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Demigod Training and Construction Gear – Grow your Empire in Battle!

Warrior, your success on the battlefield has earned you the respect of many. Your enemies are not the only ones afraid of you – your own men harbor a fear that takes its form in the dedication and unwavering allegiance they show to your cause. The sharpness of their swords is only matched by the sharpness of your wit in leading them. Now – in battle – is the time to turn their respect for your into profit with the new Demigod Construction and Training Gear. With these steps forward, your Empire will flourish under your leadership – you will be able to Train Troops, Finish Your Research, and Build Your Empire.


Look no further for information on what you can gain from the Demigod Construction and Training Gear!


Demigod Construction Gear Set:

  • 30 Hours Demigod Construction Time Reduction
  • 315% Empire Defender Demigod Attack
  • 315% Empire Defender Demigod Defense


Demigod Training Gear Set:

  • 100% Demigod Troop Training Reduction
  • 50% Demigod Trap Training Reduction
  • 50% Demigod Titan Training Reduction
  • 280% Empire Defender Demigod Attack
  • 350% Empire Defender Demigod Defense


But remember, Warrior, you will get the most out of your new Gear by Combining Materials from the Forge and, with the help of the Gear Workshop, making the most of their potential. Good Luck!


How to Craft New Gear in the Forge:

  1. Go along to your Forge building
  2. Click on Craft Equipment to view available options
  3. Acquire the Materials listed in the equipment Recipes
  4. Match together like Materials to get a degree of Higher Quality
  5. When you’ve managed to get all the requirements, tap Craft
  6. Use Silver to begin the Craft Timer or Gold to Instantly Complete
  7. Take on your old foes and destroy them with your brand new Gear!


How to Improve Quality in the Gear Workshop

  1. Go to your Gear Workshop building
  2. Select an Eligible Equipment Item you would like to improve
  3. Use Gear Quality Upgrade Parts to take the quality level up a notch
  4. Benefit from the Rewards of the Improved Set Gear and annihilate your enemies


Warrior – your Empire calls on you, and, don’t forget, Athena rewards those Heroes who are loyal to their Empire. Build, build, build and glory and legacy will come your way. Complete Events with the Demigod Construction and Training Gear – the war will not be over anytime soon so don’t be missing this essential Gear!


Go along to the Gold Store to unlock the potential waiting in your armies with the Demigod Construction and Training Gear!



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