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Equipment and Core Update – Leprechaun, Cyclops, Cerberus and Relics

Leprechaun, Cyclops, Cerberus Gear plus Relics Updatedleprechaun-cyclops

All the latest gear, cores and gems have been added. (Today’s Minotaur release still to come).

I have also updated all the older standard and relic gear so everything should be completely accurate and up-to-date.

Have been working on the backend processes to make the updating of site quicker and easier so hopefully you won’t have to wait so long next time!




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  1. Also will MZ ever release a training gear for your accessories

  2. I want to know if there are any cores that allow troop training speed boost

  3. Ok whats happening is when I’m combining pieces to level them up its sending them to the bottom in the locked area and telling me I must make room in my inventory to use them. That’s why I wanted to know what to discard and what to keep.

  4. My material area is over full and need to know what to get rid of to make room for combining the important stuff.

  5. Can you list the best training gear or relics for each categories

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