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Fix it Up, MZ


As a follow-up to yesterday’s open letter from K442 to Machine Zone, K326 has taken a more direct route to giving MZ feedback that they feel there are things that need to be FIXED UP.

K326 has asked for MZ to FIX IT UP, in the most direct way they could think of.  With a mass tree-hugging sit-in at the 326 wonder, spelling out FIX IT UP, MZ.  They are clearly focused on fixing bugs / crashes / glitches, with the majority of the stronghold names focused on performance-related issues that K326 considers needs addressing to improve platform stability.

We expect that K326 will be happy to hear that MZ has acknowledged some performance related issues, as outlined in their blog post, and as covered on the prior post showing the performance related changes MZ are making around catching more bugs, optimising scouts, and monitoring the super wonder performance.

But without further ado, here is the visual message to MZ to fix it up.

Fix it up MZ

I can’t remember see that many tree loving hippies in a forest since Woodstock.  🙂

I must admit, as an alliance member with the tags fu^, I am extremely proud that there are people in K326 who might want to consider joining fu^, and help fix it up.  This may be the first voluntary expression of a desire to merge kingdoms.  Those in K466 would love to welcome people from K326 who like to fix things up.

Methinks K326 deserves some kind of extraordinary kingdom wide-boost for this KvK performance.  K442, your effort was truly EPIC.  K326, this effort of coordination (and photo-merging), has moved into LEGENDARY territory.  Anyone kingdoms willing to go try and top K326 and knock them back down to EPIC?




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  1. Im glad I havent spent almost nothing in this game, however im an active player with currently 6 accounts( 1 of them 1.1 b power, rest mainly farms) and havent spent a single 100USD pack, only a couple of 5 and 25USD packs…

  2. Recent game update broke GOW for me. Now it doesnt even load anymore. Just black screen… Stupid MZ.. useless bunch of fools there

    • Profile photo of James

      Me too!! I still can’t even open the freaking app! I’ve sent them at least 10 emails but they never reply.

      • Check your storage memory. Your device still requires a certain amount of free space to run the app and with the new updates that amount has increased. My device done the same thing once and after I deleted some stuff it started working again. My device has been working fine since the last update. Can’t really tell any difference in the load time they claim would speed up though.

  3. Picture merging

  4. actually, we should never see a pink fireball ever again. The introduction of useless materials that do nothing but act as “filler” materials to stop you from getting useful materials is one of the biggest cheat moves ive ever seen in a game. It’s the equivalent of getting an empty chest

  5. And, for what it’s worth…the absolute minimum standard for “Has MZ really fixed anything?” should be never seeing a spinning fireball ever again. The game needs much more than that but the spinning fireball has got to go.

  6. @IanKing

    The thing is, for $200+ per week, Game of Spending should be the most incredibly awesome thing in the entire universe. Better than sex. So great that you would take a pass on free pizza and beer for life. The television ads would have you believe that it’s a fantastically immersive 3D, hi-def experience where you are the master of your domain. Plus Kate Upton.

    But the reality is quite different. What you get is a 2D environment (well, duh) that freezes and crashes if you move around too quickly in map view mode. The lion’s share of your time is spent doing research and its damn near impossible to acquire competitive battle gear without spending literally thousands of dollars. The reality is that this game dominates your every free moment, you are shackled to it lest you slip up and lose everything.

    If something in the game should go wrong and you end up losing your investment then you can count on a dismissive and condescending reply from the world class MZ customer service pukes…”it’s YOUR internet connection that failed” or “it’s YOUR device that was at fault.” I have heard rumors that some players actually get MZ mistakes corrected but I’ve never met one in a year of playing. MZ doesn’t care how much you spend, they almost never admit error and make things right…an action that would cost them nothing because they sell virtual goods.

    I have never seen a company like this before. They are aggressively hostile toward their customers. Dealing with MZ (whether playing the game or attempting to correct a problem) is amazingly similar to an IRS audit. Or getting the Post Office to admit they lost your stuff. Or anything at the DMV. Or a root canal. Getting a colonoscopy is more fun than this game. And cheaper.

    So, yeah…I want to see a more reasonable cost along with everything else that this boycott is supposed to stand for. If I’m going to be treated worse than used toilet paper it had better cost me a lot less than every penny they can squeeze out of me.

  7. MZ weekend – inferno ‘double gold’ but forgot to mention they put the top tier all the way up to 70M. synopsis fail. The inferno is a pretty high bar to reach. The prizes were good, but as Stayalive said – need the inferno’s reachable.

    Monsters – double rewards and better drops. fail. WHen hitting monsters didn’t see better drop rates. I did notice the tiles were twice as large for RSS, but people want the materials, cores, pieces, not RSS. (Can’t comment on mat’s as I have been on mostly gold monster tiles.)

    Lag – haven’t attacked, but did have some wierd issues with the app. Leaving the game seemed to be harder, had to hit exit three times.

    No comment on trading – Fail. Trading materials, etc is a HUGE request. NOthing on the blog about it.

    – what are others opinions on MZ’s ‘quick’ fixes?

  8. Kind of like the mass exodus that is going to happen if Donald trump gets elected president.people are gearing up to leave in droves. That’s what they said would happen with Obama. We all have our passports renewed for that particular catastrophe,now mz are you prepared when we all leave in a mass exodus as well,because your day of reckoning is here.

  9. whole heartedly agree with this Max


  11. Max, I have to agree. A good game shouldn’t be 200.00 a week. Actually I think something like Clash of clans is pretty good, 20.00 a month or so. I like the game, but glad I noticed the cost before I got too deep into it.

  12. Yeah – the game kick off. To me, anytime a mobile app throws me out of game play to the home screen, it’s a crash… It has stopped functioning no matter how anyone defines it. No message about losing connection, no resync, no spinning circle, just boom – the game is off screen and needs to be relaunched – not resumed, but completely restarted. Typically it happens at most critical times when operating in map view and it is chronic, repeatable and predictable, and it IS the biggest problem plaguing this game. I read the comments about the other stuff that can be improved regarding everything under the sun – I call that wish lists and game improvements – but fact is, none of it matters if people can’t stay in the game long enough to play it without constant drops and interruptions. The latest update in blog proclaims something has been fixed – well, I am here to tell you now, whatever they say they fixed isn’t the root cause of anything and the crash in map view continues as if nothing was done. So before MZ goes patting itself on the back, perhaps they should acknowledge the stability problems are still being investigated and they will get the game stable and treat it as priority number #1 – until MZ provides a concise acknowledgment and there are measurable results and noticeable improvements I will continue to “buy no packs” and it’s not hard for me to not participate in anything because I can’t do much that requires using a map view. I encourage everyone to stay strong to the convictions of the boycott. It obviously has got MZ attention – and it speaks volumes about the company when it takes a mass exodus of voluntary spending for them to react and address something that’s been communicated to them for weeks on end. It’s even worse to know that it took the involvement of what’s been described as their biggest paying customer, stayalive77 to get it on their radar. I also encourage those reading this to communicate in their respective kingdoms about this forum and remind them it is bigger than one person… The “it’s not affecting me” attitude is prevalent in my kingdom and so I see some even within my own alliance continuing to support MZ with buying packs. Politely remind them their support of MZ by doing so does nothing to motivate the game maker to change direction and start respecting and being responsive to all paying customers, not just the one or two that happen to spend the most.

  13. I have been in a similar position to Max below, but I am passed “that” point have have given up my 1.3b account. Why? As has been made very clear the game is utterly pay to win now..and it needs CONTINUOUS money. As soon as you stop throwing money at the game you fall behind very quickly. Plus if you forget a shield…you could be zero’d in 10 minutes! Where’s the fun in that?? This game was great 2 years ago when people got zero’d all the time and recovered in, like 2 days! People solo’d people all the time and there was a lively feeling about the game. You could log in…and get your kicks attacking people no bother….now….hardly any solo attack opportunities exist other that dead accounts for RSS.

    But. Alas. Money and greed has taken over…and the Game of Research has taken over which is a crazy money pit. I’m glad to be rid of it!

    I’m now back playing Clash of Clans for my kicks…oops….I need some gems…ahh £7.99….thats better…and will last weeks….

    Oh and the “fixes” as stated by MZ at present does smack of a number of temporary “carrots” to get people back on board. I do not see any real “changes” to help the fundamental game issues….and thats before talking about server/stability/glitch issues…

  14. I have been complaining to Mz since February 2014, in particular regarding how the game kicks me off. When reviewing my responses it was always by the same person. Wondering if Mz only has 1 helpdesk person. However, as I’m typing this msg I just got kicked off again.

  15. Kingdom #589 here we are also protesting the bs.I hope all kingdoms do the same

  16. We don’t mind political correctness on this site if thats what it takes to see the photo online 🙂
    Chacul k326

  17. Second what Daz said lol. “F.U.” means the same thing universally as far as I know.

  18. Lag? Glitches? Crashes? Very important, I’m sure, to the big spenders. Me? I have a different issue.

    I want an affordable and enjoyable game playing experience. Currently, GOW does not provide that. Right now a player has to spend at least $200 a week in order to be competitive. Does anyone besides me think that it’s ridiculous to spend more on GOW every month than what is needed for groceries? Seriously?

    Now, I know that the value of money is relative and that what’s a lot to one person is little or nothing to another. Put the cost of this “game” in perspective, though: You can comfortably make payments on a very decent car for what it costs to be competitive at GOW. Let that sink in for a minute. It’s a game. And by all accounts (as evidenced by other comments), not a very good one.

    I’ve played for nearly a year and unless changes are made to its affordability I am done with it. What do I mean by this? Before I answer…some perspective: I am at close to a billion power with about 7 million troops. I have SOME of the better battle gear but not a complete set of anything. I have a lot of research done but thanks to the ever-increasing trees I will probably never finish. I am at hero56 and VIP13. To get there I have (stupidly) spent a lot. And yet, I still can’t compete. Why? Because although I would have been competitive at this level 90 days ago I am not now. And it will only worsen in another three months.

    But I’m done spending what I’ve spent. I am on a 30-day shield as of a couple of days ago. When that shield expires, unless significant changes to affordability have happened, I’m done. Screw this.

    To me, an affordable pay-to-play game should be more in the $20-$50 per week range, preferably less.

    So that’s my issue. And I don’t think I’m alone in this. Am I? Feel free to respond.

  19. Jeff, B,
    The full screen pack advertisement does take a while to load and have the same issue of hitting the ‘x’ multiple times and seeing the gold store.

    I do not think MZ would change the pack advertisement. It entices peopel to buy the packs if one is interesting. At least I understand there rational. An improvement would be to move the ‘x’.

    The blog improvements sounded good, will have to see how they play out over the weekend. No word on trading materials, cores, peices gems. I sent a message to MZ, at least allow this within the alliance through the alliance city. no reponse yet.

  20. Ah dammit. I was the bottom point of the Z but i ported out to farm for a bit when this screen shot was taken! The Z is back to being complete LOL sorry

  21. I am Mac4War from BF first of all let me thank our leader Killa Cronic for this superb idea secondly we love war constant war 24/7 bring on any merger
    Feed me war 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. LMAO, that’s awesome but I’m pretty sure “FU MZ!” Doesn’t mean “Fix it Up MZ!” LOL

  23. I also forgot to say this was thought up by the alliance BF and we all jumped in to help. Thanks for the article insidegameofwar we greatly appreciate it

  24. I hope this isn’t a duplicate post. But we all had fun putting that message together. Elcinia – kingdom 326

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