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    I am looking for some advice as i progress in the game.
    i am currently sh14 andare really maxed out on building and wall traps. all researches (except set bonus) are maxed out as well.
    i am current researching set bonus level 6, which gives atleast 580k research power per research. The research event that i currently see (inferno, kvk, solo), all are way too easy for me to complete with such researches. i think i do not get enough benefits/rewards if i complete these researches now (max event points needed are about 1.5mil while with these researches a can make over 2.5mil points). i am bieng told that i should first max out before going to the next level, but i feel i can use these researches better in higher level. what would you recommend? going to sh15 or stil staying at sh14 and completing these researches before moving ahead? i am not sure how difficult sh15-17 events would be (compared towhat i have now).


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