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Fight Your Way to Victory for the Strongest Hero Yet – The Mighty Hero!

Warrior, there is a new pursuit for your feisty eyes. You will reign supreme if, and only if, you find a way
to utilize the strength of the Mighty Hero in battle.
Blend the power of the Mighty Hero with unique boosts and over-worldly skills that no man has yet seen
acted out on the battlefield. Make your way to the Hall of Heroes and recruit a companion that,
together with your renewed strength, will be unstoppable on your path to victory. Together you will
conquer many kingdoms and none shall stand above you!
Benefits of the Mighty Hero:
 4KT Mythical Creature Rally Capacity
 20TT Rally Capacity
 10TT Trap Rally Capacity
 400T Mythical Creature March Capacity
 400BTT Troop March Capacity
 1TT Trap March Capacity
Look for Monstrous Mythical Creature Boosts:
 80T% Mythical Immortal Defense
 80T% Mythical Dragon Defense
 80T% Mythical Beast Defense
 96MT% Mythical Immortal Health
 96MT% Mythical Dragon Health
 8T% Mythical Immortal Attach
 8T% Mythical Dragon Attack
 96MT% Mythical Immortal Health
 96MT% Mythical Dragon Health
 96T% Mythical Beast Health
 8T% Mythical Immortal Attack
 8T% Mythical Dragon Attack
 8T% Mythical Beast Attack
 16T% Mythical Creature Attack
 80T% Mythical Creature Defense
 64T% Mythical Creature Health
 8T% Mythical Creature Rally and Wonder Attack
 160T5 Mythical Creature Rally and Wonder Health
Combat Boosts:
 15TTTTT% Troops and Mythical Creature Attack
 6KTTTTT% Troop and Mythical Creature Health
 300BTT% Resolute and Mythical Creature Defense

 3KT Mythical Creature/Troop/Trap Rally and March Size
 5TT% Super Troop and Rally Attack
 100MTTTT% Defense Annihilation
 200TTTTT% Legion Attack
and more!
What You Must Do
1. Keep your stronghold at Level 15 or stronger.
2. Find and use the Unlock the Hall of Heroes item to Unlock the Hall of Heroes.
3. Navigate to your Hero Profile and select ‘Change Hero.’
4. Focus your energy on recruiting new Heroes by making use of the special Mighty Hero Stones.
5. Bring your new Hero to life by activating it.
6. Wage battles so it can gain experience.
These new Heroes will fight with vengeance by your side. Remember that these Heroes will fight to be
your most favored side-kick. Never forget these important facts:
 New Hero’s come with full health.
 Only your Active Hero will regenerate.
 If your current active Hero is in prison or eliminated, you will not be able to pick a new Hero.
Never miss an opportunity to improve your fighting resources! Visit the Gold Store as soon as possible
to Unlock the Hall of Heroes items, Mighty Hero Stones, and everything needed to bring your newest
Hero to life!


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