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    My in-game friend in Kingdom 523/Walenty, Kit Kat, stated that under no circumstances should one dismiss their T1 troops. Rather than dismissing them, Kat stated that a player should instead let them die in battle so that they are not wasted.

    I responded to her as follows:

    I respectfully yet strongly disagree, so here are two scenarios for your consideration.


    You are a 10 bil account with 4 million T1s. KVK ends in 5 minutes and your rally on the Walenty wonder with perfect Emerald cores will hit in 4 minutes, 1 minute prior to the end of KVK. Your cores are better than theirs, but if your rally doesn’t hit the Shrine the outlander’s will control your wonder for 3 days.

    Scenario one, “The Kat Conjecture.”

    The outlander’s set rally on you. If you burn you are auto ported out of the wonder and the rally is stopped, and they control the wonder with insufficient time to retake.

    If that rally hits you will lose those t1s, burn, and it’s game over for the wonder. Remember, your SH is naked with zero hero combat boosts since you are rallying.

    Kat said she would never dismiss T1s, so if she was the rally leader she would not dismiss the 5mil T1s (a loss of 10mil SH power), the hundreds of dollars required to acquire those perfect Emerald cores would be wasted, and the entire kingdom would watch the KVK clock end, with her SH burning and outlander’s celebrating on the KC at the conquering of our Shrine, mocking the folly of her wasted and expensive cores set, not to mention all of the outlander heroes that were freed from her prison.

    Scenario two, “The Celt Corollary.”

    The outlander’s set rally, but before it hits Celt dismisses the 5 mil T1s, captures the rally leaders hero, the rally knocks the outlander’s from the wonder, he becomes King of Walenty, and he holds onto the heroes that will provide a prison boost and subsequent altar boosts after executions.


    During a wonder battle if you dismiss the T1s before the rally hits, you will not burn since the outlander rally will kill half the number of T2s. If you are smaller the same would hold true but you may need to also dismiss the T2s so that the rally will kill 33% fewer troops when it hits the T3 wall.

    This is not an unrealistic scenario, it happens all of the time, as any rally leader with wonder battle experience will tell you.

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