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  1. My wife converted me into a non pack buyer. She totaled the amount I spent on packs, and told me I could continue to buy them, or she could get me a new Corvette and we could use the other $150 to pay for the insurance and Gasoline. I agreed and we are saving money every month and I have a Beautiful New Corvette!

  2. I’m asking everyone to boycott mz. Everything we asked for was thrown out the window. New research is of course just for the big players. I’m only one guy I say we all shield for a week and see how mz likes no one buying anything. We have to stand together or nothing will change. I’m no stayalive77 but someone has to start this. I tried on their Facebook page but they only allow good comments about their game.

  3. Is there a point to the Monster Slayer set? I have the full set at Legendary; however, the haunted kunoichi’s set domes better.

  4. MZ just lost me, they will get nothing more out of me. Have you ever noticed you don’t get everything you were supposed to when you bought a pack. Or how about the worthless third troop type. The game lags bad, but they were supposed to fix it. The only way to get their attention is to hit them in their pocket. Don’t buy packs, get others to not buy packs. Start a boycott only this time don’t give in until it’s all fixed for sure. Just think of the money you will save while boycotting. What else could you do with that money.

  5. Now the university in the alliance City that used to give credit for each help is screwing everyone. My alliance’s city is at level 4 which = a 2% reduction in the time to do the research for each help. In a 1 hour span i got 25 helps on a research that started at 418 days & 10 hours. after the 25 helps 376 days & 18 hours remained. do the math it should have been 252 days & 12 hours. MZ screwed me out of over 100 days. Last time I will ever buy a pack from them. What they are doing is criminal and the CEO should go to PRISON. I plan to document My next research and take the screen shots with time stamps to the cyber crime division of the FBI. No nice warm Island for those jerks.

    • 418 days 10 hours reduced by 25% from max helps would be 313 days 19hrs 30 min. (each help being 1% time reduction) Without screen shots your post seems very unlikely. If it is indeed ~63 days off then you should contact support

      ” a 2% reduction in the time to do the research for each help.” This is not accurate. re-read it. it says research speed bonus. Has nothing to do with alliance helps. There are multiple researches that help alliance city research helps though. Anyway long story short this would have slightly helped your original build time but that’s it.

  6. tired of mailing mz over problems in the feedback section on game and no response do i not matter when i spend money on the game its out of order

    • Profile photo of R1SYN

      The game is messed up… MZ cares about there pathetic marketing schemes more than the users ……. If you have issues same response, reboot blablabla. doesn’t work. Can’t speed up crafting, kicked constantly, horrible lag on fast internet service on planet and its not there fault. MZ is pathetic

  7. Hi MZ ,
    What Happens in Germany Couleur Not log in about wlan. Have new install my App Come Not in should shield

  8. Profile photo of Matt

    This is at inside game of war site. Why can’t I pull up core sets? Or recipes. Trying to get info in four horse core set. Any help is appreciated.

  9. Bull %%%%. How come europeans need to pay more for pack? States players have pack for $99,99 and europeans for that same pack need to pay 109,40 euro. its mean we should pay 88,53 euro thats the rate for dollar at 08/10/2015 at 11:35 this morning. New prices show up only for europeans players. How come Mz want grow in this game if you loosing milions players in Europe. Of course there be no respnse for this or any comments. They just know how pop up new terms for protect theyr”es asses.

  10. Don’t buy any packs.. you won’t get them. . I buy a pack earlier today and never got it. . The money came really quick from my account. But guess what I never got the items I paid for. . Their aswer to my problem.. we gonna look into it … so what I have to wait who knows for how long until I get my pack.. if I got it today was for a reason… they keep saying the fixing everything .. but still the same… getting kick out of the game.. not letting load the game… problems with the teleport. . The really need to do something about it.

  11. Tell MZ to fix March Reaearch Tree. lot of people getting pissed off and quitting because of this !!! GET IT ON IT AND GET IT DONE, SIMPLE, also, the new update installed is really glitching the game, best case it slows it down, worst case it kicks you out just when you are defending, attacking or rallying. you guys make enough money on this game so get it right,i

  12. Its getting tougher to play when the game is constantly lagging and freezing up. FIX THIS

  13. This game has gone no where but down hill …. Kingdom I play in people are leaving due to the lack of war which was the point of the game but since game has changed to the game of research.. Once or twice a month kill events.. Once a month super wonder .. Mz’s had a direction but now has lost all apects of what game is suppose to be about WAR!!! The game has lost it’s wow factor and now it’s just another game driven to make you spend .. I’m sure more and more people will leave it’s only a matter of time..

    • Profile photo of Krzy Kat

      Game is now about buying packs from MZ, not war. They have even run Infernos based on points earned by buying packs. And no kingdom event with it so did not get a whole lot for your basically $100 investment!!!

  14. Game has epic update fail on iOS devices! Won’t load past 20% and MZ are saying its Apple devices fault! problem is happening to hundreds of people and MZ in typical form are not helping to correct the frustrating problem. Check out App Store reviews for GOW. PLAY AT OWN RISK!

    • Profile photo of DownHomeHick426

      RE: Zee it is your device and MZ was correct, even though not all apple or iOS devices were affected.

      • Bull #$%%^. MZ screwed up in the update and they are not grown up enough to admit there mistake or to fix it. MZ is going down in a huge fireball. I feel sorry for all the people (me included) who paid money only to loose it all when MZ folds up it’s tents and moves to a warm island to enjoy all of our money. It’s time we all filed lawsuits against MZ.

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