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Compete for the Favor of the Goddess of Beauty in Aphrodite’s War Team Event

Just for fun, one of our fans has rewritten one of this week’s Blog posts. A little OTT perhaps but
good fun nonetheless.

Compete for the Favor of the Goddess of Beauty in Aphrodite’s War Team Event

Dear Warrior,
It is, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, who writes to you. It was Ares, as you well know,
you once took my hand so that I became his wife but I write to you now to tell you that much has
happened since my marriage and the winds of change may be blowing on this love. I cannot be
sure that Ares and I are steady anymore, and I, Goddess of Love and Beauty after all, would
know. I cannot make up my mind, for there are too many who attract my eye. There is but one
thing to do – hold a competition that will help me decide. And besides, I do love a good fight
among men over my affections. Isn’t it fun?
Show me your worth and who knows? Maybe my Favor will fall on your shoulders. Or maybe
the sword your enemy will clean your head from shoulders.
Choose yourself a side and fight a good fight. Love and Beauty watches and awaits.
Read each team description carefully for each side has a different BOOST that your Empire is
given while you work with your team to collect Aphrodite’s War Tokens and aim to attract my
Apple: Does it tempt you? Give in and bask in the lustful glory of fighting for the side that I may
be most attracted to – desire and passion abound in every bite of sin.
Leaf: Or do crave a higher, nobler team? Take up the mantle of freedom and power, in this
symbol of grace, with the wind at your back and beauty appearing on the horizon.
Rose: Or, finally, what of pure love? Choose that of chivalry and devotion, an enduring
combination of reverence and idealistic longing.
Remember that you must be prepared to work as a team and master the ways of your side. Use
the power of each team’s innate undisclosed Boosts in my war.
When you choose, follow your heart for each choice is made with love. But one you commit to a
team, you will not be able to switch.
All’s fair in love and war, so they say. I say all’s fair but all is also beautiful and so, so attractive.
It is such a splendid spectacle.
Run along to the Gold Store to get everything you’ll need for my war, and watch for signs of the
latest news through the blog.

I have my eyes on you, Warrior, so don’t disappoint me.


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