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Enchanted Bracelet – Gear Review

This is a review of the Enchanted Bracelet equipment for Game of War which is part of the Xenas Gear equipment set.

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Enchanted Bracelet

Hero Level 50
Item Slot Accessory
Type Standard
Event Xenas Gear
Silver 149,250,000

Xena’s Gear Overview

The Xena’s Gear set was released in December 2014 and is comprised of 10 items. 5 were in the initial release and 5 ‘Legendary Defensive Items’ were released in Jan 2015. They are all combat focussed and most include at least one of the three new boosts.  Enemy Defense Debuff, Enemy Health Debuff and Enemy Troop Attack Debuff. See the Guide to Combat Boosts for more info.  They primarily use standard materials mixed in with Death’s Ashes, Wax, Cotton and Yellow Leaf. Silver costs are expensive to very expensive.

Purpose: Combat Defense

This item contains 4 combat boosts, all of which are defense orientated.


Lvl. 6 Overall Ranking
Troop Defense 15% 35
Troop Health 30% 17
Strat Defense 15% 35
Strat Health 30% 17
Enemy Attack Debuff 7% 4
Enemy Health Debuff 7% 1
Strat Enemy Attack Debuff 7% 4
Strat Enemy Health Debuff 7% 1

Best Combat Gear Rank:

#1 for Defensive Accessories
#2 for Suicide Accessories

Whilst none of the boosts are particularly strong in their own right, the combination of the 4 make this the best combat accessory on offer. It is notably better than the Violent Beauty Wings and a lot better than Jenocide.


4 combat boosts, 3 of them related to defense. This item is ideal for taking hits of any sort or protecting your troops when attacking.


Silver Cost: 149,250,000

At just under 150m silver this item is very expensive.


Deaths Ashes  Wax  Wax  Yellow Leaf 

Requiring for seasonal materials, 2 of which are rare. This is very hard to build. It however is well worth the cost if you can afford it.


Taking first place from the violent beauty wings this is now the best defensive combat accessory.  It’s not easy to build but well worth the cost.


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  1. I currently have 3 sets of Violent Beauty Wings, would this Accessory be worth crafting and swapping out a set of wings for Solo attacking and Rallies where I’m not using all Relics and Cores?

    thank you

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, It really depends on your funds. Most players that have access to 6 x gold wax for a full set of these would prefer to focus on Troop Attack in which case the Violent Beauty Wings are actually better. Check out the Suicide Gear here for more info. Also worth bearing in mind that most new equipment MZ release is superior to the previous set. In which case we could be getting some even better accessories next month.

  2. I had the chance to make one of these.. to put a long with full xena attack set.. I opted for fortress armour and undeniable toes shoes instead. . Good decision?

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