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Demigod Boosts

Hail, warriors,

Part of taking on future challenges is being prepared for anything, and doing what you can to set future battles in your favor.

Start by taking advantage of the Demigods’ favor, contained in divine chests filled with treasures. Stock your armies with the items found inside these Demigod Mystery Chests, with exciting items like Spartan Spears, Demigod Resources, Demigod Speedups, and all types of different boosts and weaponry. Your enemies won’t know what hit them.

Take things to another level with the wonders hidden inside Overlimit Mystery Chests, swelling the ranks of your army until they can roll over the battlefield. Open these chests and get a massive influx of resources that let you run through the Overlimit Research Tree. What foe can stand up to you with a larger army, more advanced weaponry, and the blessings of the Demigods?

Fortify your Overlimit Research permanently with some exclusive Overlimit Stackable Lifetime boosts.  Cut down on your resource requirements for all Demigod resources, so you spend less time gathering materials and more time stocking your base and getting intelligence.

Still looking for more? Invoke the power of the assassin with a new set of Assassins Avatars. Be sure to collect Athena Gifts, participate in special events, and be wary of exclusive sales. These help you collect Assassins Avatar Mystery Chests that allow you to get the entire set of avatars.

Combined, the assassins are even more powerful. Collect variants of each of the avatars, and wield a full set of Demigod Boosts with the entire set. Here are the full boosts you can get:

  • 240% Demigod Type Attack
  • 150% Demigod Type Defense
  • 120% Demigod Type Health
  • 100% Demigod Rally/Wonder Attack

Don’t wait until your back is up against the wall to try and get these items. Restart your game and head over to the Gold Store to pick them up today and change the way you do battle for the better.
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  1. I’m level 1 1 1 7 but I can’t seem to get enough demagogue silver to upgrade my buildings I’ve been stuck for a month any ideas?

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