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Explorer Dungeon – Our First Look

Explorer Dungeon

Update: This has been released – check out our guide to the explorer and wonder dungeon here

Its been sitting in dungeon screen for a couple of months now, and today MZ finally released our first look into the explorer dungeon. There are a lot of features that they are still working on and they have told us to expect several revisions before it is released.

Whist I did have the opportunity to give each section of the dungeon a go, I’m yet to see the benefits over the standard dungeon. Sure there are more monsters and more elements that bring more to the dungeon experience, however the current payouts and the potential costs of playing are yet to be fully determined.

Some of the new features include a new hero skill tree for dungeon mode, dungeon specific gear and hero skills (attack types) that apply different types of damage.

Ss MZ have said this is all subject to change and there is plenty of fine tuning still to be done.

Here is our first look
IMG_3038 IMG_3039 IMG_3043 IMG_3051 IMG_3049 IMG_3054 IMG_3056 IMG_3098 IMG_3052 IMG_3055 IMG_3053 IMG_3057 IMG_3040IMG_3099
IMG_3044 IMG_3102

IMG_3103 IMG_3104 IMG_3105 IMG_3106 IMG_3112
IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3110

IMG_3111 IMG_3112IMG_3091 IMG_3090 IMG_3089 IMG_3088 IMG_3087 IMG_3086 IMG_3085 IMG_3084 IMG_3083 IMG_3082 IMG_3081 IMG_3080 IMG_3079 IMG_3078 IMG_3077 IMG_3076 IMG_3075 IMG_3074 IMG_3073 IMG_3072 IMG_3071 IMG_3070 IMG_3069 IMG_3068 IMG_3067 IMG_3066 IMG_3065 IMG_3064 IMG_3063 IMG_3062
IMG_3060 IMG_3059 IMG_3058 IMG_3048 IMG_3047 IMG_3046 IMG_3045


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  1. i really wish i could get arena to give more dungeon keys i spent so much gold on keystones just for the upgrades!! and no option to buy dungeon key with gold i have..;(((

  2. How the heck do you get out with your loot?

  3. I tried the explorer dungeon, I will not play it again, This is not why I play Game of War, this dungeon has nothing to do with war. If you lucky maybe some rare items

  4. not engaging at all:( – already too much distraction from fighting… and really too much of different staff. new complex game inside of gow…

  5. completely different monster skill sets. Yup, because all the money and time you spent on the last stuff doesn’t make MZ richer… FAIL

  6. Omg look at this how lame who is the adviser. So disappointed guess I will be one of those 4 sale accounts

  7. It’s just another money spinner for players to pour money into researching skills and getting gear.

  8. This looks like an entirely new game.

  9. What does this have to do with fighting/warring, so little of the game now is battling, they should be increasing that aspect of the game not this kill monsters thingy … not impressed so far with explorer dungeon, unless u can go on escapades with your fellow alliance members or something like that, this is just pointless

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