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    I screwed up my build and my hospitals are too far along. I have 5 barracks that I can get to 2500 max since I will stay SH20. that leaves me at 12.5k max. That is way to few for a 3-day speed up.

    Either I will waste a lot of speed up or I will need to find a way to increase capacity.

    Any ideas?


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    Why are you planning on staying on SH20? You only need three lvl 21 barracks for a 3 day speed due to the huge capacity boost at SH21. This free up two additional buildings for you. The only other way is the troop training capacity research which gives you a moderate increase.

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    Because no one thinks twice about hitting a 20. I have kept my trap at 20 even though I am one click away from 21 and could add a ton of beds and training capacity. In my first kvk I played for only a few hours and I scored 215 million while giving up only about 1 million in points (took a second hit from a 3B player and pushed slightly past my hospitals). If I had played more I am sure I could have gotten between 500m – 1b points.

    My partner has a lvl21 that is similar to mine but 5m more powerful and lots more beds. In same amount of time he scored only 125m kvk points. I would rather be lvl 20 and be able to destroy any single shot from any player on the board or be much bigger and be able to kill any rally. I wouldn’t want to be inbetween.

    To the original poster, I did the exact same thing. I just ate it and trained the t3s at lower capacity and wasted a lot of 3-days. cheaper and less hassle than restructuring the buildings. I only have 600k t3s though. Everything else I train now is t1s and I just burn 1k gold on 15 hour speedups for about 10k t1s.

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