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Dear Warrior,


Immortality only comes to those who deserve it, and the Quest for it has commenced. When the dust has settled, a few stand apart from the rest. Here, on Olympus, there is only room for those who have truly shown their prowess in battle. The Kingdom of the Gods has recently experienced the 8 Way Kill Among Kingdoms – and the winners are currently basking in their own glow. Feast your eyes on the rankings below and dream of one day ascending to immortality like these Gods…


Ranking Order of the 8 Way Kill Among Kingdoms

  • Animax – 3.07TTTTT points
    • Quest for Immortality Collectibles Lvl 2 x 1
  • Ferdi – 648.45BTTTT points
    • Quest for Immortality Collectibles Lvl 1 x 3
  • Pelagos – 508.64BTTTT points
    • Quest for Immortality Collectibles Lvl 1 x 2
  • Teos – 155.13BTTTT points
  • Kaiser – 146.64BTTTT points
  • Carmel – 64.23BTTTT points
  • Eternoika – 60.33BTTTT points
  • Aephyra – 26.13BTTTT points


Congratulations to the new LORD EMPEROR: TRO U BLE


For their amazing victory and ascent to the heavens, TRO U BLE has earned the following:

All-New Lord’s Emperor’s Ribbon

Quest for Immortality Collectibles Lvl 3 x 1

Massive RSS, Speed-up, and Boost Items



100% Divine Mythical Creature ATK/Health/Defense

All members of TRO U BLE’s Alliance Burn Unit will receive this exclusive Ribbon:


As well as:

Quest for Immortality Collectibles Lvl 2 x 2

Massive RSS, Speed-up, and Boost Items


Full Results:


Top Players of the 8 Way Kill:

AFK O (SF7) from Animax – 2.36TTTTT points

Panda Goku (CbY) from Ferdi – 458.64BTTTT points

Flaming Mo ( =D ) from Pelagos – 435.33BTTTT points

Jeremy 1997(^FU^) from Animax – 225.74BTTTT points

LUPO MONTANA (VISO) from Animax – 127.53BTTTT points

BuRaK I ( W~G) from Ferdi – 118.13BTTTT points

RANGER7NANDO (VISO) from Animax – 115.46BTTTT points

Katrin123 (AU,) from Teos – 108.12BTTTT points

JonothonS (s4L) from Animax – 88.68BTTTT points

V Alosios (*9OT) from Animax – 70.54BTTTT points


Top Alliances of the 8 Way Kill:

CyberWarriors CbY – 470BTTTT points

Fuqing B1tches =D – 439BTTTT points

The Army of A Holes ^FU^ – 226BTTTT points

War G0dz W~G – 193BTTTT points

AWESOME US AU, – 108BTTTT points

Schitts 4 Life s4L – 88.7BTTTT points

Die 9te Legion *9OT – 70.5BTTTT points

Criminally Insane Cxl – 64.9BTTTT points

Burn Unit -BU- – 43.5BTTTT points



Most Kills at the Kingdom of Gods:

Panda Goku (CbY) from Ferdi – 1.01TTTTT points


Winner of a Bonus Kill Prize!

KuK Janitor (aoX) from Eretria – 580.52BTTTT points

Prekcali0 (B.H,) from Eretria – 476.63BTTTT points

Baggybest (Cxl) from Kaiser – 412.61BTTTT points

XxKoNaxX (PND8) from Carmel – 390.61BTTTT points

Alo iii (NJS) from Aephyra – 387.36BTTTT points

Kasperhm (xDWx) from Rizinia – 380.04BTTTT points

The DM (DnA:) from Aephyra – 293.52BTTTT points

Killkill77 (VISO) from Calainis – 225.65BTTTT points

5150 Same ($XI) from Rizinia – 150.69BTTTT points


Stay on top of your communications as prizes for ALL winning warriors will be granted shortly!


But don’t rest on your laurels while you wait for your prizes – there are rumors throughout Olympus of an upcoming battle to the death. Messengers are running this way and that with the news of a combat called Kingdom of the Champions. Be sure to train your army hard and practice alongside your Allies in dedicated events to be prepared for the fight that is coming.


Best of luck to you, Warrior, for your quest has only just begun. Immortality awaits.

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Troop Gear Research Fri, 19 Jan 2018 14:46:21 +0000 Warrior, there is never any time to rest. You must ensure that every ounce of strength you have is
devoted to the cause. Do you have all that you might need to shed the most blood in the Savage Kill
Event? You must hurry to prepare because the fight is imminent and there is little time.
The only way to ensure success is by making use of the Troop Gear Research available to you. With
proper planning and research, you will enjoy a bigger advantage in battle than ever before!
To level up the gear used in your troops arsenal, you must take advantage of the exclusive benefits
available to you by engaging with the Troop Gear Research Tree.
Troop Gear Research
What You Must Do
1. Unlock the potential to Level Up your Troops Gear
2. In your barracks, select the Tap on Troop Leveling Button
3. Select the Troop you want to bring the Level Up advantage too
4. Put them into battle and watch the blood flow!
What to Expect
 50% Poison Enemy Troops
 50% Poison Enemy Mythical Creatures
 25% Troop Antidote
 25% Mythical Creature Antidote
Boosts Available to You
 200MTT Mega Rally Size
 30BT Mythical Creature March Size
 300BT Mythical Creature Rally Size
 6Ktt Mythical Creature Queue Size
 38TT Troop Rally Size
 1.5BTT Trap Rally Size
 60MTT Troop Solo Size
 150MTT Trap Solo Size
Mysterious Monster Bonuses
 300MT% Spirit Mythical Creature Attack
 3000MT% Spirit Mythical Creature Defense
 300MT% Spirit Mythical Creature Health
 300MT% Horror Mythical Creature Attack
 300MT% Horror Mythical Creature Defense

and more!

You can find all Exclusive sales
only available for a limited time – like the Lustrous Spinnels and Instant Complete Items to finally
complete the imperative Troop Gear Research. It is the only way to ensure you will come out on top in
Always remember to tune in with the blog for more updates and special announcements.

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Fight Your Way to Victory for the Strongest Hero Yet – The Mighty Hero! Fri, 12 Jan 2018 16:41:10 +0000 Warrior, there is a new pursuit for your feisty eyes. You will reign supreme if, and only if, you find a way
to utilize the strength of the Mighty Hero in battle.
Blend the power of the Mighty Hero with unique boosts and over-worldly skills that no man has yet seen
acted out on the battlefield. Make your way to the Hall of Heroes and recruit a companion that,
together with your renewed strength, will be unstoppable on your path to victory. Together you will
conquer many kingdoms and none shall stand above you!
Benefits of the Mighty Hero:
 4KT Mythical Creature Rally Capacity
 20TT Rally Capacity
 10TT Trap Rally Capacity
 400T Mythical Creature March Capacity
 400BTT Troop March Capacity
 1TT Trap March Capacity
Look for Monstrous Mythical Creature Boosts:
 80T% Mythical Immortal Defense
 80T% Mythical Dragon Defense
 80T% Mythical Beast Defense
 96MT% Mythical Immortal Health
 96MT% Mythical Dragon Health
 8T% Mythical Immortal Attach
 8T% Mythical Dragon Attack
 96MT% Mythical Immortal Health
 96MT% Mythical Dragon Health
 96T% Mythical Beast Health
 8T% Mythical Immortal Attack
 8T% Mythical Dragon Attack
 8T% Mythical Beast Attack
 16T% Mythical Creature Attack
 80T% Mythical Creature Defense
 64T% Mythical Creature Health
 8T% Mythical Creature Rally and Wonder Attack
 160T5 Mythical Creature Rally and Wonder Health
Combat Boosts:
 15TTTTT% Troops and Mythical Creature Attack
 6KTTTTT% Troop and Mythical Creature Health
 300BTT% Resolute and Mythical Creature Defense

 3KT Mythical Creature/Troop/Trap Rally and March Size
 5TT% Super Troop and Rally Attack
 100MTTTT% Defense Annihilation
 200TTTTT% Legion Attack
and more!
What You Must Do
1. Keep your stronghold at Level 15 or stronger.
2. Find and use the Unlock the Hall of Heroes item to Unlock the Hall of Heroes.
3. Navigate to your Hero Profile and select ‘Change Hero.’
4. Focus your energy on recruiting new Heroes by making use of the special Mighty Hero Stones.
5. Bring your new Hero to life by activating it.
6. Wage battles so it can gain experience.
These new Heroes will fight with vengeance by your side. Remember that these Heroes will fight to be
your most favored side-kick. Never forget these important facts:
 New Hero’s come with full health.
 Only your Active Hero will regenerate.
 If your current active Hero is in prison or eliminated, you will not be able to pick a new Hero.
Never miss an opportunity to improve your fighting resources! Visit the Gold Store as soon as possible
to Unlock the Hall of Heroes items, Mighty Hero Stones, and everything needed to bring your newest
Hero to life!

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New Dynamic Tops, Mighty Hero Lv 70 and Stronghold 725 Now Available Thu, 11 Jan 2018 09:21:08 +0000 Warrior, the hour of reckoning is fast approaching. The time when you will be put to the test is coming,
and you must do all you can to bring the Gods on your side. Your scholars have been scouring the
ancient mysteries of the Academy, and your builders have been exploring new Upgrades for your empire
to bring you one step closer to the immortal. A meeting with the gods is imminent!
You must complete the Dynamic Combat Research to retrieve the Dynamic Troops you’ll need to do real
damage in battle. Find the Level up boost to bring added defense to your Stronghold and added
strength to your Mighty Hero.
The time is now to make your empire as strong as it has ever been.
March Size Benefits
No warrior can succeed alone. Find and make use of these valuable benefits to help you along your
 Unleash the 50KT Mythical Creature March Size on your Mighty Hero
 Add 5000KT Mythical Creature Rally Size: when you face a tall and menacing opponent
 5KYTT Mega Rally Size: when the battle is expanding and you need to rally your troops to
support the cause of the Empire!
 Benefit from 250TT Trap Solo Size to aid you in your hunting and fighting

Mythical Creature Benefits
Put these mythical creature benefits to use when the battle’s get tough:
 20T% Mythical Creature Attack: for an added boost in battle
 100T% Mythical Creature Defense: for when your Mighty Hero needs your help in battle
 100T% Mythical Immortal Defense: use this when you are face-to- face with the ultimate enemy
and must succeed
 200T% Mythical Creature Rally Health: keep this in your warrior pouch and use it when the
enemy thinks they have you on the back foot. The element of surprise is one of the most
effective tricks a wise warrior should use in combat!
There are more benefits to be found for those who are strong enough to find them. The journey will be
arduous and challenging for even the most skillful warriors. Only those who enjoy the struggle will
persevere in the end. If you complete the Dynamic Combat Research, then you will have put yourself
through struggle – and it will be time to enjoy the fruits of your labor with the Gods on your side.
Victory on the battlefield will be yours!

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Ring in 2018 with the New Year Avatar Collection Event Thu, 11 Jan 2018 09:20:31 +0000 Warrior, prepare yourself for battle. As the New Year begins you must be ready to show your War face
and fight for all that you believe in.
Make it clear to your enemies how much you have learned in the past year be participating in the New
Year’s Avatar Collection Event.
Every day will bring different objectives for you to complete. These objectives will test your resolve and
bring out the true warrior spirit within you. Embrace this opportunity to show the world how much
stronger you have become in 2017, and what new skills you have refined in the past year of adventure!
If you succeed in reaching these goals, you earn a shot at the daily Exclusive Avatar that culminates in
the New Year.
Reveal the True Extent of Your Skills
The New Year is yours for the taking as long as you complete the following challenges laid down to you
from on high:
 Collect as many Athena Gifts as you can find
 Gather all the support from those scattered through the Kingdom. The time is now to call in all
those you have protected and fought with over the past year.
 Attack the monsters who haunt the Kingdom
 Train troops and mythical creatures to be as strong as they have ever been
Every challenge you successfully complete will take you one step closer to receiving the FULL New Year’s
Avatar Collection. Only one brave warrior will receive this reward, so you must harness all your energies
and complete these challenges as fast as your legs can carry you.
But that is not all.
You must fight with renewed vigour because there are incredible boosts to be won for those most
ambitious among you. Fight to be amongst the select few to win the FULL collection and get access to
these boosts:
 22.5TT% Resolute Defense
 22.5TT% Defense Annihilation
 11KTT% Unstoppable Attack
 4.5TT% Super Troop Attack Bonus
 5T% Mythical Creature Attack
Check your event page tab every single day for more tips on how to win these AVATARS.
This opportunity only comes once a year, Warrior! If the long days of battle have worn your supplies
thin, you best stock up at the Gold Store on all the boosts and weapons a warrior needs to face their

destiny in battle. Win these Avatars over in style and signal to the world you are a force to be reckoned

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Game of War Thu, 11 Jan 2018 09:19:47 +0000 Where will you be when this world ends and the next Fire Age begins?
Will you have done whatever you could to become the sole Emperor of the Kingdom of Fire
when the Kingdom of Gods arrives?
There is only one way to find out. You must generate as many points as you can in Grand Finale
Series. It is your performance in the Grand Finale Series that will determine your place in the
next age. What must you do? Corral your allies and overcome the Super Wonder before it’s too
To the victors go the spoils. The winner in the Finale will receive eternal glory and these
incredible prizes:
 Massive Mythical Silver – 20T
 Early Access to the Special Holiday Kingdom of Radiance
 100 x 15-minute hemlock for each member of your Alliance
 Full Infinite Omega Divine Decimator Gear Set for each member of the Alliance
 Exclusive Special Emperor Adornment
 3 x 5 Minute hemlock
These prizes will provide an unparalleled advantage in the next age, the Kingdom of the Gods.
Will you be the winner?
Be Victorious with a Glorious Hero
As a warrior you must do whatever it takes to be victorious. To this end, you can customize
your battle strategy by recruiting a Glorious Hero with unique boosts and skills, the force of
which has yet to be seen.

In order to activate the Glorious Hero, you must accomplish these 5 tasks:
1. Ensure your stronghold is Level 15 or higher
2. Use the Unlock Hall of Heroes item to unlock the Hall of Heroes
3. Once inside the Hall, scroll through your Hero Profile and tap ‘Change Hero’
4. Activate the Legendary Hero Medals to recruit new heroes
5. Active your new hero and build their skill level through the specialized skill tree
If you complete of all these tasks you will be able to fight your battles with a Hero by your side!
However, in unlocking the tremendous power of Heroes you must learn how to treat them.

 The most important thing you must remember is that Hero Energy bars only regenerate
for ACTIVE Hero’s.
 Also, if your current hero is imprisoned you will be unable to choose another hero to
fight by your side.
Remember these rules when you unleash the tremendous power of the Hero – and good luck
to you in the battle of the ages.

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Game of War News and Updates Tue, 12 Dec 2017 14:02:56 +0000 There are a number of updates to announce, warriors!


All New: Guileful Troops, Legendary Hero Level 80, and Stronghold 500.


You can now train Guileful Troops. Gain 3x the unique and powerful by completing Gallant Combat Research and training T29 Troops. Level up your Stronghold and Legendary Hero to serve real damage!


Get bonuses to your


  • MAX March Size
  • Mythical Creature attack and defense
  • Super Combat attack, defense, and debuff
  • Combat attack, defense, debuff, and health


Athena’s Winter Giveaway


Athena’s winter giveaway is 11 days in! Participate in the event and receive a free gift from Athena herself. Participating in the event will earn you some fetch Winter Wonderland Tokens that will help you in Winter Wonderland Gift Collection Challenge.


The more tokens you collect each day, the more you can collection Special Boosts, Extra Items, and unlock Special Events loaded with prizes AND you’ll qualify for the Ultimate Grand Prize that will be announced soon.


But that’s not all… BIGGER and BETTER MEGA PRIZES will be given away each day as the event advances. Don’t miss out!


Scout Mythical Creatures at the Super Wonder with New VIP Levels


Turn the battle in your favor, Warrior. Claim Athena’s favor in battle when you unlock MAX VIP and gain total control of the strategy when you unlock by scouting mythical creatures at the Super Wonder.


New VIP Ability: Wonder Mythic Creature Scouting


If you’ve got VIP Level 977 you can unlock the ability to use Wonder Mythic Scouting. You’ll get a number of attack, defense, and health boosts. Use these awesome boosts as you weave your path to destruction in the upcoming Super Wonder!


Kingdom of Champions: Athena’s Winter Tempest Results are IN

Congratulations to these top Warriors!


  1. Mr Obsolete (#ILL) from Teos
  2. BORN2BKING (GOFF) from Khaerion
  3. xxX Tiny Xxx (A.A) from Ferdi
  4. Rogue XXL (DarK) from Animax
  5. Xmas Demon (~Fak) from Ferdi
  6. RIxNA (WENS) from Petra
  7. Shii04yy (DR8z) from Sogdianna
  8. Drp13 Ctesse (ONE) from ONE Heart
  9. P1nk Floyd (Oink) from Bravida
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Game of War Invites Skilled Warriors to Partake in Weather Warriors Event Tue, 12 Dec 2017 14:01:47 +0000 Game of War Weather Warriors Event is set to begin. Join a team of skilled warriors and collect Weather Warriors Event Tokens for amazing prices. All you have to do is grab a Weather Warriors Team Emblem and activate it under your Treasures Tab. Join forces with Team Tornado, Team Tsunami, or Team Earthquake!


You’ll want to consider your choice very carefully. Once you’ve chosen a team, you will not be able to switch.


How it Works


  • First, you’ll have to obtain a Weather Warriors Team Emblem. Once you choose you won’t be able to choose another. There are three teams: Team Tornado, Team Tsunami, and Team Earthquake.
  • Second, you will want to coordinate with your team to take as many Weather Warriors Event Tokens as possible.
  • Keep track of your tokens! Win magnificent prizes from the Weather Warriors Team Event!
  • Claim bonus prizes by reaching the finish line in this challenge!


For more information, check out Game of War’s events page .


Need to boost your mojo heading into this event? Ride the wind into the Gold Store  and get everything you’ll need to rain on your opponent’s parade!


Special Buildings Levels Have Risen


You can now build up your special buildings levels to unprecedented highs. Do so now and unlock exclusive boosts! Discover everything that the Empire has to offer! Upgrade to Level 475!


These might levels will introduce your empire to a whole new world. Take a look at the events page . Is it time your empire underwent a renovation?


These boosts will give your land offensive and defensive advantages against your enemies. Need to a step ahead of the opposition? Take a look at the Gold Store  and get your buildings at max levels today!


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Kingdom of Champions: Athena’s Slayers Grand Finale on the Horizon Thu, 23 Nov 2017 17:00:20 +0000 Mortals from every kingdom clamored to The Kingdom of Champions last week after Athena opened the Kingdom for Her birthday. Special bonuses were offered to all the warriors with courage to enter.


Athena congratulates those who survived. Their strength and dedication shone through the perilous night, as did the flames of their enemy’s encampments.


The winner was Philth22 (ONE) of ONE Heart! Athena sends many congratulations and rewards to Philth22.


Athena likewise congratulates the top performing warriors.


Panda Goku (CbY) from Ferdi

Pablo Escbar (BReW) from Teos

WAR 247 (8K8) from Animax

Jocrazy (.D.D.) from Mabel

Vampiiiii (=ba) from Kaiser

MelGibson1 (73V) from Ctesse

Rogue XXL (DarK) from Animax

Ghosttown 2 (IceD) from Eretria

SEVEN139 (aoX) from Animax


Be sure to gaze upon the Champion’s Monument now for the updated winner’s glory!


Athena’s Slayers Finale was a battle that the poets’ will sing of in songs and story, but Athena’s Slayer’s Grand Finale looms on the horizon. Warriors will have a second opportunity to forge their legacy. It will be one for the ages! The stuff of legend!


But remember that your troops will need to be in peak physical condition. Be sure to visit the gold store to give you troops the edge they’ll need to battle your enemies. For tips on making the right selection, have a look at this post on choosing the right gold packs for your armies.


Game of War features a number of gold packs that will help your armies get the training and experience they need. Researchers can use speed ups too and so can crafters. You’ll want to get your kingdom ready for the Grand Finale!


Be sure to check out our blog as more information becomes available! Dates and times have yet to be set!

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Athena Bestows Rewards Upon Gracious Mortals for Her Birthday Fri, 17 Nov 2017 17:43:40 +0000 Brace yourselves, mortals! Athena’s birthday nears, and because she bestows gifts upon the gracious and devoted, she has sanctioned Bonus Round 3. The Kingdom of Champions will open November 13th at 8am, and close at 4pm on November 14th!


Those that have spent time with Athena in the Kingdom of Champions will be rewarded by special gifts, and more events for you to participate in. Bask in Her glory while it still shines upon you!


What Will the Top Warriors in The Kingdom of Champions Receive?


The top 100 winning warriors in Bonus Round 3 can receive:


  • 5x points toward KvK
  • First place scores 500 Points in this seasons KvK Warfare!
  • New chat adornments!
  • Secret rewards scrolls!
  • Event rewards scrolls!
  • Level 7 Monsters!


…and rewards that have yet to be revealed!


You Would be Wise to Remember…


Your Peace Shields will not protect you here.


Getting burned anywhere in the Kingdom will remove you from the Kingdom and send you to from whence you came.


The Wonder Forest will be more dangerous than ever before. But the potential rewards will be much greater.


The Throne of Champions awaits… but only the strongest armies that can coordinate their attacks will be fit to sit upon it.


Study the Champions Research Tree in your academy to gain special combat bonuses exclusive to the Kingdom of Champions.


Solo attacks won’t work. The Throne of Champions is only vulnerable to rallies and mega rallies. Be warned!


Kingdom of Champions


Since introducing these events since last year, more and more excitement has been generated around them and those that fared well invest well invested a lot of time into Champions Research. Since the original even, the Kingdom of Champions has gotten better and better, and with more excitement surrounding it, the stakes continue to rise.


Entry goes through November 14th, so prepare yourself, and your armies for battle!

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Peril Awaits Your Armies as the King of Champions Reopens November 13th to 14th Mon, 13 Nov 2017 17:39:39 +0000 Mortals from every kingdom clamor and rush to The Kingdom of Champions. Athena has opened the Kingdom for Her birthday offering special bonuses to all warriors with the courage to enter. But be advised, much research needs to be done before you and your armies are prepared. Turnout for the event will be epic, and Athena will be feeding on the blood of the slain and fallen.


Champion Research contains three distinct trees; one for Strength, one for Wisdom, and one for Fortitude. You must familiarize yourself with them before doing battle in the Kingdom of Champions.


Fortune Favors the Survivors


Event points can be amassed through these feats of cunning, strength, and courage:


  • Time holding the Champion’s Throne Wonder
  • Burning down strongholds in the Kingdom of Champions
  • Burning strongholds in the forest of the Kingdom of Champions
  • Surviving longer in the Kingdom of Champions will allow you to claim survivor tokens and push ahead of your enemies!


Will you survive?

The next champion to win Bonus Round 3 will be featured in the Champion’s Monument Building for all to a gaze upon in awe of their astounding achievement.


Don’t miss out on this event! Prepare wisely. Train relentlessly. Build your armies and enter the Kingdom of Champions where excellence is measured simply in how long you can survive.


Can You Gain the Upper Hand?


You can! Enter the Kingdom of Radiance to gain exclusive boosts that will help you in battle!


Complete Multiple Researches at the same time with Instant Research and maximize your battle strategy!


Begin your preparations. Gird your loins. The time for battle is upon you! Strike swiftly and without mercy! Leave the limbs of your enemies in you wake! And be remembered for eternity as the greatest champion of all time!

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