Best Cores/Pieces For: Rally Attack Bonus

You are viewing the best cores and pieces currently available in Game of War for Rally Attack Bonus To see gear for other boosts select from this dropdown:

Rally Attack Bonus

Hypnotic Ring

541666666.7% to 650000000%

Hypnotic Blade

500000000% to 600000000%

Faded Fury

333.3% to 400%

Shapeless Spherical

277500% to 333100%

Forgotten Shield

2753.3% to 3304%

Shapeless Sickle

26667408% to 32000889.6%

Hypnotic Boots

208333333.3% to 250000000%

Shrouded Shield

2062.5% to 2475%

Hypnotic Cowl

166666666.7% to 200000000%

Shapeless Greaves

14166666.7% to 17000000%

Dismal Skirt

1359.7% to 1631.7%

Faded Helmet

145.8% to 175%

Faded Stature

125% to 150%


  1. This is part of the Hephaestus Core set

  2. Which set does this piece go to? Or am I missing something here? I am just now learning about this game so I may have missing information, but from what I know, core and pieces go with specific ‘sets’ to create a specific themed gear. I have not been able to find where this piece goes, nor does it say here where it goes.

    • Just did a little digging, this piece goes to Great Leviathan? But why isn’t it available to craft anymore?

      • The Red Scale Boots Core is the best I can find to substitute.
        Wild troop defense is 91.6-110%
        Troop Defense is 91.67-110%
        Strategic Troop defense is 91.67-110%
        Troop health is 83.33-100%
        Wild Troop Health is 83.33-100%
        Strategic Troop Health is 83.33-100%

      • Actually, I don’t think it can be used to substitute as they are boots. Sorry for the confusion

  3. I am looking for recommendations for core sets. These are all individual cores which is great if you want to build a set from random cores, but I enjoy the full set bonus. Where are the lists of best core sets for specific tasks?

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    Where can I fine Pottery Fragments

  5. Much needed info . Can’t wait to start crafting .

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