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Daily Bonus Club Revamped

Daily Bonus Club with new Features

The last few months, the DBC has come with daily rewards, that most of us don’t even need anymore. MZ has finally updated it, added things we can use, removed the things we don’t use, and added a new feature.
Here is what you can expect this month, when you renew your Daily Bonus Club Membership:

Break Chests From Your Treasures

If you’re like me, you have loads of items in your treasures (specifically multiple sets of gear), that you can’t be bothered to open, just to go in to inventory later, to break them! MZ has finally given us a solution. Once you renew your DBC for February, your treasures will automatically have a break button, next to every item. You will receive Power Essence, for every item you break.


New Daily Login Bonus Rewards

Gone this month are Columns and Insignia. They have been replaced with Ancient Artifacts, and Orbs. Also, the amount of VIP, RSS, Shards, and speeds, have increased.

  1. 1,800 Ancient Artifacts
  2. 600,000 Time Orbs
  3. 60,000 Fire Shards
  4. 1.5 Trillion VIP
  5. 90 Trillion Resource Bundle
  6. 1,800,000 Speed Up Bundle

Daily Login Bonus Streak Reward

Same as prior, you will receive an additional reward, for logging in, 6 straight days. This month with be the possibility of 4 different, full core sets.

Rhea Core Set
Nina Core Set
Ice TheLegend27 Core Set
Styx Core Set

New DBC Only, Kingdom

Kingdom #1018, is a trove, for DBC Members, ONLY. While there, you will receive 500% Training Speed, 10,000% Troop Queue, 5,000 Fire Shard Reduction, and 1 Million day Research/Construction Reduction.

Daily Gifts

Everyday you will receive an additional Athena Gift, just for being a DBC member. Shards, artifacts, Orbs, and VIP, are just some of the things that you could be getting.

Exclusive Events/Rewards

Just like past DBC Memberships, there will be special events that are running, just for those people. There are also Pick Your Inferno prizes, in all Inferno solo events.

VIP Members

If you are a DBC Member, you will also receive additional boosts on your VIP stats. Currently, there is an additional 250% boost to Troop Attack, Troop Defense, & Troop Health.

There is currently a DBC Member Renewal event running. Make sure to take advantage of it, so you can earn some additional prizes.


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  1. I can’t find the spot to sign up for daily bonus reward club. All the offers on GOW are for 25$ packs, & a few other packs of gold.. Where can i find this?

    Also, anyone interested in growing their kingdom in ✌ peace, feel free to join Pearly G alliance! All are welcome!

  2. Porque reino 1018 no abre?

  3. Spent this money for another trove that my never open???

  4. When is DBC trove opening again??

  5. Profile photo of dan.benidict@gmail.com

    Any idea if K1018 is only open certain times? I just renewed my membership, but K1018 does not appear to be open.

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