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Feathered Fortress Armor – Gear Review

This is a review of the Feathered Fortress Armor equipment for Game of War which is part of the Xenas Gear equipment set.

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Feathered Fortress Armor

Hero Level 50
Item Slot Armor
Type Standard
Event Xenas Gear
Silver 99,500,000

Xena’s Gear Overview

The Xena’s Gear set was released in December 2014 and is comprised of 10 items. 5 were in the initial release and 5 ‘Legendary Defensive Items’ were released in Jan 2015. They are all combat focussed and most include at least one of the three new boosts. Enemy Defense Debuff, Enemy Health Debuff and Enemy Troop Attack Debuff. See the Guide to Combat Boosts for more info. They primarily use standard materials mixed in with Death’s Ashes, Wax, Cotton and Yellow Leaf. Silver costs are expensive to very expensive.

Purpose: Combat Defense

With two large defensive combat boosts this item is definitely for protecting your troops.


Lvl. 6 Overall Ranking
Troop Defense 43% 2
Troop Health 35% 10
Strat Defense 43% 2
Strat Health 35% 10

Best Combat Gear Rank:

#2 for Defensive Armor

I would describe this as a large health boost and an enormous defense boost. Whilst defense boost isn’t generally the best, this is compensated for by the size of it. This comes a very close second behind Hera’s Gown.


Incredibly useful for keeping your troops alive in a variety of situations.


Silver Cost: 99,500,000

At 100m silver this item is expensive.








Yellow Leaf


Slightly easier to build then some Xena’s Gear items but still requires three elusive seasonal materials. Overall this is item is still very good value.


Unlike Hera’s gown, this item doesn’t contribute any damage. In exchange though you get slightly higher defensive boosts. Currently the second best defensive armor.


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