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    I am about 125M power with T4 unlocked. I have reached level 50 here so I am starting to concentrate in my hero gear. I am in the top alliance in my kingdom which should be opening up for kvk anytime now.

    There are so many recommendations on gear, but not sure what to do. For background, I ahve unlocked t4 strat traps. I have regular t4 troops strat not well researched. I have blanced troops – about 1.2M t3 and 500k t4 right now. I like to attack, but obviously dont want to get destroyed. I have 280k beds also.

    What gear should I build?? I am opening chests now. Point me in the right direction.

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    If you build gear high up in the best combat gear list you won’t go too wrong. The stuff near the top is the best gear going. If in doubt, choose stuff from the defensive list:

    The Best Combat Gear

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