Rising Haidate

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Name Rising Haidate
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Lvl. 6
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  1. Yes, you need to put in prospectors gems, the higher the gem level, the more rss tiles you can set on and shield.

  2. Any idea where you can get “Holy Gaurdian of Hope?”

    I can’t find them in troops or traps?

  3. Daniel Wilkinson

    you need to buy a pack that has the item in it

  4. Any idea on how to 100% cheese upkeep or even reduced?

  5. first march must include hero. you also can only gather up to the level of your gems. IF not completely gemmed with all level 6, you may only be able to gather one tile at a time.

  6. Prosecutors set. I have it on but I can’t get the sheild on gathering to come on. Am I missing something here?

    • You have to place the special prospectors gems, the level 6 gems are the strongest. Have to place them in each gear to be able to shield on more then one rss tile and have to send hero in prospectors to first time for it to activate.

  7. I think it can only be got from pack. I got five basic gears include prospector gear from a 5 dollars gold pack and it was cheap. You can find one suitable for you ?

  8. Anyone have an idea where to get materials to craft Prospectors Set (Economy gear set)?

  9. What gems used to make this set maximum potential?

  10. Is rhere anyway to show the result of different mixtures of gem sets.

  11. That gear set is only available in starter gold packs. It is not available to build. Be on look out for scholar research packs

  12. Anyone know the recipe to make the scholars research bracelet? I have everything but the accessories. I won it incomplete in a chest and really want the full set. Can’t find it anywhere in the game or elsewhere.

  13. I’m at hero level 64, VIP 27 currently; I’ve not purchased a pack yet, but I see there’s 5 Legendary Full Sets in one pack for just $4.99. It’s labeled as: “Player Appreciation – Thank You”; they are in current rotation, with at least 4 to select from:
    Northern King
    Grand Marshal
    Ice Legend27
    City Builder’s Construction
    Master Architect
    Dark Hunter
    Scholar’s Research
    Northern King
    Grand Marshal
    Master Architect
    Golden Shogun
    Scholar’s Research
    Dark Hunter
    City Builder’s Construction

    I’m considering B or D, but I’d like to find Grand Marshal instead of Frostlord in B, or Golden Shogun in D. What’s the best option to choose?

    • what’s your stronghold level? Up at about lvl 21, it gets expensive to build. Frostlord is a nice defense gear set. You’ll also be building troops. Prospector gear set, is a nice one to have. Golden Shogun is nice, too. I’d pick “C”, and “D” as a runner up. C has a master architect, while D, has City builder. D has shogun, but you may find shogun, later on, in events. You’ll get chests, chests, and more chests.

      Try and find the gearset you want, in the award chests, in events. Once you have a repeating event, with good chests, ‘inferno’ it 🙂

    • How did you get to lvl 64 without activating the treasury? They don’t have gold rewards in events anymore. And you need zheroic Medals, which don’t show up in alliance gifts anymore, either.

  14. Jordan seykovski

    What mean build on the fly.?

  15. The gems come in the 7000k bundle of Prospector Chests. Usually in a $20 pack. As a added insurance item, i usually talk about what i need in chat. The game picks up on the data, and creates a pack, for you.

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