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Guide to Finding Materials

Looking For a Specific Material in Game of War?Materials

Where do I find x material? It is a common question in Game of War. The standard materials are the only ones that you can regularly get hold of all year round. Trying to get hold of a specific seasonal or monster material is much harder as we will see.

Type of Materials

There are three types of materials:

  • Standard Materials
  • Seasonal Materials
  • Monster Materials

We’ll start by looking at Standard Materials:

Standard Materials

The two most reliable ways to get standard materials are to either farm their associated tile, or from quests by using Daily Chances. You can also get them from chests, by winning battles and from gifts.

Farming Tiles for Materials

The standard materials and their associated tiles are:

Cloth – Quarry, Stone
Feather – Logging Camp, Wood
Glass – Mine, Ore
Hide – Farm, Food
Jewelry – Quarry, Stone/a>
Leather – Logging Camp, Wood
Marble – Quarry, Stone
Metal– Mine, Ore
Parchment – Farm, Food
Plating – Mine, Ore
String – Farm, Food
Timber – Logging Camp, Wood

In addition, farming Forts for Silver can provide any of the materials above.

Improving Your Chances of Finding a Specific Material

There are a lot claims about the best way to improve your chances of getting materials from tiles including:

  1. Sending more troops than are required to clear the tile
  2. Sending specific types of troops to specific tiles
  3. Farming full tiles rather than part empty tiles

I am doubtful any of these make a difference. It seems unlikely that MZ would spend the money on designing, implementing and testing features that frankly make little sense. The only way to know for sure would be through extensive data collection. If I had to speculate, I would bet on a much more straightforward approach. The way that would make sense from a programming point of view is very simple. As you are farming a tile you see the resources ‘tick’ up every second or so. Every one off these ticks has a (very low) chance of finding one of the materials above. The chance of finding a lvl 1 material is much less than 1% per tick. The chances of finding higher level materials is even lower. The would explain why sometimes you come back with multiple materials.

If this is the case, the only way to increase the quantity of materials from tiles is to gather more and to gather quicker (i.e. more ticks per second). It is worth noting that higher levels clear more quickly so will have more ticks per second.

MZ have said that higher level tiles are more likely to reward higher level materials, so whilst not directly rewarding more materials, they will reward better materials.

Higher level tiles also contain more materials and therefore take more ‘ticks’ to clear. This would explain why you do come back with materials more frequently from higher level tiles vs. lower level ones.

Materials from Quests

Daily, Alliance and VIP quests are a great way of getting extra materials. Each quest has a relatively high chance of awarding a material (or gem or piece/core).

At 50,000 loyalty each, Daily chances are a very cost effective way of obtaining more materials and much more efficient than buying material chests.

See here for more info on Quests and tips on using Daily Chances.

Materials from Winning Battles

You can also obtain materials, gems and core/pieces from winning battles. For most players, winning a battle is not as easy to come by as daily chances but nonetheless, winning an attack does reliably award a prize. If you regularly attack a farm for resources consider keeping some troops/traps that you regularly heal/replace. No materials will be awarded if no traps/troops are lost.

Materials from Chests

There are 4 types of chests that award standard materials:

Common: lvl 1-3

Medium: lvl 2-4

Rare: lvl 3-5

Epic: lvl 1-6

Rare chests are much better than Epic chests as Epic chests are much more likely to award low level materials. (As is reflected in their price – Rare chests are unsurprisingly more expensive).

In my opinion chests are never worth buying. Daily Chances are a much more cost effective way of finding materials of all levels. If you get chests included in a gold package or as part of an event prize then great – just don’t buy them.

Materials from Gifts

Materials are one of the potential rewards found in gifts. The higher level the gift, the higher level the material that may be awarded. Alliance Gift Level increases the chance of receiving higher level materials.


Seasonal and Monster Materials

Seasonal and monster materials are much harder to come by.  They can only be obtained from monsters and chests.

Seasonal materials are the easier to find of the two and are roughly split into Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Each is obtainable within a three month window.

Monster materials are harder to find – they can only be found from their corresponding monster. Monsters typically hang around for 2  – 4 weeks. Some (but not all) are repeated multiple times throughout the year. Monsters may also award seasonal materials.

I would like to know if some materials are rarer than others (such as ripped heart). Please let me know if you have any evidence.

Materials from Monsters

Materials are awarded by Monsters in three ways:

1) Hitting the Monster

2) Farming the tile left behind after killing the Monster

3) From the gift awarded to your alliance after killing the Monster

To obtain higher level materials, hit/kill higher level monsters.

For all of the materials on this site, I have specified which monsters/events they come from.  Unfortunately some of them only come around once per year, so if you are looking for a specific one make sure you don’t miss the window.

Materials from Chests

As per normal materials, seasonal and monster materials can be found in chests. Materials related to a specific monster/event can only be found in their corresponding chest and this is the only way of finding these materials out-of-season. Gold packs and events will often award out-of-season chests as prizes.   You can also buy these chests but as per normal chests they are very poor value for money.

A Note on Alliance Cities

It hasn’t been announced yet but there are rumours that Alliance Cities will allow the storage and trading of materials. This would be awesome.

About the author

Slaggy, founder of insidegameofwar.com and all around game enthusiast.

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  7. I’m looking for Vile Wrapping material and was wondering if anyone knew where is might find it!

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    Shaggy, I am trying to find the following Ancient Coin, Golden Wheat, Gold Blessing. Fiend Jaw. Imperial Gold, Forming Chisel, Eyes if Intellect, Chisel. I can not find any of them on this site. How do I liik them up, please?

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  14. I just want to know where to find ancient coins…..

  15. Which packets contain strongboxes?

    • Any package about alliance city, because you’re going to use them there. Also you can buy them in the alliance store for 10.5 million loyalty points or in the bazaar for I think 8,000 trade coins.

  16. I’m looking for baby back ribs and turkey feather materials can’t find them anywhere help

  17. Which chests contain Animal glue and wich contain a Awl

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  19. The ripped heart and the four horseman cores/pieces are considered very rare materials. Mz recently added a “hallows chest” that only contains “very rare” materials, cores and pieces. These are the items in that chest.

  20. I know that black ribbon is in mythic cycloop chest. But does anyone know if I can get it some where else???

  21. I love GOW but this part of the the i really hate. Getting materials is like a lucky dip. I would spend gold on specific materials if such a option was available. Which ultimately would mean spending more cash to get gold. Or at lest give a option where to can combine certain pieces /use different pieces and other things to craft specific materials that you need. Imstead of just mine on tiles or opening cheast like a luck packet and hoping you will get the mayerials you need.

  22. I have tried to collect glass using the methods listed, but I did not get any from any of my profiles. I have 6 in @QH, and I can send out 24 marches.I tried sending just enough troops to collect from the tile, different tier troops, sending the max amount of troops, and even using a 50% march increase with max amount of troops, and not a single march brought any glass back home. And I used a gathering boost on every profile. It’s there something I’m missing or forgot about? I didn’t send any to silver tiles, I just did the mines hoping that would be the better chance to get only glass.

    • I have found several pieces of Lvl 6 glass from farming mines. However, I have farmed camp and quarry tiles far more often and never get anything. Looking for feathers or timber or marble; these are the mats I cannot seem to get. Glass seems like no problem. It makes me wonder if MZ is setting up certain kingdoms to get certain materials easier as part of trading? Also, level 6 mines gather slightly slower for me then the other level 6 tiles. I don’t know if that means anything.

    • A really strange place to actually get it is the dungeon, I seem to get it 3 or 4 times a week. Also just look in the chests that are available in alliance store common items and pieces you’ll probably end up with what you need.

  23. Profile photo of Gwion

    Where would one find pronged speartips ?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      From the chest of helms. MZ gave some of these out yesterday, however are also found in Infernos as well as the Helm gold packs. Will be added to newer gold packs i am sure.

  24. Any idea where opne might find the “Figure of Courage” for Shogun’s Elite Kabuto?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Hi Curtis, You can find this in the chest of helms available in the gold pack for the helm sale which is on rotation at present.

      • The Helm Pack never showed up on my rotation. And Dam MZ for making materials only available in a special pack, and not even in other packs. Such Greed. Much wow

  25. Is there a post about what materials you can find at each different dig sites?

  26. I keep getting cores and pieces, but haven’t received one parchment from gathering on farms.
    These basic materials are more rare than core pieces? I only have my piece/core finding upgraded to lvl 4. Very low.
    But the chances are low. Are these small bits of research the reason I never get basic material?

  27. Hey Slaggy. Others asked this but you still haven’t answered. Can out of season materials (eg chisel) be found at related (eg mythic behemoth) digs?

  28. How do I find eyes of intellect please?

  29. Morten Thorstensen

    Any idea where to find primer paint?

  30. I am looking to boost my research gear, but don’t have enough Eyes of Intellect or Ears of Acumen… where can we find more of this?

  31. Can you give a list of specific types of troops for specific tiles

    • Farming

      Quarries- use ranged/calvary to gather.
      give: marble, Cloth, and jewelry.
      Logging camps- use infantry/range
      Give: feather leather and timber
      Mines – Use infantry/calvary
      Give: glass and metal Plating
      Farms- use infantry/range
      Give: hide, Parchment and sting.
      Use 30% more troops and you should increase your odds of finding materials this way.

      Materials (mats) and gear

      It takes 1.6k lvl 1 mats or gems to make 1 lvl 6 mat or gem. This is the most commonly recommended route to take up to hero lvl 45 (excluding relics, special event gear, and gold bonus gear):
      – Save all mats until you can produce 100% lvl 5 (purple) gear
      – Craft the following:
      Medusa’s head, crown, Spiked armor, Golden Fleece, Cerberus paws, 2x chalices, 2x odysseys, scythe, lvl 4 mallet
      – If producing food, also 2x Icarus wings, Myrmillo helm, lvl 4 winged sandals

  32. Hi Slaggy – is there any way you could list what one might get from various treasure maps, or are they mostly anything goes, with some few map-specific items? MZ is all about the treasure hunting these days, it seems. Thanks for all you do!

  33. Hi Slaggy,
    Was wondering if you could touch base on Gold Temples. With long collection times (days) and THOUSANDS of ticks… what can be earned from them other than gold? I don’t find anything on your site for them.

    • Gold is pretty much what you get. I’ve never collected a gold monster remains tile and received items it’s gold and that’s all unfortunately. The items for them are normally given during the killing of the monster, that’s why even though it’s a single hit there’s 5 items.

    • What chests have the most blue flame

  34. Do you know the number of troops/traps needed to gain materials from a battle? I have tried to gain materials this way from a farm account but have not gained any materials.

  35. Any idea on the affect of hero and stronghold level on Material drops from Daily Chances? There is definitely a correlation, as my level 50/21 account gets 100% mats/gems/cores/pieces, while my new sh 5 level 48 seems to get under 10%.

  36. Does anyone know the answer to this? My question is based on the following three $99 Xena packs: (1) ~100k gold + 75 Xena chests, (2) ~75k gold + 50 Xena chests, (3) ~50k gold + 25 Xena chests. The other items offered are not relevant. Again, each of these packs is $99. Right now, I’m being offered Option 3 with 25 Xena chests. With so few chests, do you get more rare items? Anyone have an experience with the Option 3 Xena pack with only 25 Xena chests?

    • It’s just luck, but some packs offer higher LEVELS of chests. Some are epic, some legendary. legendary gives the chance to get lvl 6 mats.

  37. How do I get gold without buying it?

  38. MZ has specifically responded that “some materials are rarer than others, otherwise everybody would have the same gear.” That’s why it’s nearly impossible for all but the big spenders to get ripped hearts and blue flames etc.

  39. How about map excavations for getting seasonal materials out of season?

  40. You should add silver forts to the list. Just returned with L2 leather from a L4 silver fort

  41. Just to let everyone know, that I have gotten level 5&6 glass from a level 4 Tile, by sending 25% more troops and the proper troop type, I was so surprised I could not believe it, I took a snap shot of it….just keep that in mind when harvesting, so all this talk about it has to come from a level 6 tile is false, it happen more than once,

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, unfortunately it would take a lot more tests to verify if there was a correlation here. That’s the challenge – you need to test something dozens of times to rule-out coincidence and chance.

      • I did along test on this and did find matching troops to tile and sending extra (anything over 10%) had a better chance. The test was involving multiple players, over two kingdoms and a few alliances to make it fair rather than just me but I can say the difference was maybe 25% greater chance of materials at best.

    • Update, I took another look at my snap shot, it was level 6 glass from level 5 mine tile . you correct slaggy, I’m not sure what caused it to drop, troop amount or the troop type, but here was my set up T1 swords men with a troop load of 765000 .

  42. how do you find wax and coal?

  43. JustWanderingThrough

    Some of my Pieces are greyed out and not available for crafting. I have a LOT of different types of pieces. Is there any way to make more available, or am I just stuck until I craft stuff I don’t need and get rid of the other pieces?

  44. There’s a way to buy specific packs,like Xena’s gear?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, the ones that you can buy you can see listed in the shop under Treasure. However they are terrible value for money. Better to wait until they appear in Events as prizes or in Gold Packages,

  45. Hi slaggy,

    Nice info here. I am a non spender so depend mainly on tile farming to get high level standard materials.

    what can you say using high tier troops for farming? It seems effective to me.

    I always get high level materials using my strategy and some of them is not on your list.

    By the way, i will be sharing your information into our alliace.


  46. hey bro nice job on putting sight together… can you make a link to display all the chests available and what can be gained by opening them. thank you for all this great info. keep up the good work

  47. Hello, flames for the fire age set are driving me crazy, are the fire age chests the only way to get these?

  48. How can. Get ripped hearts?

  49. Slaggy, your tips are awesome! happy to announce that I found a lvl 6 Glass using ur strategies.

  50. This site has become the best go to site for all things GOW.
    I would like to add my experiense hitting monster. I only got materials/rewards only at the first max hit. All subsequent hits just gave some lame resourses if any.

  51. We were in the same spot for many months and the tile levels never Icreased. We moved closer to the wonder to get higher level tiles.

  52. hi Slaggy,

    I wonder how resources tile will increase its own level.

    I had heard that we need to finish up the tile and once it respawn at exact same coor, the level will go up by 1.

    But some people said that it depend on the tile’s location. If it close to the center of the kingdom or the wonder, it will yield such higher level.



    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, I would speculate that the only factor is how close the tile is to the Wonder. I have heard the same rumours but am doubtful they make any difference.

    • That would make little sense since over time, it means that all tiles, even those around the outside of the map would turn into Lvl 6 ones. That hasnt been the case as plenty of lvl 1s still spawn around the outside of the map.

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