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Demigod – Serpent Dragon

Hail, warriors,

There are a new set of boons from the gods to bring onto the field of battle, but only for the worthy. First, on this coming weekend, fight to the end of the rainbow on this St. Patrick’s Day weekend for the Lucky Jackpot Super Wonder. One lucky warrior will get an enormous treasure trove of Mystery Chests, Platinum, and Demigod Annihilation/Kingslayer Energy.

All warriors can also travel to the Lucky Jackpot Kingdom for a chance to get lucky Boosts and Athena Gifts as well. The fun starts this Saturday, March 17th.

Looking for an ally on your next quest for the weekend and beyond? Lead your armies on the warpath with the latest monster: the Serpent Dragon. Check out some of the great stats for this mighty Demigod beast:

Rank 5 Serpent Dragon:

150% Demigod Mythic Attack

150% Demigod Siege/Trap Attack

150% Thunderlord Attack

150% Firelord Attack

150% Waterlord Attack

150% Demigod Attack vs. Empire

150% Rally Demigod Health Bonus

150% Rally Demigod Attack Bonus

Lvl 50:

300% Demigod Troop Attack

Monster Lair Level 1130:

600% Demigod Wonder Attack

150% Demigod Wonder Health

300% Demigod Troop Defense

The battles aren’t over yet, warriors! Zeus has ruled in Hephaestus’s favor over Ares for the hand of Aphrodite and offers the chance to pledge yourself to one of three Godly elements for his favor.

Choose the Throne to represent the power of the Gods.

Choose the Sky to represent unending vitality and immortal courage.

Choose the Earth to represent the lifeblood of the earth and its endless renewal.

Each element has undisclosed benefits for the Zeus’s Ruling Team Event, but choose wisely, as you won’t be able to switch.

Be sure to try some of these items and power your new team by visiting the Gold Store today.


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