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Event Update: Warriors Prepare for the Terrestrial Spirits Team Event

Are you ready to invoke the spirits for battle in the upcoming Terrestrial Spirits Team Event?

It’s time for us to join forces once more and choose the team that best represents our inner warrior. Will you lead the Dragons, Roosters, or Tigers to victory? The choice is yours, but first you’ll need to qualify.

Get Ready for Terrestrial Spirits Team Event

If this is the first news of the next team event, fear not. There is still time to qualify.

To play, re-start your game. If you wish to qualify, you will first need to seek a Terrestrial Spirits Team Select Emblem.  Once acquired, it’s time to choose your team.

From Dragon to Rooster to Tiger, there are opportunities for all warriors – if you can work together as a team.

It is a team event, so this is no time for individual acts of heroism. Instead, it is your strategy that will lead you to victory. The winning strategy will allow your team to collect more Terrestrial Spirits Event Tokens than the rest.

Winning as a Team

Is your team’s strategy better than the rest?

Once your team has collected tokens, you’ll begin winning incredible awards and prizes. Want to know what epic prizes are at stake? Refresh the game and visit the Events page.

The exact prizes are still being kept close to our chests, but we can tell you that participation in the Terrestrial Spirits even presents the opportunity to earn the Chat Adornment. Get involved to earn it before anyone else.

Go forth and good luck, warriors! And remember, your team is counting on your efforts to reach glory.

Can’t wait for more news on events, new levels, and more? Keep your eyes and your heart tuned into the in-game blog for the latest updates.


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