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Empower Your Pantheon with New Demigod Levels

Hail, warriors,

While the conflict in the Dragon War Dimension rages on, new advancements have arrived to the Demigod Dimension. The Demigods have provided all-new Pantheon levels in order to make sure that you and your loyal troops are up to the task.

Level up your Pantheon to 1140 to get as high as these Max Boosts:

  • 1400% Demigod Type Attack
  • 1290% Demigod Empire Rally Attack
  • 1290% Demigod Wonder Rally Attack
  • 1131% Demigod Troop Attack
  • 1290% Demigod Wonder Holding Attack

So, how do you use your Pantheon to your benefit? Here’s how.

  • Unlock your Pantheon with a Pantheon Foundation
  • Upgrade your Pantheon with a Demigod Pantheon Upgrade Scroll
  • Enter your Pantheon from Empire View
  • Select the Tribute Type from the deity of your choice
  • Tap Activate
  • Utilize your new boosts in battle

Don’t forget to participate in special Linked Events to earn powerful rewards for your Dragon War Dimension Empire. Combine your boosts with powerful gear and unique Avatars to take on all comers.

No one spurns a potential divine blessing, warriors. Head to the Gold Store to get your Demigod Blessings and show your enemies your newfound might.


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