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    I have a 30M account SH lvl 20 with 200k T3s. Zero traps. My research is pretty high (eg, maxed combat tree for my level), decent equipment, lvl 4 cores, good gems, etc. 200k hospital beds,

    My goal is the game is simply body count. I just drop into hives and start killing. My kill total for last 2 weeks is 6.4 million. People simply cant believe the punch I have when they attack and I slaughter attacks from any non t4 attack. 60M players attack without even thinking, which is awesome. Inevitably, a monster player will get involved and I will have to fake rally quick. Then their weaker friends follow and I cancel the rally and slaughter them.

    However, I want to effectively absorb a single 250k wave of T4s at my level with T3s. Is this possible? If so, what tactics do I use?


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    Never mind. Your guides answer this all perfectly.

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    Great – glad they are of use!

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    Our three killer trap accounts all read them and we are modifying our play. We are already some of the higher kill players in our kingdom. And we will get nastier because of your guides.

    It will be weird adjusting my play because I cannot use the fake rally like I do now. now, I absorb anything but T4 attacks. When T4s come I rally and then I instantly unrally to the inevitable smaller player who follows behind thinking the monster hurt me.

    30 million is such a sweet spot to play at. I get to fight all the time and people will engage. I watch the bigger players and they mostly stare at each other or simply steam roll small players.

    Your site is just great.

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    Just curious. So following your guide I will build 2M T1s and 500k T3 and max traps at SH20. Research already optimized. Soon lvl 50 with good gear. 500k or so beds.

    How many 250 T4 waves can I get hit with in a row before I started losing?
    How many 375 waves?

    Watching the big alliances, I see that they usually hit an account like mine with a single wave headhunting for heroes. However, I am guessing as soon as I smoke a wave from one of the big boys I will be on the radar and they will counter with multiple attacks and such.

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      I see this is an older thread, but remember, in the turtle analysis few of the turtles actually “won” [smoked] the defense in GOW anaysis, but would certainly win in points and RSS count.

      So, “smoke a wave” may not be as easy as it sounds jUtah.

      BTW, Slaggy et al, best damn site ever for GOW. Thank you so much.

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