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Enemy Troop Defense Debuff – Revealed

Enemy troop defense debuffWith the launch of Xena’s Gear, MZ have released their first gear set containing the new Enemy Troop Defence Debuff boost.

As we explored in this article, defense boost is nowhere near as effective as troop health except when fighting much weaker opponents.

Flip this around and logically this makes Enemy Troop Defence Debuff very effective vs. much much stronger opponents. It is mediocre in most situations, but if you are leading rallies against people with more than 20m T4 or 30m T3 this starts to become very powerful.

This makes Xena’s Gear now the best standard gear for rallying very very large players. If you are leading T1 rallies (a useful KvK tactic to be revealed soon), it becomes excellent against opponents with 5m+ T4/7.5m+ T3.

One issue though is if you are attacking someone with 20m+ T4, should you not be using lvl 6 core gear?

I will update the equipment reviews to reflect this and have created a new equipment type – Rally Leading.

In summary,  if you are attacking someone with 10x more Troop than you,  this starts to become the most effective attack boost. Otherwise Troop attack is more effective.



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  1. Does the percentage work additively for the debuff resistance stats as well? Rather than like the true percentage would?

  2. when preparing to eat a rally what is the best debuff boost to use enemy attack debuff or enemy defense debuff?

  3. I am aware, for Trap accounts, using a Troop Attack Debuff and a Defense Buff, it does save on Trap losses. Would that be beneficial to continue to use that combination as Traps are long to rebuild and expensive, if you do not have the proper Relic Gear ready to rebuild Traps.

  4. Cannot find a way to defeat Xena Defensive Set 2. Eats all rallies. What are we missing?

  5. I know attack boosts help for defending does enemy defence debuff help at all for defending such as getting rallied?

    • It doesnt really help for defending per se, however if active your troops will kill more troops as it weakens the other players defence, so all is all it does work for defending but in an attacking way. Hope that makes sense

  6. So when calculating attack % on a core set is the attack debuff kind of like adding that % to my attack boost?

    • Attack debuff takes away attacking power from the enemy, therefore their attack will be weaker, killing less of your troops. It would be more towards the defence side of % but still helps attack too

  7. Slaggy,

    My group and I had a disagreement over how the debuffs work. If someone is coming in with all cores and their attack is 2000% and you have 25% attack debuff, does the debuff make their attack 1975% or does it take somewhere around 12.5-25% off of the attack. which would make it 1500-1750%.

    Just want to see how worth it is to use for my 2 bil account.

  8. What about using Enemy Defense Debuff for my SH14 punching bag? I’ve got 80k x3 t1 balanced, and 240k hospital beds. All I really want to do is scrape KvK points from the t3/t4 armies that hit me.

  9. Slaggy, so defense debuff is weak when say attacking a small account (small troop count). But, say you’re running a high defense debuff as an account that takes rallies? If you have a high attack boost and high defense debuff, theoretically it should hurt the incoming rally much more right? Or is it just not effective at even rally size numbers to matter much?

  10. Hey, when calculating gear rating, how do you apply the debuff in the formula?
    Is it applied as the others: 3 * (troop attack debuff) + 1,2 * (defense debuff) + 1 * (inf/rang/calv attack debuff)?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, it depends on whether you are looking at attack gear, defense gear or suicide gear. For the first two, defense debuff is weighted as 0.6 compared to troop attack which is weighted as 1.

  11. How it works?
    If enemy’s defense is 300% and my defense debuff is 100%,
    enemy’s defense is going 200% or 0%?

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