – research power helps combat only if you have researched combat research. Troops power always has an impact. Quest power never has an impact.

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    Thank Mr Slaggy for taking time to answer my question.
    Do you have advice for small player like me?
    Thank in advance

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    Hi, main advice is a) always keep your building, research and training queues full b) keep your hero and troops protected at all times and c) don’t attack anyone you can’t beat convincingly until you are confident you know what the outcome will roughly be

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    To be honest, with your troop setup I would do very little attacking as there is not much you can beat without taking loses. imho – it would be better to do the following:

    1) Make sure you have as many beds as possible
    2) Get to level 20 so you can rally your full 200k
    3) Scout empty cities near where you are attacking and light them up with 1-man attacks
    4) Get the enemy to attack you where you have the advantage of beds
    5) If an enemy attacks you that is simply too big then fake rally against him. It will look like he just destroyed you when in reality he has done zero damage except maybe grabbed some resources. 1000 times I have seen smaller players jump in the action and follow the bigger player in. Unrally for the small player and crush them. Then if a bigger player attacks again rerally. If you get good at this you can pick off weak attacks within a second and never expose yourself to the attacks of the big players. You can score millions of kills this way.

    One of my favorite moments of the game was when I had only 200k t3s and would play the fake rally game. A 1B player was hitting me and I kept fake rallying on him. Then the smaller players from his alliance kept hitting me and I kept crushing them. It was awesome to see the black smoke on the waves right after the wave of the 1b player. Did this 5 or 6 times in a row.

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