Inside Game of War Inside Game of War | Guides, Tools, Tips and Strategies Fri, 23 Jun 2017 23:24:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 81234935 The Supreme T7 Troops/Traps have arrived Wed, 21 Jun 2017 16:48:51 +0000 Get ready to defend your empire from the Supreme Troops.

Twelve new troops and nine new traps have just been opened to help you burn your enemies.

The troops are, in order from regular/strategic/wild,

Infantry – Ares’ Champion/Halberdier/Thunderer

Ranged – Bladeslinger/Javelineer/Dart Blower

Cavalry – Heavy Cavalry/Winged Hussar/Warthogs

Siege – Siege Engine/Wall Crusher/Plague Catapult

The traps are (R/S/W)

Vs Ranged – Lava Geyser/Drawbridge/Poison Trap

Vs Cavalry – Ambusher/False Floor/Armoured Hounds

Vs Infantry – Burning Oil Trap/Quicksand Trap/Giant Spider

‘With these new troops comes higher sizes in marches, rallies and a multitude of statistics.

March Size 

  • Max rally of 300M
  • Max trap rally at 100M
  • Max solo is 80M
  • Max trap solo is 30M


  • Training/Promotion queue size 2.5B
  • Max trap capacity 400M
  • 500% Training speed & triple march speed debuff
  • 30% supreme troop/trap resource training cost


  • 20B% rally/wonder health
  • 3B% rally/wonder attack

Troop Attack

  • 6B% supreme infantry/ranged/cavalry attack
  • 4.5B% legion attack
  • 3B% rally attack, troop attack with hero, troop attack vs empire
  • 500,000% onslaught attack

Trap Attack

  • 17B% mobile trap attack
  • 3B% trap attack vs empire


  • 20B% troop/trap tile health & mobile trap health
  • 20M% supreme infantry/ranged/cavalry health


  • 12M% troop defence with hero
  • 4M% supreme infantry/ranged/cavalry defence
  • 3M% legion defence
  • 40,000% embassy defence

Defence Debuff

  • 2M% type armour/army armour/troop armour piercing

Attack Debuff

  • 900M% empire attack debuff & rally/wonder attack debuff

To gain access to these new troops, traps and statistics, you will need to raise your Training Garrison to Level 21 with a Supreme Troop Manual.   Once open, you can research under the Ultimate Combat Research Tree, promote within the garrison and train in your barracks and begin amassing a formidable army.


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VIP 100 Wed, 14 Jun 2017 05:46:12 +0000 Your Hero is a Very Important Person at 100

VIP levels have just doubled and new benefits added as you raise your levels in VIP.  Currently, the benefits of obtaining level 60 are what will be focused on and higher levels will be added at a later date.

Level 60 will bring you

  • 15.5B% rally/wonder health & defence
  • 6.25B% rally/wonder attack
  • 1.5B% troop attack
  • 4.25M% legion defence
  • 4.175M% legion defence debuff
  • 600,000% troop health/defence, health/attack debuff
  • 525,000% defence debuff
  • 250,000% resolute troop defence
  • 200M troop queue

New benefits begin at level 53.

Level 53 unlocks VIP Queue Express.  On the alliance war page, a vip queue button shows on the page and you can tap that button to fill rally without needing to open the rally page itself.

Level 54 lets rally leaders remove the need for war commissions for your fillers and eliminates the final rally confirmation page.

Level 55 allows the King holding the wonder to select a preset for their alliance members to send the required reinforcements.  The VIP Reinforce button is shown on the wonder page and works in similar fashion as the VIP Queue Express does for rallies.

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Make your Weapons Flawless With New Runes Tue, 13 Jun 2017 05:49:20 +0000 Mythic Flawless Runes are released.

Weapons have a new adornment to wear.  The new runes can help you achieve 800M% trap attack, 600M% attack, 200M% wonder/rally attack, 1.3M% defence debuff, 1.2M% defence and a whopping 1.5B% wonder/rally health & trap health.

The individual statistics for each of the new runes, at level 6, tree:

Mythic Flawless Smouldering Fire Rune

  • 375M% rally/wonder health & trap health
  • 200M% troop/trap attack
  • 550,000% legion defence debuff
  • 250,000% troop defence

Mythic Flawless Warped Earth Rune

  • 375M% rally/wonder health & trap health
  • 200M% legion/trap attack
  • 250,000% type defence debuff & legion defence

Mythic Flawless Surging Water Rune

  • 375M% rally/wonder health & trap health
  • 200M% type/trap attack
  • 450,000% empire defence
  • 250,000% troop defence debuff

Mythic Flawless Caustic Void Rune

  • 375M% rally/wonder health & trap health
  • 200M% wonder/rally attack & trap attack
  • 250,000% type defence & empire defence debuff
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Troop Gear Leveling Sat, 10 Jun 2017 05:49:22 +0000 Gear gets new Boosts

Head to your barracks and click on the new heading Troop Gear to begin the process of adding stats to your gear and troops.

Using the new item Lustrous Spinel, you may add them to several categories – Troop Weaponry, Rally Weaponry, Debuff Weaponry, Troop Armour, Specialised Armour, Attack Debuff Armour, Wonder Supplies, Encampment Supplies and Trap Supplies.  Each one of these categories can be raised to level 10.  There are also some special items which can instantly raise a level.

Arrowhead instantly raises a level in Troop Weaponry, Rally Weaponry and Debuff Weaponry.

Max stats to be earned within these three are:

  • 500M% troop attack and legion attack
  • 1B% rally attack and wonder attack
  • 200,000% empire/legion/type/troop defence debuff

Armour Scale instantly raises a level in Troop Armour, Specialised Armour and Attack Debuff Armour.

Max stats available in these three include:

  • 250,000% troop defence and type defence
  • 250,000% empire defence and legion defence
  • 250M% empire defending attack debuff

Lasso instantly raises a level in Wonder Supplies, Encampment Supplies and Trap Supplies.

Top stats to be gained in these three are:

  • 4B% rally health and wonder health
  • 4B% gathering tile health and encampment raiding tile health
  • 4B% rally mobile trap health and wonder mobile trap health

Consider carefully when to use spinels vs the clickable items, in order to optimize their efficiency.


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Major Data Update to Inside Game of War – Including New Banners Section Fri, 09 Jun 2017 11:36:38 +0000 Apologies about the delay getting it all updated, but the site should now be fully updated with all the latest:

and everything else.

Also we have added a new banners section here.


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New Mythical Gem Set Fri, 09 Jun 2017 05:54:06 +0000 Mythical Liberator Gem Set

A new set of gems to enhance your power has just been released.

Combined with a fully researched Gem Set Bonus tree, you will see benefits of

800M% wonder/rally health      400M% troop attack

200,000% legion defence and empire defence debuff

The gems themselves have their own stat boosting attributes.  The following boosts come from level 6 gems.

Mythical Liberator Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby

  • 6.5M% wonder and rally health
  • 3,095,500% troop attack
  • 1,700% legion defence
  • 1,700% empire defence debuff

Mythical Liberator Topaz

  • 9.1M% wonder and rally health
  • 5M% troop attack
  • 2,050% legion defence
  • 2,050% empire defence debuff


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Research Sockets Fri, 09 Jun 2017 05:52:34 +0000 New way to use your gems just released.

Athena has sent you the Research Sockets Codex in a mail today and it opens up the ability to add mythical gems to your research  trees.  For those with stronghold level 24 and up, within your academy at the top of the research trees is where you will click to begin adding the mythical gems to each research tree.  There are four slots, so far, in each tree you have fully researched in which you are able to embed a gem to help add points in three categories – Honour, Valour and Glory.  The points built up in each of these three categories add together to open up immense stat boosting numbers.

Points you are able to gain through adding the mythical gems are:

Mythical divine Amethyst – 2 Honour Points

Mythical liberator Ruby – 20 Honour Points

Mythical divine Sapphire – 2 Valour Points

Mythical liberator Sapphire – 20 Valour Points

Mythical divine Emerald – 2 Glory Points

Mythical liberator Emerald – 20 Glory Points

Mythical divine Topaz – 5 Points in each Honour, Valour, Glory

Mythical liberator Topaz – 30 Points in each Honour, Valour, Glory

Using the new mythical gem set will obviously allow you to benefit from a higher overall combined number which in turn opens up the larger boosts.  To gain the best benefits available, you will need a combined 2,500 points in each of the three categories.   Once there, you will see boosts of

  • 1B% mobile trap attack,  rally/wonder mobile trap health, encamping raiding/gathering tile health
  • 500M% legion attack,  wonder holding attack debuff
  • 500,000% legion defence
  • 450,000% legion defence debuff
  • 250,000% empire defence
  • 200,000% empire defence debuff
  • 100,000% resolute troop defence (defending only and not able to debuff this


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Your rallies will pack an even bigger punch once you are able to level up your cores and gear in the Gear Workshop.

Cores can now reach level 200 and normal set gear go up to 100.

Using the new Royal Protection Charm, your defence gear sets (I.e. Valiant knight) can gain

  • 100,000% troop defence/health
  • 250,000% empire/legion defence
  • 200M% troop attack
  • 2.5B% gathering troop/encampment raiding health

The economy gear sets use the Royal Citizen Charm to level up.  Each set gains their own unique bonuses.

  •   Inquisitor will see an increase of 400% research speed and 1.75% resource cost reduction
  • Training sets gain 200% training speed and 500.000% troop queue
  • Building gets easier with an increase of 200% construction speed and reduction in brass rods(10,000) & opalite glass (40,000)
  • Powerforged goes up to 35% crafting duration

Monster gear (behemoth slayer) uses the Royal Hunter Charm to gain 1,000% hero attack and an additional 200,000 in hero energy.

Wonder cores using the Royal Wondrous Charm increase by:

  • 1.25B% in wonder & rally troop attack/health/defence, legion wonder & rally health/defence, rally & wonder trap health

Use the Royal Striking Charm to add more punch to your Attack cores with

  • 250,000% empire/legion defence debuff
  • 500M% legion attack
  • 750M% troop attack
  • 1.25B% rally attack versus emoire

    So far for regular gear you will need 200M Charms to Max one type of set.
    We haven’t got the information for Cores yet, but is around 4,300M – 5,300M Charms for level 200.

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New Banners Fri, 02 Jun 2017 23:15:09 +0000 Mix and Match to find your perfect combination of banners.

Eight new banners have been released and they offer a wide variety of boosts to help tailor to your stronghold’s needs and activities.

The new banners with their benefits are:

Ultimate Attack

  • 1 day ultimate execution resurrection reduction
  • 50,000% troop defence debuff
  • 100M% troop attack
  • 150M% rally health & wonder holding troop health


  • 50,000% type defence debuff/legion defence
  • 100M% legion attack
  • 150M% rally health & wonder holding troop health


  • 50,000% empire troop defence
  • 100M% empire rally attack debuff & mobile trap attack
  • 150M% empire rally attack, gathering troop health & tile raiding troop health


  • 50,000% empire troop defence debuff & type defence
  • 100M% type attack
  • 150M% rally health & wonder holding troop health

Wonder Champion   150M% in each of the following

  • Rally attack/health, rally attack debuff, wonder holding attack debuff/troop health/mobile trap health, gathering troop health, tile raiding troop health & wonder rally mobile trap health


  • 50,000% legion/troop defence debuff
  • 150M% wonder holding mobile trap/troop health, wonder rally mobile trap health & rally health
  • 300M% mobile trap attack


  • 50,000% type defence
  • 100M% empire rally attack debuff
  • 150M% empire rally attack


  • 25,000% troop defence debuff, empire troop defence debuff & type defence debuff

These banners all last for 30 days once activated.  Enjoy the trial and error of swapping them in and out to find the best setup for your style of play.

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Hero Level 100 Tue, 30 May 2017 02:09:44 +0000 Happy Birthday to your Hero!

Enjoy your hero’s 100th birthday with a healthy dose of fire and mayhem as he/she smashes all enemies around them.  The benefits to levelling up your hero are extensive.

Once maxed, boosts you will gain include:

  • 100,000% troop/type/legion, empire troop defence
  • 50M% wonder holding/empire defending attack debuff
  • 50M% troop/type/legion/rally/battle mark/onslaught attack
  • 50,000% troop health/defence on empire/embassy defence blessing
  • defence debuff – 15,000% triple, 25,000% enemy/type/legion/versus empire, 10,000% quadruple
  •  100M% wonder/rally trap/rally troop attack
  • 1B% wonder/rally trap/troop health
  • 30 day altar boost duration
  • 500M% troop health on tile blessing and troop health versus tile/health on tile
  • 1B send/receive capacity
Hero level Chalices
Hero 86 500,000
Hero 87 500,000
Hero 88 1,500,000
Hero 89 1,000,000
Hero 90 1,500,000
Hero 91 1,000,000
Hero 92 1,500,000
Hero 93 2,500,000
Hero 94 2,500,000
Hero 95 2,500,000
Hero 96 5,000,000
Hero 97 10,000,000
Hero 98 20,000,000
Hero 99 50,000,000
Hero 100 150,000,000
Total 250,000,000


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New Defence Gear Mon, 29 May 2017 02:59:22 +0000 The Valiant Knight Defence set gear.

To help combat the recent boosting of attack stats, a new gear set has been released.  With a max set bonus, you will gain 17.5M% attack, 100M% empire defending attack debuff, 50,000% in type/troop/;legion defence and 100M% in additional attack debuff from the level 25 powered up set. A 5 piece set bonus adds 20M% attack debuff and 35,000% troop defence with a 7 piece set adding 35,700% type defence, 35,000% troop health, 30,000% legion defence, 80M% attack debuff and 140% march speed debuff.   Powering the entire set to 10 will garner a further 101.5M% attack debuff and 140% defence/health.

How it breaks down by piece:

Helm – Valiant Knight’s Nobility

2.5M% type attack                 8,500% legion defence              75% upkeep reduction

Armour – Valiant Knight’s Determination

2.5M% type attack                  12,500% type defence

Feet – Valiant Knight’s Courage

2.5M% type attack                   6,500% legion defence

Weapon – Valiant Knight’s Glory

2.5M% type attack                     6,500% troop defence/health       5,000% legion defence

Accessory – Valiant Knight’s Resilience

2.5M% type attack                     3,500% troop defence/health        30% march speed debuff

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