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    Is there some kind of trick to killing Mythic Griffin monsters? I can kill Behemoth monsters after boosting my streak to its max with individual hits it usually takes 4-5 max hits. However, no matter what I do I cannot get indiviual hit on Mythic Griffins above 0.02 and max hit above 1.04 or so. This is with my own streak at max of 1380 and alliance streak at or near 5000. I cannot imagine this is how it is supposed to be, especially where behemoth monster are worth more points. Please let me know if you have had similar experience or if you have more success let me know what you are doing….thanks

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    Father Snake

    Hey… I had the same problem today.. was hitting it like crazy and like you i was maxed out and still i only took 1.88 from it ! and that was after 20 double hits with full power (3,300,000 energy) after a half an hour i gave up ! And it still had around 70 % left !?
    Crazy if you ask me…

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