Mud Piece

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Turn mud into hard bricks with the forge's fire. Then drop them hard on the scaling invaders.

Where to find:


Craft Time0h 30m 0s0h 30m 0s0h 45m 0s1h 40m 30s3h 44m 40s8h 22m 10s
Silver Cost2,1604,83010,79024,12053,920120,520


6.3 - 6.3%7.2 - 7.2%8.6 - 8.6%11.1 - 11.1%15.2 - 15.2%23 - 23%


  1. This is part of the Hephaestus Core set

  2. Which set does this piece go to? Or am I missing something here? I am just now learning about this game so I may have missing information, but from what I know, core and pieces go with specific ‘sets’ to create a specific themed gear. I have not been able to find where this piece goes, nor does it say here where it goes.

    • Just did a little digging, this piece goes to Great Leviathan? But why isn’t it available to craft anymore?

      • The Red Scale Boots Core is the best I can find to substitute.
        Wild troop defense is 91.6-110%
        Troop Defense is 91.67-110%
        Strategic Troop defense is 91.67-110%
        Troop health is 83.33-100%
        Wild Troop Health is 83.33-100%
        Strategic Troop Health is 83.33-100%

      • Actually, I don’t think it can be used to substitute as they are boots. Sorry for the confusion

  3. I am looking for recommendations for core sets. These are all individual cores which is great if you want to build a set from random cores, but I enjoy the full set bonus. Where are the lists of best core sets for specific tasks?

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    Where can I fine Pottery Fragments

  5. Much needed info . Can’t wait to start crafting .

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