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Fire Age 2015 – Gear Review

Game of War – Fire Age Gear Review


The new Fire Age 2015 gear is insane. Both in terms of boosts and costs. I thought it was worth reviewing them all together as the conclusions are going to be fairly similar – superb but ridiculously expensive.

The Fire Age 2015 gear was released in February 2015 and is comprised of 5 items. The boosts are all excellent and silver costs vary from 200 million to 450 million (!). It introduces 6 news boosts – troop specific defense debuff and troop specific attack debuff. They follow the theme of promoting the use of infantry by debuffing cavalry and boosting infantry. They use mostly Fire Age Flames as materials which can only be obtained from Fire Age Chests. Like the previous Fire Age gear, they normally combine strong combat boosts with excellent economic boosts such as research speed or troop training speed.

Char Crusher Review

The Char Crusher is the only item to not make it onto the best combat items list. This is partly due to having two defense debuff boosts which are some of the least effective combat boosts. It is still clearly excellent but there are much better and cheaper weapons out there. It does however replace the Scythe  as the number 1 Research Weapon.  Slightly easier to build than the other Fire Age items.

Hero Level50
Item SlotWeapon
EventFireage 2015
 BoostsLvl. 6Overall Ranking
Research Speed16%16
Infantry Attack50%4
Strat Infantry Attack50%4
Enemy Ranged Defense Debuff20%2
Enemy Cavalry Defense Debuff20%3
Strat Enemy Ranged Defense Debuff20%2
Strat Enemy Cavalry Defense Debuff20%3
Horn Red Flame Blue Flame Gold Flame

 Hell Vent Helm Review

The Hell Vent Helm is ridiculous and probably my favourite item in the set. Following along the lines of the Reaper’s Hood, it combines excellent combat boosts with an excellent research boost making it a true all-rounder. The 62% upkeep reduction will be greatly appreciated by some as well. It tops the attack and suicide list and comes third in the defensive list. It is also the #2 helmet for research and #4 for upkeep reduction. This is actually doesn’t seem expensive at 200m and it ‘only’ needs three flames.

Hero Level50
Item SlotHelmet
EventFireage 2015
BoostsLvl. 6Overall Ranking
Research Speed38%3
Upkeep Reduction62%2
Infantry Attack55%1
Troop Health40%2
Strat Infantry Attack55%1
Strat Health40%2


Pigs FootPurple Flame Blue Flame Black Flame

Lava Wielders Review

The Lava Wielders completely change the playing field for combat accessories. Previously the accessory slot was always slightly inferior for combat boosts but no more. The Lava Wielders are the best combat accessory by a mile and tops the Attack, Defense and Suicide list. Insanely hard to build but well worth it as these are so much better than the Violent Beauty Wings or Enchanted Bracelets. Crafting Speed boost is probably the least useful of the economic boosts but who the hell cares.

Hero Level50
Item SlotAccessory
EventFireage 2015
BoostsLvl. 6Overall Ranking
Infantry Attack15%31
Troop Attack35%4
Troop Health35%12
Strat Infantry Attack15%31
Strat Attack35%4
Strat Health35%12
Enemy Ranged Defense Debuff20%2
Strat Enemy Ranged Defense Debuff20%2
Crafting Speed20%3


Blue Flame Blue Flame Black Flame Gold Flame


Molten Core Cage Review

The Molten Core Cage is clearly intended as the flagship gear of the Fire Age line. A few months ago buying this much silver would have cost you about $300. And lets not get started on the three Blue Flames.  Whilst the combat boosts are clearly very good, it only just sneaks onto the attack list in 5th place. It doesn’t offer much of a challenge to Hera’s Gown’s number 1 spot despite costing 10 times as much. However, it does claim #1 spot for troop training boost which is arguably the most desirable boost at the moment.  This is a little hard to recommend because of the price unless you really want the troop training boost.

Hero Level50
Item SlotArmor
EventFireage 2015
Lvl. 6Overall Ranking
Troop Training Speed26%1
Infantry Attack40%7
Strat Infantry Attack40%7
Enemy Cavalry Defense Debuff25%2
Strat Enemy Cavalry Defense Debuff25%2
Enemy Cavalry Attack Debuff25%1
Strat Enemy Cavalry Attack Debuff25%1


Red Flame Blue Flame Blue Flame Blue Flame

Slag Stomper Boots Review

The Slag Stomper Boots are superb and along with the Hell Vent Helm are the highlight of the Fire Age 2015 set. The combat boosts are excellent, putting it top of the Attack and Suicide lists, and 2nd on the Defense list. 85% March Speed boost is a hell of a lot of fun as well. Like the Hell Vent Helm, this is one of the cheaper items in the set ‘only’ requiring 3 flames and 200m silver.

Hero Level50
Item SlotFeet
EventFireage 2015
Lvl. 6Overall Ranking
March Speed85%2
Infantry Attack35%13
Troop Health30%20
Strat Infantry Attack35%13
Strat Health30%20
Enemy Cavalry Defense Debuff26%1
Strat Enemy Cavalry Defense Debuff26%1


ClawRed FlameBlue FlameBlack Flame


Start saving now. There is a back and forth between core gear and standard gear. Every time one takes the lead, new gear is released to address the balance. Whilst these are still no match for lvl 6 cores, they does close the gap somewhat. Realistically these are only available to big spenders – even if you could get hold of the silver, the flames will only come from opening hundreds and hundreds of Fire Age chests.

Not all of them top their respective combat lists, the Molten Core Cage and Char Crusher are actually outdone by cheaper alternatives (although do compensate slightly with excellent economic boosts). The caveat to this though is if you find yourself defending with mostly infantry against a solo cavalry attack. In this scenario the fire age gear really comes into its own. Note: don’t attack with cavalry if you see someone wearing Fire Age gear (attack with ranged!).

Update: With the release of Xena’s Valentine Gear I have downgraded the value of this set slightly

Game of War - Fire Age Gear Review The new Fire Age 2015 gear is insane. Both in terms of boosts and costs. I thought it was worth reviewing them all together as the conclusions are going to be fairly similar - superb but ridiculously expensive. The Fire Age 2015 gear…




Both outrageously good and outrageously expensive.

User Rating: 3.41 ( 12 votes)


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  1. I hate you salt !!!! I failed 4 times

  2. MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

    Also spent 2K for the chests, had no idea about the drop rate being changed over time. Right now, Fire Age Epic Chests seems the worst value, and Xenas Legendary Chests are the best value. I was shocked when i found out the Legendary Chests gave 4-6 Mats. Even when they are only 50-75 chests,theyre better than several packs including over 100 Epic Chests,because those give mostly 1 and 2 mats. If only Xenas Legendary gave Parchments and Ripped Hearts

    • They need tiers of gear for spenders and super spenders. Xena is is for the former. Would be cool to see a pack with legendary fire age chests. If that day ever came it would be a ridiculously low quantity. And the blue flames would still drop at an impposible rate just like wax did with the legendary Xena chests. I think the time will come for me to stop chasing an extra 5-20% in regular gear. More important to focus on troop composition moving forward.

  3. No I didn’t notice any increase with Open All – I have noticed that there is definitely a variance on certain items however. I’m sure they intentionally suppress the odds on select materials and change that % as needed. Once new stuff comes out and they need to increase parity you will see the drop % go back up. This is very common in MMO games. They can’t blow there load and have everyone running around in full fire age gear. They need lunatics like us who spend $2k trying to get a piece of gear. Once they milk the whales long enough they lower the barrier of entry to the unwashed masses and then entice the whales with new ridiculous stuff and then we all rinse and repeat. I had your experience with the inferno arm bands. Anyway didn’t mean to turn this Into an anti MZ rant but I’m feeling better already haha.

    • I’ve always wondered if they throttle’d “luck” or if it just seems that way as the demand increases when new gear is released requiring a rare mat. Like with wax this season, it sure felt throttled but the demand also went up 1000% with the release of almost a dozen items requiring the material. I feel your pain with the inferno armband! Now obsolete :/, mine have monster gems on them now 🙁

  4. I spent $2k trying to get the demascus steel sword and another $2k for one lava wielder. Those blue flames are crazy. But I feel the chests a slightly luckier now than before. I got a lvl 5 blue flame the other day. I’m curious to see if people report any variances in “chest luck” with the open all option. I opened 2600 chests with open all last night and was shocked how many lvl 1’s there were laid out in front of me with the new open-summary report. Maybe opening them manually provides a certain mental game where you feel luckier when you get something good and ignore the rest. I really enjoy your gear reviews, thanks for sharing.

  5. Blue flame is the new wax. Crafted Slag Stomper Boots and Hell Vent Helm using Level 5 blues, playing the crafting lottery at 80/20, and won both times. Will wait patiently for Lava wielders. The others hold no interest.

  6. That’s more accurate…it’s probably 1-3k chests per level 6 blue flame. But you don’t need to wait for gold…I made 6 out of the 7 pieces (haven’t made chest yet) using level 5 blue flames. Even used a level 4 blue flame on one of them. Was very lucky, didn’t fail on any of them.

  7. MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

    “Only available from opening hundreds and hundreds of Fire Age chests”

    Try thousands and thousands . Ive opened more than 2000, and I still dont have a SINGLE Level 6 Blue Flame,and no more than 3 of the others.I have dozens and dozens of Level 6 Fire Gems I cant use . They are the most rigged chests in the game. Stay far away unless you are willng to spend $10000 just on packs with Fire Age chests in them ( 150 each,but I am only seeing 75 each since the Super Bowl ad ) to get them all.

    MZ delights in ripping its customers off in the name of profit .

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