Inside Game of War Inside Game of War | Guides, Tools, Tips and Strategies Mon, 22 May 2017 17:17:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 81234935 Pimp your Buildings – Stronghold 35 Fri, 19 May 2017 13:58:30 +0000 35 is the new 30, Stronghold 35 has been released

Your stronghold, and most internal buildings, can now be upgraded to level 35.  Enjoy scaring your enemies with a formidable rally size of 150,000,000 and learn more about your opponent with advanced scout reports.

Using the new construction gear Master Mason’s Gear Set (which grants you  40k opalite glass reduction, 426% construction speed along with 6250 reduction for master hammers/stone columns/brass rods) to upgrade your buildings to thirty five.  With this gear, upgrading up to level 33 will have zero cost for your villas, barracks, hospitals and resource buildings.

More benefits from upgrading fully include:

Stronghold – 30M march size, 500M resource receive capacity

Marketplace – 500M resource help capacity, 300M% gathering troop health

Storehouse -10B resource storage, 50,000% empire troop defence

Villa – 50% training speed, 1M% troop attack

Barracks – 500,000 troop queue, 2,000% troop defence/enemy troop health debuff

Hospital – 500,000 hospital capacity, 20% hospital healing speed, 2,000% troop health

Forge – 600% crafting speed, 200% core high-range boost, 50% core/relic duration

Walls – 250M max trap count, 100M% trap attack, 50,000% trap defence, 200% trap training speed, 200M% mobile trap health for both wonder holding/wonder rally

Gymnos – 550% hero xp modifier, 145 total skill points, 50,000% legion defence debuff

Prison – 5M% troop attack with captured hero

Altar – 20M% troop attack, 10,000% troop health/troop defence bonus from hero execution

Embassy – 50M reinforcement capacity, 50,000% embassy defence

Watchtower  – advanced hero scouting report, 50M% watchtower debuff, 1M scout bonus cost

Academy – 500% research speed, 50M% wonder holding attack debuff

Hall of War – 150M rally capacity, 50M% rally attack, 300M% wonder holding troop health/rally health

Rural Building Boosts – 25M% legion attack/wonder holding troop health/rally health, increased resource production and capacity

Requirements for Building Level 31-35

Building Level 31 Level 32 Level 33 Level 34 Level 35
Academy 420,000 320,000 20,000 860,000 1,580,000
Altar 252,500 152,500 52,500 1,810,000 7,360,000
Barracks 0 0 0 93,000 370,000
Embassy 192,000 92,000 92,000 1,940,000 9,860,000
Forge 195,300 95,300 70,300 1,945,400 9,887,000
Gymnos 53,000 53,000 53,000 1,820,000 3,680,000
Hospital 0 0 0 93,000 370,000
Hall of War 540,000 340,000 140,000 4,460,000 13,460,000
Marketplace 0 0 0 919,000 1,878,000
Prison 156,800 56,800 56,800 1,896,000 11,576,000
Stronghold 10,000 760,000 1,360,000 1,920,000 1,940,000
Storehouse 0 0 0 867,500 1,775,000
Villa 0 0 0 93,000 370,000
Walls 11,800 11,800 36,800 1,496,000 7,640,000
Watchtower 25,500 25,500 50,500 1,770,000 8,992,310
Total 1,856,900 1,906,900 1,931,900 22,231,860 78,798,310
Rural Building Level 31 Level 32 Level 33 Level 34 Level 35
Farm 0 0 0 62,240 256,490
Logging Camp 0 0 0 62,240 256,490
Mine 0 0 0 62,240 256,490
Quarry 0 0 0 62,240 256,490

NOTE: Upgrading your farm to level 35 & Villa gives you the ability to produce the new type of resources.

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New Imperial Banners Thu, 18 May 2017 13:58:28 +0000 Four new banners released

Four more thirty day banners to help defend your stronghold as well as destroy your enemy’s stronghold have been released.

Barricade Banner – Protects your stronghold even when your hero is off visiting others.

  • 5,000,000% mobile trap attack
  • 50,000% empire troop defence
  • 20,000,000% wonder rally mobile trap health/wonder holding mobile trap health

Empire Legion Banner

  • 5,000,000% legion attack
  • 50,000% legion defence
  • 20,000,000% rally health/wonder holding troop health

Brutality Banner

  • 5,000,000% rally attack/wonder holding troop attack
  • 20,000,000% rally health/wonder holding troop health
  • 10,000% enemy empire troop defence debuff

Ruthless Banner

  • 5,000,000% troop attack
  • 20,000,000% rally health/wonder holding troop health
  • 10,000% enemy legion defence debuff
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Three New Cores Released Tue, 16 May 2017 19:42:41 +0000 Three hour core sets released

All three troop types – infantry, ranged and cavalry – get a brand new core set today.  Each one has the duration of three hour usage time, provided your core duration research/skilling is maxed.

Erebus Core Set Hidden Recipe

The Dismal core set combined with

  • Darkened Shards
  • Demonic Tusks
  • Trapped Soul
  • Calamitous Stone
  • Dark Precipitate
  • Undertaker’s Remains

This Ranged set will yield 2M% attack versus Empires for the full 5 piece set and, for the full 7 piece set, 3.125M% versus Empires.

Unbooosted, you will have 13.5M% rally attack versus Empire, 18.25M% ranged attack versus Empire, 2,000% type defence debuff and 6,000% troop defence debuff.

Level 100 cores will add 50,000% troop attack and 25,000% legion attack along with the alchemy full power benefit at 3,400% attack and 4,300% defence debuff.

Nyx Core Set Hidden Recipe

Combine the Shrouded core set with

  • Condensed Shadow
  • Stilled Breath
  • Captive Star
  • Green Meteorite
  • Nightbird’s Feather
  • Powdered Night

Your Cavalry set gives you a full 5 piece set bonus of 4M% cavalry attack versus Empire and a full 7 set bonus of 6.25M% cavalry attack versus Empire.

Unboosted, this set grants 18.75M% rally attack versus Empire, 28.75M% cavalry attack versus Empire, 4,000% type defence debuff and 9,000% troop defence debuff.

Level this set up to 100 to gain a further 50,000% troop attack and 25,000% legion attack.  A full Alchemy power bonus adds 3,400% attack and 4,300% defence debuff.

Moneta Core Set Hidden Recipe

Use the Forgotten cores in combination with

  • Ancient Parchment
  • Endless Scroll
  • Unwritten Slab
  • Memory Silk
  • Poet’s Inspiration
  • Shell of Memory

An Infantry set will boost the stats for a full 5 piece set  of 6M% infantry attack versus Empire and a full 7 set bonus of 9.375M% infantry attack versus Empire.

Unboosted, you have 24.5M% rally attack versus Empire, 39.5M% infantry attack versus Empire, 6,000% type defence debuff and 12,000% troop defence debuff.

Once levelled up to 100. you gain 50,000% troop attack and 25,000% legion attack which you can add a full Alchemy bonus of 3,400% attack and 4,300% defence debuff.

Your enemies will never forget the night their troops were visited by your hero dressed in these new cores.

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Runes are Revved Up Thu, 11 May 2017 16:59:22 +0000 Collect and attain the new levels of Divine Runes.

As was done with gems, runes are now available to be had in three new levels – Elite Divine, Ultimate Divine and Mythical Divine.  Keep on the lookout for Mythic Divine Rune Collectible chests in your forge and combine them to get the chance to choose the Mythical Divine Rune you need to help complete your set.

The four new runes, with fully maxed rune research and at mythical level, will grant you the following boosts :

Blazing Fire Rune 

  • Troop attack/trap attack + rally/wonder trap health – 5,000,000%
  • troop defence – 10,000%
  • rally/wonder health – 10,000,000%
  • legion defence debuff – 20,000%

Tectonic Earth Rune 

  • legion attack/trap attack + rally/wonder trap health – 5,000,000%
  • legion defence – 10,000%
  • rally/wonder health – 10,000,000%
  • type defence debuff – 20,000%

Rapid Water Rune 

  • type attack/trap attack + rally/wonder trap health – 5,000,000%
  • empire defence – 10,000%
  • rally/wonder health – 10,000,000%
  • troop defence debuff – 20,000%

Entropic Void Rune

  • wonder/rally attack/trap attack + rally/wonder trap health – 5,000,000%
  • type defence – 10,000%
  • rally/wonder health – 10,000,000%
  • empire defence debuff – 20,000%

To get 1 mythical run ,you need to combine 1,024 Mythic Divine Rune Collectible LV1 to 1 level 6. Which will give you the option to choose a mythical rune.
So in total to get the 4 runes you need 4,096.  Current pack offers 200, and the event offers an extra 200. So using infinite inferno is around 11 packs.


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The Race for Kills Mon, 08 May 2017 16:51:48 +0000 Savage Arab winning the iGoW race.

Under a flurry of excitement, porting and a lot of troop killing, iGoW invited members to witness an exciting and friendly race to get to five trillion kills. The top 3 in kills were notified (Bholeblaster, Nawti Lola and former Emperor SavageArab)and after a few days and nights trying to get there first,  SavageArab, who had previously held the record for most kills, ended up getting to the finish line first.  Bholeblaster attained the goal shortly after and Nawti was on her way to the end.  This informal event was filled with laughter and sheer enjoyment by all who were a part of it – fillers, scanners and the supporters. Right after the race a new update totally changed the game, making 5T kills look like nothing, so we had to postpone it to 30T kills.

LSavageArabL 8 days after he hit 5 trillion in kills, he now owns the title for most kills with a whopping 30 Trillion kills (and counting).  During the 8 days,  he used 25+ ports to help achieve his new record.   He includes his friends in the celebration and sends a shout out to The Goat Tone, Aj, Sach, Golf, KissMyCores ,Bali and the best scouter Chick and his PzK family.

Bholeblaster who was really close to SavageArab on the 5T kills race, wants to thank her BOB! family for all the support and help during the race.

An honourable mention for those rallying everything, increasing their kills in no time getting to the top, Gahlaktus, Golfball1 & II WZ II. Stay tuned to our website for our next race and a Traps Competition!

Leaving you guys with a funny Gif created by KissMyCores to LSavageArabL congratulating for his newest record. And politely asking MZ to give SavageArab the emperor adorment where it’s due, like it was done with the rest of the former emperors.


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New Pantheon Research and Boosts Fri, 05 May 2017 03:12:08 +0000 Pantheon has added two new Deities and a new research tree today.

Poseidon and Hades have joined their fellow deities in the Pantheon and they are available once your Pantheon building reaches level 21.

The benefits to your stronghold are:


  • 15,000% legion defence, resource tile health, infantry/ranged/cavalry defence with hero
  • 85,000,000 trap capacity
  • 10,000% legion defence debuff, infantry/ranged/cavalry defence debuff
  • 700,000% legion attack, infantry/ranged/cavalry attack with hero
  • 1,500,000% mobile trap attack
  • 2,000,000% rally/wonder attack, rally/wonder mobile trap health
  • 3,500,000% rally/wonder health

All Pantheon Deity Boosts – 3 Deities activated

  • 600,000% all pantheon deity attack bonus
  • 900,000% all pantheon deity health bonus

Don’t forget that each deity you have activated uses 1 tribute per each troop in your rally.

Empower Deity Boosts

  • Athena – 500,000% troop attack
  • Ares – 500,000% ranged attack
  • Zeus – 500,000% infantry attack
  • Apollo – 500,000% cavalry attack
  • Hera – 500,000% health debuff
  • Aphrodite – 10,000% defence debuff
  • Poseidon – 3,500,000% rally/wonder health
  • Hades – 2,000,000% mobile trap/wonder health

Behemoth Boosts

  • 2,250% behemoth troop defence, troop attack, troop health, defence debuff
  • 1,000% infantry/ranged/cavalry behemoth attack                                                                                (5,000% in total boost for each with max research)

It will take around 10.0BT in resource cost to complete the tree(we will update when we have the exact cost). The speed-ups needed are currently free for members of the DBC.


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The New Age Trap Tue, 02 May 2017 20:53:50 +0000 How to trap and cap.

With the latest releases in research, gear and boosts from higher hero levels, traps have had an interesting time lately.   We were able to catch up with one trap who has adjusted well to all the new items.

The trap we are looking at specifically runs his sh30 with VIP 43 and a hero at level 80.  He also has his pantheon at 19 and maxed his orbs for defence on his barracks, walls, embassy and altar.   He has completed all the latest research (UM,MT,BM,Runes…) to level 10.  His troops are an even spread with two thirds regular and one third wild within the tiers he uses (T2,T4,T5).  His troop count is close to 800 billion strong.  He uses mythical gems in his gear and his current power is at 9 Trillion.

He also had a few other thoughts on traps both higher and lower in power that he is at this time.

For a trap at roughly  19 Trillion power,  you would need around 1.7 trillion T2s and the T4-6 that you would need to un-nerf the tier two troops. That, combined with a defence of around 25k, should help your trap win on rallies.

For one smaller in power, say at 5 Trillion or less, it could do very well, although it is a bit more expensive, with a total net defence of 116k with far fewer troops.  Troop counts there could be as little as 360 billion T2 along with the required T4-6 to un-nerf the lower troops.

The variations of configuring successful traps makes for exciting times for those loving math/puzzles/issues and how to solve them. It also gives hope that traps can survive the latest releases.

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The Nicest Man Still Playing – Golfball1 Mon, 01 May 2017 16:56:56 +0000 An interview with a very humble yet highly effective player in GOW.

Recently, we had the privilege to grab some of this man’s time currently holding the second highest in kills and known by being the nicest and the most humble guy still playing, Golfball1.

What drew you to playing Game of War?

         Like most gentlemen who enjoy the thrill of strategy games, it was Kate Upton 🙂

You’ve been playing for how long now?

I have been playing actively for more than 2.5 years and still continue to be amazed at the constant opportunity to learn new aspects within the game – even from non-new releases. The continuous learning is certainly one of the game’s great addictions.

Were you involved in any previous games? And did they hold your attention as long as Game of War has?

Ironically, I wasn’t much of a gamer by APP certainly.  I did have Playstation games which was perfectly aligned with my technical aptitude…insert game and play!

For you, what is the aspect to this game that keeps you playing?

So many aspects of the game provide enjoyment such as the learning and experimentation but, far and away, the biggest factor is the incredible and unique people I have met along the way.  The ability to interact globally and make “”virtual bonds”” is something every player would list as one of the strongest retention factors. These bonds become more than virtual and it all starts with the Teamwork and collaboration you must partake in to enjoy the game’s better aspects. It takes multiple people to rally, to reinforce, to spot etc… these roles build trust and, certainly a few laughs, that evolve into some wonderful relationships I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to have.  It’s a long answer but, in reality, it’s the PEOPLE that keeps so many of us attached for as long as we have been playing.

Do you set milestones for yourself within the game?

There are many different TYPES of players and each one has their own set of metrics they aspire to achieve. For me, it’s always been about the science, matching wits with our over priced pixels and winning some and losing some. Kills weren’t that important to me but many use that as a valid metric and we all have some desire to track it. The milestones I set are genuinely more oriented towards ensuring we have some laughs and always sharing any knowledge I may have that can help. Not easily quantifiable by a number, but as much fun as I have in the game, I am sure I am somewhere on that leaderboard.

Any favourite memories/rallies/solos that you’d care to share with us?

Wow, so many.. from playing SW with two devices to fill and retrieving the wrong March leaving my hero in to be captured to early days when I  would rally heroless because My hero was captured far too often but to not try wasn’t acceptable… my most memorable times would definitely be with my mates (all know who they are) spending hours on the phone during SW deciding who we were going to cap next. The coordination, the communication and the antics beyond all of those rallies and solos are priceless and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

In preparing for this article, I talked to a few who know you and was able to get a quote from one.  Care to respond to it?

Uh oh….

Golf is honestly one of the kindest and most humble person I have met throughout my life. He and Bus are the two I have the utmost respect for and nothing could ever change that. Unlike most big players throughout the game, Golf actually avoids publicity and purely just tries to have fun with those around him. A fine example of his modesty is that these days, people know Ctesse as having multiple accounts, but they don’t know that Golfball actually used to maintain 7+ accounts prior to her being acknowledged for it. There are very few things or people that get Golf worked up and to this day, I have never seen him go out of his way to showboat anything. –  Aj

Wow. That’s very very nice….

Is it surprising to you that you’re held in such high esteem?

 I was fortunate to grow up with a very strict and fair father. A great man and even better friend. He reiterated to me often….
“Son, arrogance will lead to success, but HUMILITY will lead to greatness…. you WILL be great!”
 It’s stuck with me and served me well. In the end it’s a game and I always wanted to play in a virtual world but be the same person you would share a beer with in the REAL world

 You have a self-deprecating sense of humor and I know that can sometimes hide feelings of unworth but with you, it seems to just be how you are. You are you and you’re happy with that and feel no need to take down others in order to get ahead in life.  Does that sound like it fits you?

 I appreciate that and certainly hope that remains the case.. it’s easy to get confused as some over compensating fool with more money than sense running around in these expensive toys… but the people who really know me, know that’s not my style. Someone worked hard on their 3 tril trap just as someone worked hard on their 200 tril account (soon to be a trap with these releases). I just choose to not allow my ego to interfere with the opportunity to meet folks and have some fun on a game that despite its many faults, is a great time with friends

Any desire to get that big crown?

 Lol… I have relished the supporting roles of so many and that’s what I appreciate the most. To be part of a winning team is much more too me than an individual title.

 I know you’re a busy man and eager to get back to porting and killing ;), but any last words you’re like to share? Shoutouts ?

As always I would shout out to the Fam…thanks to all of them for tolerating and teaching me and they know who they are… thanks to the many great folks who released my wayward hero and took the time to drop a constructive note. And a big shout out to the players that still approach it as a game… these players are the ones that make the competition enjoyable and always keep me coming back for more. RALLY UP!!!

Special thanks to Golfball1 for his time for his time. It reminds us that we are hooked in the game because of the people we meet that easily becomes your family, and makes everything more fun.

If you have any suggestions for our next interview , please let us know in the comments below!

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New Hero Levels 81-85 Sat, 29 Apr 2017 03:29:13 +0000 Take you hero to new levels and heights.

Brand new levels for your hero will give your stats in multiple areas a huge boost. You can now raise your hero to level 85 with the use of Heroic Pins to unlock each new level.

You will need:

300,000 heroic pins for hero level 81

285, 000 heroic pins for hero level 82

270,000 heroic pins for hero level 83

255,000 heroic pins for hero level 84

3,240,000 heroic pins for hero level 85

Unlock  the levels to add the following boosts :

Combat Benefits 

  • 15,000%  troop defence/all type defence/legion defence (45,000% total)
  • 600,000%  troop attack
  • 700,000%  all type attack/ultimate type attack/rally attack
  • 500,000%  wonder occupy attack
  • 4,000,000% rally health and wonder occupy health
  • 1,500,000% mobile trap attack
  • 2,000,000% mobile trap rally health/mobile trap wonder occupy health
  • 10,000% triple defence debuff/legion defence debuff/enemy troop defence debuff

Economic Benefits

  • 500% training and promotion speed
  • 10% training and promotion cost reduction

A 500% Training Blessing Modifier gives 600% training speed and 3,000% troop queue bonus.

!0,000% Troop Defence on Empire Blessing Modifier gives 5,300% troop defence on empire.

Potion Benefits

  • 100,000% potion attack boost
  • 5,000% potion health and defence boost

Altar Benefits

  • 700,000% altar attack boost
  • 15,000% altar health and defence boost

Monster Benefits

  • 200% hero monster march speed
  • 1,000,000 maximum energy limit

These new levels and boosts will turn your hero into a formidable force!

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Hyperion Wonder Cores Sat, 29 Apr 2017 01:29:07 +0000 Dominate your enemies and own the wonder with the force of the Hyperion Core Set.

This Set will give your troops an immense amount of defence and health.

Once levelled up to 100, you will gain 25,000% legion rally health15,000% in legion rally/rally/wonder holding troop/wonder holding legion defence, 25,000% wonder holding legion health, and 50,000% in both rally health and wonder holding troop health bonuses.

Fully power up this set in your gear workshop to get an additional 6,300% in troop health and 700% in attack debuff.

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New Banners New Boosts Sat, 29 Apr 2017 01:28:50 +0000 Activate the new banners to gain bigger boosts.

There are three new banners for your sh to wear as it goes into battle. They each have a 30 day duration or, if you want to swap them out, a 30 minute cool down timer.

The Legion Attack with Hero banner, at level six, will give your marches a 50,000% legion attack and a 1,000% defence debuff for infantry, ranged and cavalry.

Glorious Rally and Wonder banner, again at level six, will lend 50,000% troop attack 100,000% rally/wonder Mobile Trap health and 100,000% rally/wonder troop health to your marches.

A level six Marshal’s Training banner partnered with the Imperial General Gear gives you the chance to increase your troop queue and train more troops.   You also get a 5,000% troop defence.

The troop queue increase/troop training amounts per troop tier are:

Tier 1 troops – increase queue by 2,500,000 to help you train up to 3.2 billion at once.

Tier 2 troops – increase queue by 2,000,000 to let you train up to 2.8 billion at once.

Tier 3 troops – increase queue by 1,500,000 to train up to 2.3 billion troops at once.

Tier 4 troops – increase queue by 1,000,000 to train up to 1.8 billion troops at once.

Tier 5 troops – increase queue by 500,000 to train up to 1.3 billion troops at once.

The 30 day timer makes them a real defense banner.

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