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Enhance Your Demigod Gear

Hail, warriors,

The enemy hordes are nearly upon us, and in order to weather their onslaught, you need to raise your Demigod Set Gear to the challenge!

Prepare to mow down your enemies like grass by taking your Demigod Gear sets and enhancing them with Gear Leveling Materials. Combined, you’ll command power like you’ve never felt before. Here’s a preview of where leveling your gear can take you:

Demigod Challenger Set Gear Level 50:

  • 200% Demigod Attack
  • 150% Demigod Defense
  • 100% Demigod Health
  • 100% Rally & Wonder Holding Demigod Attack
  • 100% Rally & Wonder Holding Demigod Health

Demigod Combat Set Gear Level 50:

  • 100% Demigod Attack
  • 75% Demigod Defense
  • 50% Demigod Health
  • 100% Empire Defender Demigod Attack
  • 75% Empire Demigod Defense
  • 50% Empire Defender Demigod Health

Demigod Economic Set Gear Level 50:

  • 150% Empire Defender Demigod Attack
  • 100% Empire Defender Demigod Defense
  • 50% Empire Defender Demigod Health
  • 10% Demigod Training Cost Reduction T1, T2, T3, & T4
  • 10% Demigod Research Cost Reduction-Econ, Defense, & Combat
  • 10% Demigod Research Cost Reduction- Overlimit and Gathering
  • 10% T1, T2, & T3 Omni Food Upkeep Reduction
  • 10% T1, T2, & T3 Construction RSS>Reduction

Demigod Gear Leveling Materials will be essential to reach these peaks of power, and carry your gear all the way up to level 50. Pick up some Materials today and see this for yourself.


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