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Core Gear – Coming Tomorrow

Game of War Core Gear – Arriving Tomorrowcore gear

Very exciting news for you – Inside Game of War is launching its Core Gear section tomorrow. This will include

  • Full data on all cores and pieces from level 1 to 6
  • This includes boosts, craft times and durations
  • Browse Recommended sets – complete core sets to boost specifics stats
  • Browse By Item Slot – if you are looking for cores for specific slots
  • Browse By Best Items For – if you just want the most powerful cores to boost a specific stat
  • Search – search for a specific item or core

Inside Game of War will be the only place on the web to offer complete core data.

There are many exciting new features planned to take make use of this new data including a recipe builder to create, manage and store your core recipes. A list of the very best core recipes (much like our best combat gear list) and core reviews to offer opinions on the latest core gear. The cost of this to you? ……Free!


cores pieces preview


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  1. Is it tomorrow yet? Thanks for doing this!

  2. Fantastic! You’re a star Slaggy, brilliant site just keeps getting better!

  3. MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

    Thanks Slaggy!

    You are a knight in legendary armor haha

  4. This is amazing…. can’t wait to see It. Thank thank you so much for compiling this

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