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The New Year Health Gem Set, adds Troop Attack, Troop Health, and helps decrease your targets Troop Attack.

The follow gems are required, for the new Health Set Bonus.

Stamina Gem– 1 level 6 gem will add 5% Troop Attack, and 30% Troop Health.

Incursion Gem– 1 level 6 gem will add 35% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff.

Aggression Gem– 1 level 6 gem will add 20% Troop Attack, and 15% Troop Health.

Fortitude Gem (Special)- 1 level 6 will add 35% Troop Health.

New Year Health Gem Set, with full Gem Set Bonus Research, will add:
317.86% Troop Attack
405.74% Troop Health

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New Gem Set Bonus Research Tue, 10 Jan 2017 16:17:31 +0000 New Gem Set Research, a week before Super Wonder

MZ just recently released more research, for the Gem Set Tree.  Seeing as Super Wonder is a week away, the timing of the release, should come as no surprise to veteran Game of War players. If you plan on finishing it anytime soon, be prepared to pay, a lot.

It currently requires around 4.5KT(4,500T) of Wood, Stone & Ore (research does not require food or silver). Assuming you have no resources, it would cost you 45 bogo sets ($6,750), with current packs (50T RSS per pack).

Completion of the tree brings Research Power to 436.6B.

Is it worth it? Looking at the raw stats, the answer is yes. Completion adds increased Health, Attack, Defense, and march size. Yes, march size. MZ said no new additions to the march tree, but apparently that didn’t mean they wouldn’t add march size increase, elsewhere. In theory, it works great, as long as the defender doesn’t have the first levels of the research as well, or it just gains overpowered defense, frustrating most rally leaders.

Here is what you will gain, for completing the new portion of the Gem Research Tree.

  • An extra 1,000,000 Rally Capacity
  • Individual troop type 500% Attack, 1000% Health, and 500% Defense when hero is present.
  • Rally and Wonder Troop Attack, Health, and Defense.
  • Extra Boosts on all gem sets.
  • Gem Set Selector
  • And for the first time ever, the most awaited Embassy Defense Debuff

This research seems to be benefiting both sides. Traps with the new research are showing that they are overpowered in low levels, which is making it frustrating for rally leaders.

MZ is currently running Gem Set Research events, so try to complete your research with those, to at least earn some payback.

You can check the cost of each one here

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New Infantry Core Set – Styx Thu, 05 Jan 2017 06:28:07 +0000

Styx Infantry Core Set

Styx cores has been released by MZ along with the raw stats.

You can check out details of the Styx Core here.

6750% Infantry Attack
2150% Enemy Defense Debuff
2000% Infantry Health

Which in theory didn’t seemed that much of an improve. For a set that currently costs 3 packs to complete, it’s not much of an improvement, from its predecessor.

Equipped with banners, potion and boosted. KissMyCores shared his presets stats (attacks and debuffs vary from where you see it) , tests and opinion overall.

Shared a test on a 300B in Shogun

And the first hit against a 260B rally trap (was burned with Luna as well)

But overall, comments were clear that this set is not so much different from the other sets, just a slight increase on attack, and on attack debuffs, but still getting capped by the good traps.

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New Defensive Gear Set Tue, 03 Jan 2017 21:43:39 +0000 Glacier King Gear Set

MZ has released yet another defense set. This set is high not only in defense, but also health. Maxed gear will give you 300% Defense, 1000% Health, 800% Attack, 400% Attack Debuff, and 265% March Speed Debuff.

5 Piece Base Set Bonus

600% Calvary, Infantry, Range Defense
625% Troop Defense
250% Troop Health

7 Piece Full Set Bonus

1050% Calvary, Infantry, Range Defense
400% Calvary, Infantry, Range Attack Debuff
175% March Speed Debuff

Combined Max Specialized Set Bonus

80% Troop Attack

Full Set +10 Power Bonus

140% Troop Defense
140% Troop Health

Full Glacier King Defense Set, is currently available in packs.

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New Hero Level 75 Sat, 31 Dec 2016 02:39:22 +0000 New Hero Levels have dropped

The new releases don’t seem to be stopping, anytime soon. MZ is finishing out the year, with releasing hero levels, 71-75. With these comes higher combat stats, new hero blessings, and higher building boosts.

Combat benefits

  • 100% attack against targets that have been marked
  • 750% troop attack increase
  • 200% siege defense debuff
  • 500% troop health, while holding the wonder
  • 1000% enemy defense debuff
  • 500% defense for ALL troop types
  • 1000% health for ALL troop types
  • 1500% attack for ALL troop types

New Hero Blessings

You can now boost your alliance members troop defense, and troop health.

  • 100% troop defense
  • 100% troop health
  • Double Duration for ALL blessings
  • Double the benefits of blessings you give
  • Double the benefits of blessings you receive

Utility Benefits

  • 400% Potion High Range- gives you higher stats on potions crafted.
  • 100% Building Boosts- increasing the amount of XP buildings gain, depending on their luck level.


Leveling up to new hero levels with require Hero Insignias.

71- 100,000 Insignias
Power Added- 6,954,393,173

72- 1,150,000 Insignias
XP Needed- 1,320,000,000,000 (1.2T)
Power added- 6,954,400,000

73- 1,250,000 Insignias
XP Needed – 2,278,800,000,000 (2.2T)
Power added – 6,954,400,000

74- 7,500,000 Insignias
XP Needed – 8,982,000,000,000 (8.9T)
Power added- 6,954,400,000

75- 22,250,000 Insignias
XP Needed – 31,500,000,000,00 (31.5T)

From start to finish, Hero 75 will require, 33,200,000, Hero Insignias.
$4,950 with current packs.

For hero 76, for whenever is released, it’s gonna need Heroic Tassels, so as always, don’t try to stock on Insignias doing the events after getting hero level 75.

Post will be updated with more information of the skill points and benefits.

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VIP 27 Wed, 28 Dec 2016 21:45:38 +0000 Infinite troop promotion with VIP 27

New releases are dropping like crazy! MZ’s newest release is VIP 27. VIP 27 will feature the following:

Infinite Troop Promotion – you can now promote an unlimited number of troops, at a time.

Bigger Troop Boosts & Debuffs 
500% Troop Attack, Health, & Defense Boost.
500% Enemy Troop Attack, Health, & Defense Debuff.

There is currently a Race to VIP 27 event running, so if you have 100B VIP points, use them. Payout is 10T each rss ,400K speeds and 1K fire shards!

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T5 Elite Troops Wed, 28 Dec 2016 20:18:38 +0000 Fire Troops

MZ second Christmas present to us Game of War players, was the release of T5 Elite troops, Fire Troops.

The new release is for T5 regular Range, Cavalry, Infantry, and Siege troops. Research for these, will cost you no rss or speeds. Instead, you will use Fire Shards. Those can be obtained in the dungeon, or by buying packs.
Before you can do the research to unlock the troops, though, you must level up your Training Garrison. You can see the Training Garrison requirements here.

Centurions– Infantry

Longbowmen– Ranged

Warlords– Calvary

Demolishers– Siege

Training isn’t going to be cheap for these troops.

Clarifying to the rumor of Gear and Cores stats not being applied to T5, is completely FALSE. T5 may have a different category in hero boosts, however those stats are EXTRAS to the regular stats.

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Training Garrison Level 17 Wed, 28 Dec 2016 20:11:00 +0000 Level 17, Training Garrison

MZ gave us a few Christmas presents this year. The first is the Training Garrison level 27. In order to upgrade your garrison building to 17, you will first need an Elite Troop Manual. The manual is only available in packs.

You will need Garrison 17, in order to train T5 Elite Troops, which is one of the latest release as well. More information is available here. Not only does this building allow you to do the research, but it also opens up the ability to promote current troops to T5 Elite Troops.


  • 152B Wood
  • 133B Stone
  • 140B Food
  • 135B Ore
  • 1 Elite Troop Manual
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Hero Health Banner Tue, 27 Dec 2016 21:46:56 +0000 Hero Health Banner

MZ has released a new banner for the Imperial Banner Building. This banner will provide a Health Bonus, to all troop types.

Activating a Legendary Hero Health Banner, will provide your troops with an additional 700% Health Bonus.

Making traps even harder to beat.

The Hero Health Banner is available in current packs.

A quick reminder, contrary to what people usually say. Banners are NOT expendables, you can activate it every time it expires, as long as you don’t switch between banners. If you switch banners, and want to activate it back, you must wait for the cooldown time.

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Ice Core Sets Mon, 26 Dec 2016 06:09:50 +0000 New Ice Cores  were released

A new type of cores were released for this Christmas season. Called Ice Cores, just like the Black Friday type cores, it just improves the current cores. Slightly improving the older sets, uses the same pieces of the older sets but you need the new cores, and it’s a different set bonus.

At first there was a bug of the cores being merged with regular core sets, being unable to craft ice cores. But it has been fixed now. The Stats of the new cores without equipping and boosting are below.

Ice Luna Core Set – 6300% Cavalry Attack, 2000% Cavalry Health, 2150% Enemy Defense Debuff, and more!

Ice Aura Core Set – 5900% Ranged Attack, 2100% Enemy Defense Debuff, 1800% Enemy Health Debuff.

Ice Perses Core Set – 5900% Infantry Attack, 1650% Enemy Attack Debuff, 2000% Enemy Defense Debuff.

Ice TheLegend27 Core Set – 5000% Cavalry Health, 4000% Cavalry Defense, 3000% Attack, 3300% Enemy Attack Debuff.

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