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Earn Fantastic Prizes Through Winter Loyalty Rewards

Hail, warriors,

Now is the time to reward the loyalty you have shown all year, with Winter Loyalty Rewards.

When you head to the Gold Store, every purchase that you make will fill up your Streak Bar. When your Streak is in full swing, this gives you the chance to potentially earn some astonishing prizes, like Demigod Research Chests, Resource Chest Bundles, and more.

In addition, there will also be some fascinating items available, like Platinum Thank You Tokens, Demigod Dimension Loyalty Rewards Member Tokens, as well as a Winter Loyalty Rewards Exclusive Demigod Gem and Banner. In addition, you will also have early access to Demigod Loyalty Reward Points for bonuses in the future. Here’s a little preview of some of the bonuses for these exclusive items.

Lvl 6 Demigod Predestined Banner

  • 4000% Troop Attack
  • 2500% Troop Rally Attack
  • 3500% Troop Attack At The Wonder
  • 2500% Troop Rally Health
  • 3500% Troop Rally Health At The Wonder
  • 2500% Debuff To Enemy Troop Health

Lvl 6 Demigod Almighty Gems

  • 2100% Troop Attack
  • 2625% Troop Defense
  • 1050% Troop Health
  • 455% March Speed
  • 455% Rally Speed

Note that these goods can only be obtained through Winter Loyalty Rewards and will never be available again, so be sure to act soon.


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